Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Personal Aside: Your Assignment Today—Peruse the Readers’ Comments for Yesterday—All 34 or So of Them (at Last Count Monday Night)…and to Most Critics a Challenge.

Delicious, Salacious Reading.

Since I’ve given you down below another 2,300 words to read on Hubert along with my kids and grandchildren, I won’t bother you with much more to read here. But I would advise you to get your kicks by reading the highly spiked and flavorful objections in Readers’ Comments to yesterday’s “Personal Aside.” There you will be told that I am a traitor to my party, to my country, evil, insensate, unfair, a ten-twinkie eater, gross, obese and a great sinner (with one Ron Paul devotee, Jason Acebal invoking prayers for my soul after my grave transgression in writing the critique of the Saturday Paul for President rally). Including a diatribe from one odd revisionist historian whom I hired earlier to make a speech for dough to Chicago “Legatus” which he accepted with alacrity (and which he probably regrets but not enough to return the honoraria), the aghast Dr. Thomas Woods…who tells us all quite apropos of nothing that he goes to Latin Mass…which can only be logical to this Paleo (for Paleos I prefer Tom Fleming and Chris Check). But be assured that prayers and Latin Mass attendance are very relevant to the discussion I launched.

Among the critics who extol their courage in going to the mat in behalf of Dr. Paul, it is noteworthy that very-very few sign their names…including that manly judge of everything treasonous who punctuates his views in capital letters but who has not yet found the courage to sign his name, relying simply on “Lawrence.” I salute Jason Acebal and Dr. Woods for signing their names and urge the doughty Lawrence and others to muster up the courage to do the same. And to the lady who cited Roman Catholic canon law to attest that I am indeed in sin for insulting the unnamed 1,000--my thanks…and recommendation that you look up your Baltimore Catechism circa 1933.

Finally, look at the ill-temper and name-calling appended thereto and tell me if criticisms of any of the other presidential candidates in this website have gotten such belligerent response No. Why is that? Why the bitterness here? Must be there is something different about the Ron Paul people from the Chicago rally, no? We knew that already. But let me issue a challenge.

After all with Ron Paul elected president, this is going to be a brave, new world of freedom, isn’t it? Freedom of everything with no wars or taxes to distract you from the Internet? Why not celebrate the new day dawning by freely summoning up the guts to give your full…and truthful…names? After all, freedom to present your true identity should go hand-in-hand with the courage to back Ron Paul, shouldn’t it?

That should be foremost among all the beneficial pleasures to come from Dr. Paul’s election to the presidency…foremost, that is, after the great goal to “legalize freedom.” And we know what that means, don’t we buckos? Freedom to snuffle pot, hashish and crack and allowi that blue smoke to luxuriate over your lip and waft you on high without the cops running you down. Ah, the courageous self-indulgent New Age beckons with such vigor. Now in testimony to the New Age of Indulgence, crackpo—er, conservatives, why not give your true names on this Readers’ Comments, this very day? Starting with Lawrence.

Dare ya.


  1. Don Tomas, one knows the man by the company he keeps. Brother Paul better check the change dish when his guests leave - for Nader, or Edwards, or Kid Twist, or the Phantom Menace, or Miracle Ingredient Z-20.

    Hey, guys! Star Trek's On! See 'em scatter?

  2. Tom, my gosh. You haven't lost your fight in your old age have you... So when is Ron Paul gonna be on the show?

  3. I rather suspect the reason other candidates' supporters haven't responded this way isn't that Rudy's people are just oh-so-thoughtful and well mannered. It could be that 1) none of them had Hitler raised in the same blog entry, and 2) NO ONE CARES enough about the other candidates to respond. Giuliani has zero MeetUp groups. Ron Paul has over 900.

    In terms of name-calling, look at the anti-Paul people here, calling all of us crackpots, etc. Want to review my credentials at ThomasEWoods.com? I don't think you'll find a crackpot.

