Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Personal Asides: The Not-So-Baffling Peggy Noonan…The “Sun-Times” Grovels to the Pit on Lesbianism.


Baffling Peggy.

Peggy Noonan can write like an angel as we all know—but her politics have become baffling to some people. After she left the Reagan White House as speech writer, she became an excellent advocate of conservatism in the press. Pro-life, socially conservative despite several marriages. Even a U-turn to the Church. Wrote a fan letter type book about JP II.

Now all has changed. She still writes well but does impressionistic stuff that tosses a flirty, girlie smile at the liberals with no particular backup.

Take, for example, her essay in the weekend’s “Wall Street Journal.” She writes “Obama has a great thinking look. I mean the look he gets on his face when he’s thinking, not the look he presents in debate.”

Very intellectual. As when in the first Democratic debate he was confronted as an incipient president, being told that several buildings in New York were being attacked at once…asked what he’d do—and he said the first thing he’d do is to convene a committee of people who might know what to do. Very imprssive.

And his intellectual look. Don’t you know, my dear, that this is a practiced look…finger dug deep in the cheek to emphasize thoughtfulness?

“I mean the look he gets in an interview or conversation when he’s listening and not conscious of his expression.”

Pu-leeze! Don’t you of all people recognize affectation when you see it?

“Mr. Obama often seems to be thinking when he speaks, too and this comes somehow as a relief, in comparison, say to Hillary Clinton and President Bush, both of whom often seem to be trying to remember the answer they agreed to with staff.”

Innocent Ms. Noonan, let me introduce you to David Axelrod. His stock in trade is to handle candidates who look like they’re deep.

“You get the impression Mr. Obama trusts himself to think, as if something might happen if he does. What a concept. Anuyway, I’ve started to lean forward a little when he talks.”

On cue for a photo of a prominent ex-conservative columnist interviewing Destiny’s Tot, you mean?

“Has the Democratic party noticed it actually has some impressive candidates?”

Yes very impressive. A whole list of them—Dennis Kucinich who gave aid and comfort to the Syrians with an attack on Bush the other day.

Joe Biden of whom she writes: “But it has been 35 years since he became a figure in Washington and in the past few years in particular he has been ahead of his peers on Iraq—ahead with warnings, ahead with tripartite thinking, ahead with a seriousness and sobriety about the fix we’re in. He is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee and he’s been reading daily threat reports for a long time. He is impressive. Why don’t the Democrats notice?”

Indeed. Biden: highly impressive. Knocked out of the box for shameless plagiarism on his first run where he not only stole Neil Kinnock’s lines delivered to his Wales constituency but didn’t even bother to change the details of Kinnock’s biography to his own…announcing that he—Biden—was the first of his family to ever matriculate for college…while his father and grandfather had. Very impressive. As was his giddy description of Obama as the first clean black candidate for president in U. S. history. Well groomed. Takes baths regularly. Who regularly uses up all his committee time interviewing a justice nominee by asking one question—flashing those bright teeth to the camera. Oh he’s devastating.

Chris Dodd of whom she writes, “the head of the Senate Banking committee and nothing if not sophisticated. In the post 9/11 world sophisticated is not so bad. He’s been in the Senate 27 years. In earlier years his thinking on government, his asdsumptions about what can and should be expected of I, veered from utopian to the world-weary and were sometimes both at once. But if you listen to him and watch him in debate, you might conclude this is a candidate who understands how it all works and what time it is. He’s one of the grown ups. Anybody notice?”

Oh mercy me, Chris Dodd is impressive. An impressive defender of left-wing tyrants in Latin America and who sees the holding of terrorists threatening the United States in detention that is open to public inspection as “civil liberties…under assault.” Just the kind of guy we need for president. A guy who tells his own brother, “every time I walk on the Senate floor, I feel that he’s [Dodd’s father] vindicated.” The late Thomas Dodd was censured by the Senate by vote of 95 to 2 more than 40 years ago for “diverting $116,000 in campaign funds to his personal use.” Which his former administrative assistant, James Boyd, wrote was the tip of the iceberg which consisted of shaking down people for cash in exchange for political favors.

Highly impressive. Bill Richardson who obediently tried to hustle a job for Monica Lewinsky to get her out of Bill’s hair when she was hot. Who disqualified himself from gay support in the Party of the People by saying that homosexuality is an acquired…not inherent…trait. An honest view honestly expressed but for which he has had to do penance ever since.

Totally impressive. John Edwards who took John Kerry aside to tell him something he never told anyone else…that when he approached the undertaker’s slab on which lay the body of his son, killed in an automobile crash, he—John Edwards—mounted the slab and took his son’s lifeless body in his arms, vowing to fill the dead son’s lost opportunities for leadership by vowing to run for president. Only to have Kerry seem unimpressed because he had told that same story to Kerry before…under the aegis of never having told anyone else…and that Kerry had heard this from others whom Edwards had described the scene.

Stunningly impressive. Ex-Alaska senator Mike Gravel telling the gay rights claque in the debate that the ancient Spartans encouraged homosexuality in their soldiers…believing that the strongest element of combat is where a soldier will fight for his same-sex lover…the one he would willingly share a warm foxhole with… with much more strength than he would fight for his country.

Now the best of this lot is, obviously Hillary—whom Peggy Noonan dislikes. “…Hillary Clinton and President Bush…What’s the phrase we use about education? Hit Search Function. Hit Open. Right-click.”

There’s an opening on Establishment TV on Sunday mornings for a good looking woman now that Cokie Roberts has been found to be aging…down in the mouth a bit. Peggy Noonan, who worked for Reagan, is just what the doctor ordered—just what the liberals are looking for: a conservative who has thoughtfully moved over to the left.

Read her regularly on Saturdays as she becomes a born again liberal and you’ll know, dear Ms. Noonan is ready for her closeup.

Cooke’s Schlock Promos Hot “L” Chicago.

What do you do when you’re a journalist who has to write pro- homosexual promotion which may adversely affect kids…I mean after the work day is over: drink yourself into insensibility to forget?

“Hot lesbian action” begins the article by one Mike Thomas in the “Sun-Times.” Dear God, are jobs so scarce that one has to grovel and pound out scatological stuff, handing it in through the incense burners at the Buddha-like squatting sultan of soft porn, Michael Cooke? Is there no conscience in Mike Thomas to goad him for scandalizing the innocent…children who may come upon that piece of garbage…in the paper?

Not to forget the two hetro venal money-grubbers playing lesbians…Marlee Matlin and Jennifer Beals…who haven’t seen many parts since “Flashdance” and “Children of a Lesser God” that they have to “co-star” in the brazenly exploitative “The L Word” presented on Showtime. They’re so inured to giving the bug-eyed what appeals to their arousals…so long as it pays…that they have no feelings that can triumph over their moral callouses.

In order to take the curse off their sickening performance of deviation, Matlin and Beals attended a “children’s charity” of course. And who better to conduct the interview than one Art Smith, “Oprah Winfrey’s food guru” who cannot imagine tastefulness working as he does for this ogling race posturing talk diva, he saying, “You know, I’m a gay man but [Beals] is beautiful!”

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  1. Chris Dodd the MidAtlanntic States Durbin the Turban always remindedme of Scut Farkis's evil side kick, from "The Christmas Story," Grover Dill.

    He and Teddy I tend to see as Lewis Carroll charcters.