Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Personal Asides: Why I Like Joe Moore as a Radio Guest…Soon in the Chicago Daily Observer.

Joe Moore.

Alderman Joe Moore may feel beat-upon as result of Sunday’s broadcast where I departed somewhat from my usual moderator role and zinged him on a number of issues—the Norman Finkelstein case being one. Also on gay marriage which issue he seemed to feel is a Republican plot to get the Dems to take their eyes off the Iraq ball. We may have jousted too hard with him—but he should be reminded that he is an unusual liberal—one who makes no bones about what he believes, does not try to evade (too much, that is)…and in that sense is performing a good job on the show. As a host I want to see a lot of calls coming in—and with Joe Moore (along with Jeff Berkowitz) the calls never lag.

Soon in The Observer…

…you’ll be reading what State Rep. Jim Durkin has to say about John McCain, the candidate he’s pushing. You’re in for a good read when you turn to Teri O’Brien, one of my favorites, as she writes about why she doesn’t feel a bit sorry for George Ryan. Then there’s Terry Brunner answering Paul Green on Richard M. Daley. Frank Penn the decorated veteran of Vietnam endorses George W. Bush’s comparison of Vietnam—which Penn knows full well since he was there and shot and was shot at.

All this and more in The Observer this week.

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