    For your sake, I hope we wind up with another GOP hack, which the Tom Roesers of the world will later tell us he had "no idea" were such hacks, and not committed to conservatism, and that he won't be fooled next time! It starts ringing a little hollow after a while.

    We finally get one anti-establishment candidate, and this is the treatment he gets. WE WANT HACKS! Well, you have them in abundance in the form of all the other candidates. Why not go bask in their genius and leave Ron alone?

  4. Here's my name and email address, Tom Roeser. I'm a conservative who's voted Republican since I was old enough to vote - 1992.

    I'm proud to be a Ron Paul Supporter and I'm sick and damn tired of you and other blowhards in the Party calling me and other Ron Paul supporters like me nutjobs or kooks. (I'm pretty sure now that my 'kookiest' moment in life was when I voted for 'W' for the second time in '04.)

    What's nuts, Tom Roeser, is a Republican Party that insults and ridicules the only Republican candidate for President who's pro-life, who's never voted for a tax increase, who doesn't participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

    Keep it up, Mr. Roeser. You and others like you are putting the final nails in the Republican Party's coffin. You all have effectively alienated yourself from true fiscal conservatives.

    Good day, to you, Sir.

  5. Valerie,

    You are more than welcome to disagree with Tom and the other posters, or agree with them. It adds to the discussion and promotes political scrutiny.

    Just refrain from profanity and threats, which have no place in a polite or impolite conversation.

    And yes, the Blog owner can certainly use whatever terms he wants, but not the commenters.


  6. Hacks, Dear Boy, know what they're doing and with whom to associate.

    Remember Milton's great 'anti-establishment' character Old Non Serviam! 'Better to Rule in Hell than Sreve in Heaven!'

    Milton's Satan was first great Progressive character - he could not 'believe' that he was not God - all his followers believed in him - he had great grass-roots support too!

    The Hacks serve the Angels andtheir Boss!

  7. Email me and I'll give you my address and phone number, if you give me yours. I'm in Cook County, too. Area code 847.

    Calling people Nazis is far worse than anything you were called. That seems to be what incited the hatred.

    As for the "fat and old" comments? Seen a mirror lately? But if it's any consolation, you do appear showered.

  8. You can start by releasing some of the hot air in your big fat head.
    Some will say I've gone to far and I say maybe but when you refer to Ron Paul supporters as Nazi brown shirts, you've gone too far!
    I'm sure the name calling only makes you smile with pernicious satisfaction.
    But I'm sure it won't bring as much joy as the child you plan on eating after you get your fat ass away from the computer.
    Good Day-

  9. I signed my name. Is there something wrong with anonymity though?

    I find it even more hillarious today with this blog post that you are complaining about name-calling when your first argument against Ron Paul was that his supporters were greasy and obese.

    Ad Hominem appears to be the neoconservative, pseudo-intelluctual's calling card.

    I saw several people who dared to give their full names and even included their phone numbers. So we have established that you are a serial truth-stretcher.

  10. Rick, Angela,

    You are more than welcome to disagree with Tom and the other posters, or agree with them. It adds to the discussion and promotes political scrutiny.

    Just refrain from profanity and threats, which have no place in a polite or impolite conversation.

    And yes, the Blog owner can certainly use whatever terms he wants, but not the commenters.


    Your post will be removed. It reflects poorly on yourself and on the candidate you support, and uses language that no business being expressed on this forum.


  11. If this guy, among others, is allowed to over-eat, with all the REAL, health risks involved... I should be able to self-med/smoke/eat/vapor cannabis. True conservatives enjoy personal liberty AND the liberty of others. That doesn't include speeding on the highway, which would be enforced, just probably NOT by police, in a perfect world. Once again if this guy doesn't care about his OWN health, what makes us believe he cares about ours?

  12. Funny how you would dare to call others obese. fatass.

  13. This guy is picking on Ron, as a ploy, to get people to read his blog...

  14. "This guy is picking on Ron, as a ploy, to get people to read his blog..."

    duh, he is probably eating a fried twinky for every comment he scores.

    Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, smear merchant, and be sure to thank Lew Rockwell for it, since he linked your ridiculous smear piece for us all.

  15. Re-reading Mr. Roeser's column yesterday, I tried to find where he called Dr. Paul a Nazi. What he said is that the rally was as programmed and propogandized as would befit Hitler. It's a tough but valid comparison.

    Most of the breathless, outraged comments ran along the lines of "How dare you call Dr. Paul a Nazi," to which I respond, he didn't. Calm down and fire one up.

    By the way, most of the Ron Paul-heads have heard about this article from the Ron Paul Forums, under a section called "Bad Media Reporting on Ron Paul". It seems to be a discussion group with a mission to respond to negative Ron Paul press.

    Read it here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=19810

  16. If you are going to call others names like obese, frumpy, unkept, at least wear your clip on tie for picture day or learn to properly tie your big kid ties.

  17. One need not be a pot smoker to say it's outrageous for some bitter writer to lump all the Ron Paul supporters into the druggie camp.

    One also need not even be a Ron Paul supporter to say it's reprehensible for ANY candidate and his supporters to be compared to Hitler in this day and age, in this country we still call America.

    And frankly, why would anyone list their real name here? So they can be called Hitler and other nasty names by Tom Roeser?

    Tom, once again you're doing more harm than good. Please, please, do yourself and the GOP a favor and leave the field.

    But before you go, I think you owe everyone there Saturday an apology. I'm sure there were people there who had family members who died fighting Hitler. Did you ever think of that?

  18. They seem to be rude, vulgar, unable to control their anger, and unable to tolerate a differing opinion. I haven't seen such anger since.... oh never mind.

  19. My favorite part of that Nazi post was when you called those kids fat and lacking ideas just because they were happy. Just be glad the War on Drugs hasn't yet morphed into the War on Chee-tos Brand Fried Snacks. And fix your Nazi mustard-and-DNA necktie, Falwell-Haircut, assuming there's a tie somewhere under your Nazi throat growth. Eyes beadier than Mardi Gras. God you look like a man of ideas, Twenty-Two Ton Tom. Have fun typing about fat people on your internet website "On the Other Hand is a Platter of Sausages."

    I am promoting political scrutiny.

    Jason Earl Kirk
    Atlanta, GA
    165 lbs
    Athletic, attractive, decent tan, charming, great smile

  20. Perhaps it was a bit unfair to imply that some of Dr. Pauls's minions are "like Nazis."

    Some certainly seem to be foul-mouthed jack-booted thugs for sure, but perhaps Nazis was a bit unkind--

  21. I say we start a pool to bet on when these bums commit suicide. Probably the beginning of March I would assume. November '08 at the latest....

  22. Chris S.,

    Your post will be removed. You are welcome to disagree with Tom, but please do not use profanity in the comment section.

    Hickey, how have you refrained from using profanity in your posts? Are you running short? I am beginning to wonder if you are actually Irish. I may go hit my thumb with a hammer so I can conjure up a few expletives to delete.


  23. Think hard Tom! The hints are everywhere in my posts. Over the years I have been your greatest fan and biggest critic.

  24. Lawrence,

    I have always guessed you were Tom's old sparring partner, Lawrence O'Brien, head of the DNC, and the NBA. But Roeser thinks you were against the merger with the ABA over some dispute you had with Morton Downey Jr., a merger which he supported.

    You appear much more reasonable when you don't use profanity.


  25. You write an article deriding Ron Paul supporters as fat greasy pot-smoking NAZIS, and then whine about ill-temper and name-calling?

    Are you even listening to yourself, at this point?

    The nerve.

