Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Personal Aside: Yes, with Insane Anti-War Rhetoric that Eschews Patriotism…ala MoveOn’s Ad…the Liberals Can Blow 2008.


Simply by being too activist, too extreme, the liberal-left can blow the election of 2008…just as other movements have done in years past. A “New York Times” full-page ad sponsored by strayed from merely opposing the Iraq war to assailing Gen. David Petraeus as “General Betray-Us” before the highly decorated general even had the opportunity to officially deliver his long awaited report on the war. The extremism of MoveOn and the belligerence of The Daily Kos blog will paint themselves as disloyal and anti-patriotic which could carry over to the Democratic party’s presidential campaign in 2008.

No one doubts that it is legitimate—even mandatory—that Gen. Petraeus and the Bush administration be examined on progress of the war. The time has long passed in the conduct of this war and any other when congressmen should be dazzled by four-stars on military shoulder-straps. But the attack ad…aided by its outrageous acceptance for publication by “The Times”…is a coarse, sophomoric and emotionally unstable, deliriously unbalanced argument. “The Times” has gone beyond the edge of conducting responsible debate. In many aspects, the frantic left and the paleo-right seem to join hands in their more lunatic moments when both claim that the Sept. 11 attacks could well have been spurred by the Bush administration. The candidate of the paleos, Rep. Ron Paul, has shown himself on occasion to be irresponsible and mal-informed on foreign policy —as when he insisted, contrary to any evidence, that our involvement in the Middle East precipitated the attacks…and when he was stumped by the astute questioning of the talk show host Michael Medved. Just as MoveOn is intellectually bankrupt, the writings of Pat Buchanan and (until he retired for reasons of ill health) Joe Sobran have often contained ranting of the unsupportable fantasy.

The entire history of the United States has shown that basically good movements have been jeopardized by the extremism of some of their adherents. Fear of an all-powerful central government led none other than Patrick Henry to oppose the U. S. Constitution and reaction produced was centralization. Extreme abolitionism crested with William Lloyd Garrison who urged the burning of the Constitution because in the effort to get it enacted, a provision was made for slavery. Ignatius V. Donnelly with his Populist Party bred a nativism that long postponed responsible reform. William Jennings Bryan delayed passage of certain moderate laws affecting the rights of labor by his goofy support of free silver. The temperance movement lost its crusading zeal when he unwisely secured passage of the Prohibition amendment and the cause of moderation in drink was seriously compromised. There was a legitimate role for the America First committee to oppose our entry into World War II but it was blasted away by Charles Lindbergh’s and Fr. Charles Coughlin’s excursions into anti-Semitism.

The move to embrace civil rights was immeasurably harmed by its extremists—Stokely Carmichael’s support of “Black Power,” Eldridge Cleaver’s “Soul on Ice” which advocated violence, Malcolm X’s inspired hatred of whitey continuing on through Jesse L. Jackson’s more lurid and anti-Semitic statements (New York city being Hymie-town) and Al Sharpton’s demagoguery. Even espousal of the free market was jolted by Ayn Rand “Objectivists” who espoused the cause of selfishness.

The pro-life movement was harmed by zealots including a well meaning marching lady named Nellie Grey who terms compromise as “sellout” and purposely fails to apply the political process to this problem despite her own extensive participation in the process. One must wonder if ego hasn’t overtaken her senses. She and some others earlier resisted any attempt to compromise between varied proposed constitutional amendments, opposing the one version that conceivably can pass—the states’ rights version.

The move to respect individual rights in sexual orientation has led gay and lesbian organizations to ride roughshod over most of the trembling Democratic candidates for president who put on a sorry spectacle in a recent debate to pander to this group. The height of ludicrosity was caused by the rock and folk singer Melissa Etheridge, a proclaimed lesbian, who attacked Gov. Richardson (D-N.M) because he denied that homosexuality was a congenital condition (the popular view of the gay rights crowd). The fact that Ms. Etheridge’s former lover (with whom they conceived a child through sperm donation) made a choice to leave her and marry a man evidently cuts no ice with her.

