Friday, October 12, 2007

Personal Aside: Can You Imagine if Hillary Were President Now What the Media Would be Blasting? Then Consider if Bush is Getting a Media Break…and Get This! The Economy is Starting to Expand Now Thanks to Hillary Who Got Us Out of the Bush Slump!

Hillary the Wonder-Worker! *

Do you know that if Hillary Clinton were president today she would be on the fast track to immortality…regarded as one of the greatest of the presidents—exceeding her husband, exceeding Ronald Reagan? Look at the figures and tell me if having a feisty woman president doesn’t revolutionize things. Why with the fiscal year 2007 that ended September 30, the federal budget deficit that she inherited from that awful George W. Bush has FALLEN BY 35%! It is now $161 billion…an amazing change which means that trust a woman with shrewd fiscal sense to impose a discipline that has been sorely lacking under the Republicans!

Yes I know the deficit since 2004 fell by $251 billion but that was under Bush. Take a look at this number…ONLY $161 BILLION! Remember when it was higher under Bush and his father and that awful Ronald Reagan? Well let me tell you Hillary has just begun. It’s important to MAKE THE RICH PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES! Now Americans are paying out $2.5 trillion under Hillary which means it is 6.7%
more than they did in 2006 under that awful pro-rich Bush. Now under Hillary Clinton federal receipts have ZOOMED by $785 billion! Individual income tax receipts have SOARED by 46.3% WITH PAYMENTS BY THE RICH ACCOUNTING FOR MOST OF IT!

It’s wonderful to have someone who isn’t scuttling around serving the rich but is as fair about equalizing the tax load as Hillary, wouldn’t you say?

Hillary Gets Us Out of the Bush Slump! *

Look at this: Strong exports and less reliance on imports are boosting production and job creation here! Hillary just came on the job and already everything’s perking! During the awful Bush years of 2002-2005 residential construction added an average of 0.4% per year to real GDP as the widening trade deficit cut back 0.6% BUT LOOKIT HERE! Since mid-2006 under Hillary while the Bush decline in residential construction has subtraced 0.9% from GDP growth, the narrowing trade deficit has added 0.5%. AND HILLARY’S JUST STARTING!

And the future outlook under Hillary is great, guys! Real disposable personal income has been the key factor driving consumer spending. And as long as businesses maintain employment and wages continue to rise, RISING PERSONAL INCOME WILL OUTWEIGH THE NEGATIVE IMPACTS OF THE BUSH-INHERITED DECLINING HOME PRICES, MORTGAGE REFINANCING AND EVEN THE BUSH-INHERITED HIKE IN ENERGY PRICES! Thank God we have a liberal Democrat in the White House!


*: Wait a minute—Hillary’s not in the White House, Bush still is. So why isn’t he getting a break from the “mainstream media”?

Now give me your view in plebiscite!


  1. The American People, unlike Joe Moore's Geese, do not swallow the empty calories.

    No matter how tightly the milky loudmouth Matthews, or smarmy Mahers, with his tiny digits on the applause button, or pencil neck geeks like Zorn, who fillibuster loudly about SILENCE in schools, or NPR quiet talkers rant about criminals putting screwdrivers where the sun don't shine to blame Police for a drug pinch, or CST's La Pasionara posters up proclamations, or goofballs like Falsani channel withdoctors, and clutch what they beliecve to be the neck of American Opinion; they're actually grabbing the wrong appendage.

    American's have a pretty good nose for nonsense and know who is stroking whom.

    McCain connects with most Americans - not tethered to the electronic newssources and who actually get out in the fresh air and actually do some work.

    Americans knwo where the polling places are located and actually go ther to vote.

    American's are wise to Hillary and remembering McCain. They won't forget John McCain on election day.

  2. The journalism school graduates employed in the newspaper industry are so reflexively anti-administration that I am convinced that George W. Bush, unlike Bill Clinton, governs without referring to polls. Bush seems to be unconcerned with his personal popularity, provided that he believes that he is on the right track. Ronald Reagan used his skills as a communicator to appeal directly to the American people and talk over the hostile press corps. Bush simply ignores the press and the media types, who imagine themselves to be the unelected fourth branch of government, hate him for it. Provided that he has a good biographer, George W. Bush may be regarded favorably when historians judge his presidency.

  3. EVITA!.... EVITA!...... the great unwashed shouted in Beunos Aires..... And now with the same fervor the NYC pundits shout HILLARY HILLARY.... Like Bernstein said she is the Goldwater Girl! And she is Sooooooo religious, almost a fundie in her Methodist Religion.... and as Bernstein said she even joined and stayed with the REPUBLICAN LADIES PRAYER GROUP that helped her get over Lewinski.....
    And then there was Billy Graham in his last Crusade in NYC with Bill and Hillary on the stage pronouncing with religious fervor they the Clintons were GOOD! Halleluja! HALLELUJA! And then there was President Bush himself that said, "Wouldn't it be nice.... Bush Clinton, Bush Clinton!"

    Psst.... What happened to the Cattle Future, Hillary? What happened to the White Water Documents that crept out of the Whitehouse, Hillary? What happened between YOU and Vince Foster, Hillary?
    Why did you go to New York to get elected Senator Hillary? What "chosen" constituancy were you kissing up to there Hillary?

    Should we believe Bernstein in his Hillary revival meeting? HELL NO... she is still the same Commie, Leftie, Feminist pushy broad she ever was!

  4. Tom-
    What evryone really wants to know is did you or Lillian ever buy any Girl Scout cookies from Hillary when she was a little girl in the neighborhood?

    Did she dress up special for Halloween, or just wear every day attire? How long was her broomstick? etc.etc.

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. The war in Iraq must end now. England is skipping and the war is costing a massive amount of money. This war is not helping our country. Lets send the kids home.