    Your entire article didn't make a single intellectual point. It wasn't an editorial in the traditional sense, it was a barely coherent rant about how crowds of enthusiastic young people make you nervous. It was just a mass bloviation wherein you try to wax historic and compare an entire swath of people to Nazis, not, mind you, for any ideological or character-based reason, but because it was a crowd. Your entire article is devoid of anything but you trying to rationalize your own knee-jerk prejudices and codgeries. Is there anything that anybody might learn from your "impressions"? Screaming "Nazi" everytime you're confronted with something you don't like is exactly the sort of behavior you're going to be quick to try and condemn Ron Paul supporters for. Nobody says you can't have an opinion, or that it's treasonous to disagree with the Ron Paul campaign. But spending that much time trying to paint people with whom you disagree as members of the Third Reich, even you would have to admit that's a bit below the belt.

    Really, you prove yourself a poor editorialist, a poor historian, a poor Republican, when you start painting with as vapid and banal a brush as you do. At least add something to the American political debate, if you're going to use a soapbox, rather than just fill column space with useless twaddle.

    As an addendum, it's not that anybody's "afraid" to sign their names, it's just that comment boards on the internet tend to be anonymous, as general practice, and that's always been the case. Don't flatter yourself that we're somehow frightened of being identified.

    Bradley A. Porter
    Pittsburgh, PA

  26. When surrounded by the ChiComs at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea 1950, Marine General "Chesty" Fuller proclaimed to his men, "The bastards are in front of us, behind us, and on both sides. They can't get away now!

    Eventually Fuller and his "Chosin Few" broke out and won the battle.

    Stay the course Olde Tom!

    P.S. Wait, I remember now. It's Lawrence of Peoria right? Famed paleo critic and WINE (Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything)- He is related to the Clint Eastwood character, "the Man With No Name."

  27. I just found how to make comments. I get the blog itself.

    Similar experience. In 1952, there was a Plow Day on a farm near Rochester. Eisnhower and Stevenson debated. They needed a motorcycle courier ot take message into Rochster. I was it. While I was not riding I guarded the area directly in front of the small makeshift stage. The "stage" was surronded by chicken wire. Here waas I checking badges or whatever. My Mother was upset as I did not tell her so she could get in close.

  28. In the article, the list of Taft's points were like Ron Paul's, except that Taft leaned a little more toward meddling. Otherwise, this was a piece on the supporters, and I daresay it probably wasn't completely accurate. I'm sure there was quite a varied demographic there.
    But my dismay is in regards to the Nazi statement. The "Nazi" party was the Nationalist Socialist party, and the ideals were that the people belong to the nation and fatherland (homeland?). I just don't understand the comparison to a message of individual freedom and liberty. Too many "conservatives" are afraid of other people's freedom, thinking that their lives are going to be negatively affected because someone else might keep all the fruits of their labor, or smoke some dope, or maybe, God forbid, laugh and be merry when the day's work is done.

  29. Sorry, I did not add my "true" name in the first place.

    The posts signed "Mary" in the comments section of yesterday's blog belong to:

    Mary Teresa Benoit, Appleton, Wisconsin.

    E-mail address available upon request...forgive me for not wanting to put my personal contact information out in the open...

  30. Roeser & company are shocked that people actually got angry after he gave his best effort to insulting and slandering them.

    How fitting then, that he thinks blowback is "doggerel [sic] nonsense".

  31. Your column drips with rhetorical flourishes designed to make it appear to the casual observer that you are a student of history.

    But apparently you know so little history that you would assert that National Socialism - an ideology built on racial collectivism and the primacy of the state above all - has something in common with libertarianism.

    Here's a hint: when a freedom-loving people is slowly being crushed by an insatiable state, and someone stands up to call for a stop to the process, people will cheer.

    As for your complaints about the "self-indulgent" political positions advanced by Paul supporters, spare me. There is no such thing as a social good, and as a result we should support policies that allow each American to pursue his own happiness. This is not exactly a new message in American political history. It's merely been forgotten by foolish old rotund Cromwellian grumps.

  32. I've been reading Tom Roeser for years and he offers an honest insight on Chicago, Illinois and National Politics.

    If you don't like his opinions, move on. Most of you Ron Paul fans sound like a drunken rabble.

    What is the point of making angry comments to a website?