The zanyness goes on and on. Now legitimate concern about undeclared war has tripped a wire that spurs the “Blame America” crowd and a yen for isolationism that exceeds even those measures pursued by Presidents William Howard Taft, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. But is must be conceded that, for the most part, the Republican party has resisted the extremist surge on most issues but the Democrats seemingly cannot disentangle themselves from The Daily Kos and There is a fascination of the liberal left with extremism—and it flies like a moth very near the burning flame of repudiation. If the Democratic party cannot resist the flame, it will cause its hopes for the presidency in 2008 to perish just as it did when George McGovern alienated the party’s blue-collar patriotic base, carrying Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. As a good Republican partisan, I welcome the Democrats going down in flames in 2008…but as a good American, I want to see a Democratic party prosper along sound and moderate lines so as to make it worthy on occasion to relieve the Republican party when it gets fatigued—as it very nearly is today.

The purpose of my long essays on the differences between Hubert Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy…boring to so many but intended as a repository for whenever my children and grandchildren choose to read it…is to show how bad personal motivation aided by bad (if I may say so) modernist theology (in and outside of my own church) can be very dangerous for this country and its polity. You will see two legitimate political opportunists vying for their party’s nomination—one who sought to pursue acceptably moderate ends and another who badly (and possibly intentionally) misused theology for his personal ends. The large scale l radicalization of the Democratic party (which I mourn) stems from that battle of two very different men from the same party and the same state.

In summary: if “The New York Times” possesses any vestige of decency, it will apologize for running an unpatriotic ad that besmirches a fine American general. Unfortunately, smug in its elitism, the paper will likely refuse to do so on the spurious grounds that it has no responsibility to curtail un-American diatribes. Thus has the left sunk to nihilism…to be joined in this morass by certain loud, unscholarly and vehement elements of the right—some of whom occasionally write comments in capital letters on this web-site and have difficulty restraining themselves from personal abuse.


  1. Nation Building
    Spreading DEMOCRACY in Iraq that causes a radical SHIITE majority aligned with Iran
    Hideous injuries from non-armored Humvees
    PC Rules of Engagement

    This, Tom, this is the War that you support while you get out your trite set of labels to go after anyone who criticizes it. Nice try but you failed once again!

    You see Tom there are MANY real conservatives who were against this war from the start!

    The PC war in Iraq is anything but CONSERVATIVE and you know it! And the Republicans are becoming losers because of it thanks to the failed neo-con intellectual falsehoods spouted daily by think tanks, blogs, and talk show hosts. Should we sacrifice all our Republican gains like tax cuts on your alter of Iraq just because you can feel cozy with certain people who are totally focused on themselves and their Middle Eastern hobbies? This is not really conservatism and is not Republican at all regardless of how it is coached.

    Much of it is against the liberty expounded in our Constitution! Go ahead Tom and support the liberty grabbing falsely named "Patriot Act"!

    Maybe it is time that chicken hawks like you go to Hines Hospital and visit with those who are permanently maimed or have lost limbs for YOUR war! Take your wife with you. I don't think you have the guts for that!

    It is sad that these soldiers have to deal with rules of engagement that can result in a murder charge if they guess wrong. This has been turned into a politically correct police action!

    It is sad that these soldiers have to ride in poorly armored vehicles that subject them to horrible injuries.

    Remember that that those who took the planes into those buildings in NYC were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, not Iraq. But then you are blinded by the crowd at the Weekly Standard and the American Enterprise institute while you support the pardon of the convict, Scooter whose only claim to fame was his work for Marc Rich the scoundrel who Clinton pardoned!

    You focus on Iraq when those who flew the planes into the buildings were educated under radical Wahabism funded by Saudi money. But to you the Saudi's are our friends..... hmnnn?

    And then there is Osama whose group planned 911 who is still out there..... With all the high tech equipment we can't find him? WHY? How come his family got that Bush sponsored ride OUT of the USA after 911?

    But then, Tom, we now know whom you are playing up to!

