Thursday, October 4, 2007

Personal Aside: Multi-Millionaire John Canning, Who Manages the Archdiocesan Pension Fund, Backs Obama and Tells Why: Stem Cell…The Admissions Director of the U of C Has an Interesting Admission.



The gilt-edged Catholic near-billionaire John Canning who manages the archdiocesan pension fund here, has told Bloomberg News that he supports Barack Obama. Despite the fact that he was a “Pioneer,” one of George W. Bush’s top fund-raisers and that he is deputy board chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago by Bush in 2004, said in an interview that “I no longer find myself on the same page.”

As head of a leveraged-buyout firm, he says that he is disappointed that the GOP used to represent individual rights. “It’s become a party that’s taken Neanderthal positions on things like stem-cell research and global warming.” He pointed out to Bloomberg that in 2005 the Republican-led Congress intervened in an effort to keep Terri Schiavo, a brain-damaged Florida woman, alive against her husband’s wishes.

The 62-year-old businessman who is a Obama supporter endorses the Illinois Senator despite the fact that as a legislator-chairman of a Senate committee, Obama voted against the “Born Live” bill that would provide assistance to live, suffering infants who are born as result of a botched abortion. The Congress passed and Bush signed into law a federal version of the Born Live bill—over Obama’s opposition.

It would behoove someone to examine exactly to what use Canning has put the archdiocesan pension funds he invests. I wonder if…since this story came out a few months ago…anybody from the Archdiocese has inquired. That’d seem reasonable to do, wouldn’t it?

Let’s open this for discussion. How many think the Archdiocese moved quickly to inquire of Canning…and how many believe the Archdiocese hasn’t inquired yet, more concerned about the earnings from the investments?

Admission from the Admission Director.

If you just scan the papers you learn something the Establishment possibly does not intend. The “Wall Street Journal” on Sept. 28 carried a story “The College Try May Not Get You Into College.” It dealt with the special attempts by college admissions people to add to ordinary academic attainments in their recruits. Take the case of one Theodore O’Neill, admissions director of the University of Chicago.

He said that he would wholeheartedly give the daughters of Sen. Barack Obama “a break” to get into the University. Why?

“Those children, for all their privileges, will have interesting things to say about American society based on what I’m assuming their experiences are.”


Gee, at least he didn’t say that since they’re black they’d be good at track or field. I’m sure that the daughters would have interesting things to say about a guilt-ridden white liberal elitist like you, Mr. O’Neill who doesn’t mention the character of potential students or their potential for future attainments.

Let’s have a plebiscite. Would your kids likely be picked for the U of C because of their interesting things to say about American society based on their experiences? Or does it underscore why so many people distrust elite educational institutions?


  1. My kids would have interesting things to say about American culture but I don't think that will bump them to the head of U of C's line.

    What interesting things could Obama's young kids say about society? Growing up in Hyde Park? Living next to Tony Rezko? Having a millionaire father?

  2. And, of course, their father lectured in law at the U of C, and their mother was an executive at the U of C hospitals.

    How did little George Bush get into Yale? Preferred admissions -- his father, his family. Did anyone ever think it was because he was an outstanding student?

  3. I believe it is universally accepted that children of alums are routinely accepted by their parents schools (e.g. the Kennedys - plus Joe's bootleging monies helped a great deal).

    BTW I have read that G.W.B. graduated with much higher standing than great minds like Bill & Hill, Al Gore, John Kerry, etc.

  4. George W. Bush attended Yale as an undergraduate and Harvard where he completed the MBA program. Despite his poor public speaking skills, Bush outperformed John Kerry as an undergraduate and managed to complete grad school unlike Albert Gore, Jr., who failed as a divinity and law student. Bill Clinton and Mel Reynolds both began the Rhodes Scholarship program, but how did they fare afterwards? Impeached and imprisoned.

  5. Much like empty buses traveling in packs up and down Sheridan road, the packs of disinterested brats in our universities under the guise of "will have something interesting to say" is one of the (entirely explainable..the U of C wants money) violations of a common sense of equity in America.