  33. To Rufino Torres,
    I think the reason why so many people want to comment is that there is something distasteful about propaganda or fiction being promoted as fact. It's just these people's desire to set the record straight. The thing about Ron Paul's candidacy is that he is supporting us, not the other way around. When we rally, donate, volunteer, we do it for ourselves (what selfish cretins we are). We rally to the message, and the one man right now that has the 'nads to stand up to the elite state as it currently exists. Many of us feel like we are not part of the elites and do you blame us? Does the majority really run our federal government, or a minority? Elite by definition is a smaller group than the "unwashed" masses. The funny thing is: we always outnumber the elites! We are now making the last stand for this century to reclaim government as "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

  34. "Just refrain from profanity and threats, which have no place in a polite or impolite conversation."

    Why have you addressed this comment now to three posters who have neither used profanity nor issued threats?

  35. I bet thousands upon thousands of RP supporters would give their names on the mission to reject your ridiculous comparisons and statements regarding the man. How ignorant do you have to be to completely misconstrue "legalize freedom" for the sole promotion of legalization of drugs, when if you'd actually listened to what he said and all his reasons, you would know he just wants to clean up washington and restore civil liberties. You, "Sir," should stop your name calling and slander that serves no purpose but to make you look like an idiot. Wake up to the true conservative, and give me my god damn habeas corpus back.

  36. Weow!


    Double-entendres and pithy patois are for men of wit, letters, forebearance, good-taste and manners. Cigars, tumblers of D'Atganoc - warmed by fists of talented laboreres and at ease with the bon mot - as celebratory prelude to sharp discourse and debate.

    These weighty issues must remain unsullied by yeomanly barbs and scatological japes.

    In short, it would be like feeding strawberries to jackasses!

    Au Bon Pere!

  37. Patrick Francis you hit this one, this one the nose and it's, it's out of here!
    I will poset that most of these zombie/lemmings don't have a clue as to what you just posted. Nor do I care-
    I just hope they drivel elsewhere-
    Doesn't anyone else think DR.PAUL is a sweet deadend?

  38. Mark

    This is the reason nobody takes RP seriously Who took your Habeas Corpus away? You all sound like Daily KOS lefties. Show me where you have lost anything but time? We are at war! Bush went to congress and was given this from them following the constitution

    This joint resolution may be cited as the "Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq".


    The Congress of the United States supports the efforts by the President to--

    (a) strictly enforce through the United Nations Security Council all relevant Security Council resolutions applicable to Iraq and encourages him in those efforts; and

    (b) obtain prompt and decisive action by the Security Council to ensure that Iraq abandons its strategy of delay, evasion and noncompliance and promptly and strictly complies with all relevant Security Council resolutions.

    There has never been a proven charge that anyone but military combatants have been held.

  39. Hickey,

    You brushing up in those night classes in French at Leo the Great again? I am guessing that your Bourbonic is completely acceptable in the family hour.


  40. Friedrich Axel HockemeyerSeptember 25, 2007 at 4:44 PM

    The intense irony of this whole debacle is that the criticisms leveled at Ron Paul supporters describe Tom Roeser and his sycophants more aptly then they do their intended targets!

    The hilarity is only expounded upon by the fact that Mr. Roeser, having defamed and insulted an ever increasing number of people from all walks of life, whose only commonality is their desire for liberty, apparently takes issue with being treated in kind!

    Mr. Roeser, your hypocrisy is overwhelming and your logical fallacies, childish insults, intellectual dishonesty and delusions of grandeur are unbecoming of someone who pretends to be a journalist.

    You should look into becoming a comedian instead. Perhaps that was your intent all along when you cobbled together the tripe that led to this fiasco.

    P.S. I accepted your dare. In return I dare you to get some exercise, you bloated windbag.

  41. I take your challenge! I will debate you anytime anywhere on the virtues of peace, freedom, and Ron Paul. Email me for my phone number if you have the courage to debate me on the air, or better yet in the studio.

