Monday, October 29, 2007

Personal Asides: Congratulations to Henry Hyde…The 3 Elements of a Recession Come into Focus…New Presidential Candidate’s Phenomenal Recruitment of Volunteers.



Congratulations to Henry Hyde who yesterday became the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom…an award richly earned for his legendary support of the unborn.

3 Elements.

The three elements that seem like a forthcoming recession to me, at least, are here: constantly falling housing prices…constantly rising oil prices…borrowers and lenders increasingly cautious. The hope is that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s interest rate cuts will help keep the recession as mild as 1990-91 (which still lost the election for George H. W. Bush) and 2001.

New Presidential Candidate.

The new presidential candidate has eclipsed even the rapidly mobilized Barack Obama army via the internet. A 16-year-old high school student in Montgomery, Alabama, Raj Vachhani watched Stephen Colbert (pronounced as all the hip world knows as “col-bare”. He announced formation of “1 Million Strong for Stephen T. Colbert.” The drive has grown to more than a million members in just over a week, making it the most popular political group on Facebook thus far. Obama’s 1 Million Strong variant took more than 8 months to get 750,000 members. As of when I write this, the Colbert army has expanded to 1.3 million.


  1. Perhaps the Country needs a man who forged the bulk of his experience on Comedy Central.

    I'm not certain he shares our social values however (LOL).

  2. Tom have you looked at the Dollar recently? or are you invested in Gold Bullion? Interest rates down=Dollar down. But then maybe you want America to be like South America with a garbage valueless currency!

    The housing situation was driven by SPECULATORS. Since the year 2000 the value of most real property has DOUBLED due to the Greenspan's discounting of the interest rate to near 0. The Dot Com bubble became a real estate bubble. The specualtors were all over real estate from flipping condos, to teardowns, to risky mortgage speculation. THE UNWANTED CONSEQUENCE IS HIGH REAL ESTATE TAXES from increased assessments OR HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED TOM?

    Also much of the oil price rise if you study it has been due to HEDGE FUND speculator manipulations. It is called PETRONOIA.. irrational speculations.

    I think it is time to GIVE IT to the WALL STREET cute crowd hard! They make a BAD speculation they SHOULD get wiped OUT! The mortgage bundling mess was predicted by all the main line experts. The taxpayer should not have to bail them out.

    So you say, lower the rates and help these BUMS out? Well you lower the rate and you crap out the US Dollar! Who would ever think that the US Dollar would fall behind the socialist Canadian LOONIE? But then the cuties like that damnable George Soros and his Quantum Fund are quite good at crapping currencies for profit.... ask Thailand what they think of that financial leftist parasite, Soros!

    But thanks to the cute speculators and the Wall Street cuties and the Neo-Con policies it the United States is being gutted out like a dead whale on a beach.

    Simply put the price of real estate should return DOWN to proper market driven levels NOT speculator driven frenzy levels... but then Tom maybe you want to continue the speculator party so your wealthy buddies who are deep into the hedge funds and mortgage funds can get bailed out!

    It is time for you to learn that real wealth does not come from playing "paper" games which ultimately collapse.

    The Bernanke and Greenspan boys, George Soros, the Goldman Sachs boys, Bear Stearns crowd are a bunch of get rich quick schlocks who don't deserve a break at the expense of the country and the middle class.

  3. Lawrence- Please take your meds as prescribed every day. We love you and want to help you with your disorder.
    How can you take this mild mannered piece of Roeser's and twist it into an attack on him, and with no basis to the message. You cur are sick. Seek help!

  4. Study what is going on in the financial markets these days from the mortgage bundling mess to the high real estate assessments from over valuation to the speculator driven market that spoiled things for many people. Remember the cute crowd wants to be bailed out at everybody else's expense which is not fair. The problem is that the Wall Street elite are now supporters of Hillary and Schumer and not the likes of Tom Roeser.

    What concerns many conservatives is that what is going on here is really massive inflation to bail out the cute crowd on Wall Street. For Tom to throw in with the cute crowd is naive but it may get him invited to another fancy multimillion dollar birthday party on Lake Geneva. For the rest of us it will mean a diminished value of our hard earned retirement money. Nofsinger what is now happening to the Dollar is very very serious indeed.