Monday, September 17, 2007

Personal Asides: (1) Why is the Constitutional Challenge to Gov. Blagojevich’s Amendatory Veto Manipulation Not News—Except to Us?


(1). For several days attorney Richard Caro and representatives of Attorney General Lisa Madigan have been tussling in a courtroom, arguing an historic point of law that is bound to be replete with precedents: how can the governor arbitrarily try to move funds the legislature gave him for one cause like a shell game player and apply them to a cause the governor favors but which has not been approved by the legislature?

Would you not think this is a fairly important item on a list of the so-called “people’s right to know?” Yet none of the established, regular news outlets have covered it except The Chicago Daily Observer. Nor is this an accident. The media have a two-pronged trademark that renders them vulnerable to the future. The news is what they…print and electronics…say the news is. Essentially, since a little dinky Internet service has started covering the court action, it certifies that by the rules of (a) arrogance and (b) condescension the major media will not touch it.

As for The Observer, it’s fine by us. The more the regular media ignore the news, the stronger the case that arrogance and condescension shall be their undoing as consumers become aware of other choices in the free marketplace of ideas.

(2): Why is the Fact that Benedict XVI Will Likely Visit Chicago Not News—Except to Us?

2. Last week The Observer provided the tip that Pope Benedict XVI will probably…almost certainly…visit Chicago in connection with a forthcoming visit to the United Nations. It was an exclusive but has been totally ignored by the so-called “mainstream media.” Why? We don’t expect a hat-tip for this….although we deserve it…because “mainstream” has decided that it is not the people’s prerogative to know—except when they want to announce it.

But their arrogance and condescension on two stories of major import is an illustrative example of why the news business is compulsively controlled by custom in this town. And it serves as a wakeup call to news consumers which warns them that they are treated like children who will not be told of events until mainstream determines it is time to allow them to learn of them.


  1. Could it be that both papers are ignoring the story because they were scooped?

    Besides, the story requires too much analysis for Sun Times readers. It does seem Trib-worthy, though.

    It's an important object lesson that there isn't enough news competition in this town. If we had multiple newspapers papers, there would be more competition for breaking stories.

    The Trib is this city's only newspaper. The Sun Times is a pop culture daily that doesn't dig for stories that aren't rapes or mob trials.

    The TV news just follows what the Trib is doing.

    Thanks for setting up the Observer so that we can be better informed.

  2. For example, Pres. Bush does it... he gives money to this country and that country etc.. Money is voted "for the troops" and goes to private contractors. MONEY MONEY MONEY for nation building overseas but what about over here? What about rebuilding Joliet for example. Hmnnn? Money for Dafur but what about Gary, Indiana? Nation building in Afghanistan but what about Aurora with it's dead city center.... Don't you think that charity should begin at home rather than paying for expensive hobbies like nation building in the Middle East?

    I guess it's no constitutional issue if the President does it and the neo-cons applaud.

  3. Sorry No Money for Illinois.... Send the companies to China and elsewhere. Bring in the world's underclass to build democratic ranks. And then fight over how to get more money out of the diminishing middle class whose left...

    Oh and I forgot one thing! The great Catholic solution learned from BINGO nights at the Catholic Church..... A CASINO!!!!! WHOOPPEEEE a Casino will pay for it ALLL.... all the undocumented's medical care ,,, all the public transportion so that people can get from their job at KMART over to buying China made junk at Walmart.

    Well its the answer for Catholic Mass. Just look at the quote from the following articled about Massachusetts: "Patrick Proposes Building Three Casinos In Bay State
    Revenue Would Fund Bridge, Road Repairs

    Patrick Proposes Building Three Casinos In Bay State
    BOSTON -- Three new casinos to be built in separate areas of the Bay State would generate millions in new revenue to repair the state's roads and bridges and bring property tax relief, Gov. Deval Patrick announced Monday.

    "After thoroughly reviewing the arguments and the analysis on both sides of the issue, I believe authorizing three resort casinos will have significant economic benefits to Massachusetts," Patrick said."

    Sent the money to the Iraq War, Send the jobs to China, and send in the Casinos to pay for whats left....

    Whatta Country!

  4. Tom,

    Given Benedict's lack of charisma and stuffy image, it's probably not that big of a deal for him to visit Chicago like it would've been for his predecessor. He just comes off smaller-than-life in comparison.