    Brian Costin
    Organizer Ron Paul Meetup.com Group #184
    Schaumburg, IL

  42. So all the Libertarian wannabees can email me or whatever. But I would love to debate anyone on Ron Paul. I would even let you pick what candidate I represent... that is how confident I am. So I am sure you have some kind of forum, or if any of you, especially Brian Costin, want to have a debate, let me know.

  43. Are you really that clueless?

    Legalizing freedom has nothing to do with illicit drugs.

    It has to do with the constitutional rights that are slowly being stripped away from American citizens.

    If you are so concerned about about defamatory comments maybe you should turn yourself in for the comments you have made.

    In America there is this thing called the freedom of speech. You can turn my information over to the authorities, but there is nothing they can do. In fact, even if you turned yourself in, there is nothing they can do.

    p.s. As far as your slander of Ron Paul supporters, wouldn't you say that is the pot calling the kettle black?

  44. Peter J. O'LearySeptember 26, 2007 at 1:05 AM

    four fingers and a thumb. Guess which one is for you, I dare ya Roeser.
    You and your ilk severly undersestimate the power of Dr. Paul's message. Four years ago, I was a committed Democrat "liberal". Yep, your typical namby-pamby Daily Kos denizen. Since then we've watched our government bloat out faster than your pants, and our liberties and treasury disappear faster than a dozen Krispy Kreams on your desk.
    Dr. Ron Paul's gift to turn millions (yes, millions) of like folks into true Conservative Constitutionalists bent on saving this great nation is a force to be reckoned with.
    I am Peter Joseph O'Leary, 53, Chicago, IL, son of Dennis J. O'Leary, and I HAVE taken a shower today.

  45. Unlike disbarred & convicted Bush Administration officials like Irving Lewis Liebowitz (criminal alias name Scooter Libby), I am free to use my own name while promoting freedom (Patrick Henry and millions of Ron Paul supporters know what THAT means), liberty and peace online and in our communities ;)

    Illinois Republicans SHOULD take the opportunity to welcome in new members and conservative candidates so that one day they may actually win office. Too bad combine politics come first and foremost and they will fight for the next Judy Baar Topinka and or Alan Keyes on the local, state and federal level.

    Congratulations Tom on tripling your readership!

    Jason Acebal

  46. Jarett Austin SanchezSeptember 26, 2007 at 5:05 AM

    I did. I was around 35? on the original comment list and I gave my full name, my email address and a challenge to debate over live teleconferencing the issue of Ron Paul, and notably the foreign policy issue! See, with this new technology, people can listen in to our debate live on the internet! Very cool. Anyways, Mr. Roeser, you CANNOT deny that one of the greatest effects of the Ron Paul campaign is that the previously apathetic youth are now becoming interested in politics in a very big way. You are witnessing the evolution of political action in America, Mr. Roeser, and Ron Paul is the harbinger.

    Once Again,
    Jarett Austin Sanchez

  47. Jarett Austin SanchezSeptember 26, 2007 at 5:11 AM

    I forgot to mention, I don't smoke pot, hashish, crack, meth, or even tobacco. So when Ronnie talks aobut Legalizing Freedom I think about what HE means by it, not what YOU mean by it!

  48. Seriously? Calling out people for not posting their full names and somehow painting them as hypocrites? Insinuating people back Dr. Paul so they can do drugs?

    How blind are you to reality? Perhaps people are simply tired of a government that has grown out of control and no longer wants to bend over and take it. You may like a socialist government that believes in wealth redistribution (stealing) and provoking wars, I however do not.

  49. I think you don't know what you're talking about and resorting to name-calling and other cheap tricks to push off your "honest opinion" as a legitimate political standpoint.

  50. I'm not sure why you think this is such a big deal...but my name is Joel Matthew Dennison. I wrote "Ad Hominem Degrades us Both" as a comment on your original piece as "Concerned Constitutionalist." I'm a graduate of the University of Chicago, grew up in New Hampshire, and have a son.