    As far as I am concerned you are no longer a real conservative. You now are a mamby pamby mushy moderate who blows with the neo-con wind just to be "popular". It is interesting that the leftist Tony Blair supported your boy George Bush in his Iraq war. The Conservative Tories in England who were in opposition are acting like the conservatives should over here. But then you would probably have your buddy Medved throw a few of the usual labels at them too! Go ahead and drag up more of the irrelevant past to support your position. Give us some more laughs from the past! It is you who is now part of an extreme alien movement! And the more you write about it the more obvious you become! Keep it up TOM!

  2. Lawrence, did Tom hire you to prove his point about zany critics who seem to be precariously balanced on their right foot? I am amazed that your letter popped right up as if to show us a ready example of hysterical rants. If Tom didn't hire you, maybe one of the Mouseketeers (Hillary, Barack or John) might have need of your "real" conservatism.

  3. My Dad was a real conservative who thought we should have sat out WWII. He served regardless.

    My friend Vigil Vogel was a radical socialist who went to prison because he thought WWII was a Capitalist War.

    I thought Kerry's War of last resort doctrine (which is also pretty close to Pat Buchanen and Bob Novaks style of isolationism) would mean fighting a war of anniliation against much of the Arab world just as it meant city-busting bombing in WWII when we fought a war of Last Resort against Germany and Japan.

    So conservativer or liberal, or progressive or whatever label you wish.. I think Bush's attempt at spreading Democracy in Iraq, and Afganistan, and I think it will spread especially to Iran.. will be found to have been the wisest way to go.

    But things can go south, and if that's the case it's Kerry's war of last resort and while we may suffer the loss of a city or two to get to that point; god help the Islamic world once we unleash those dogs of war.

    A liberal will do it and Bush will look pacifist and restrained in comparison.

  4. How blind you posters are! Study the situation. The American Enterprise Institute people suggested the Iraq War to Clinton. He did not take them up on it. It was suggested to Bush before 911. What is interesting is that Cheney himself predicted what would happen in a Bagdad invasion including ALL the negatives!

    So now Republicans have lost the House and the Senate because of this war! OR DON'T YOU SEE THAT! Was this war worth it? The TEMPORARY tax cuts will expire and as it looks, there will NOT be a Republican majority to make them permanent! Was the Iraq war worth it?

    All the social conservative agenda will go down the drain because of this war. Is the Iraq War worth it?

    Remember the facts of 911 pointed the finger at Osama not Saadam! Osama still lives! The people who flew the planes and participated were all from Iraq or Egypt and were influenced by Saudi radical Wahabism..... Study this yourself!

    The WMD pretext to get us into the war in Iraq was false.

    Was the Iraq war worth it?

    Democracy has brought a SHIITE majority to power allied with Iran..... Posters,
    the Sunni's were more moderate regardless of Saadam's brutality. Remember Saadam fought a long war with Iran AND we supported him in it.

    Is Democracy valid in this eye for an eye part of the world or is it NAIVE! Do we dare inject Judeo/Christian platatudes into a part of the world that only respects Muslim strongmen! IS Democracy working? NO! Well just look who the Palestinians "democratically" elected! AND Turkey just elected a more RADICAL person to lead that country.... Democracy good?

    Or is this War all a very very flawed idea cooked up in the neo-con think tanks. Isn't it interesting that the very neo-cons who push this war on Bush are leaving the sinking Bush ship.... LOYALTY to BUSH? BAH! they even now disavow the name neo-con and label those who call them that!

    WIll an Obama or Hillary win be worth the Iraq War negatives that sunk the Republican party? HELL NO

    So maybe it is YOU who should wake up and see that the Iraq War was BAD BAD BAD for the future of the Republican Party!

    Why stay on the Iraq War Titanic? Remember that Reagan LEFT the Middle East when the troop headquarters in Lebannon were destroyed. He later condemnrd the WHOLE irrationality of the middle east!

    Some would desperately like to make the Middle East the United States all consuming problem! I say let them keep their Middle East Hobby to themselves and quit destroying the Republican Party with bad bad ideas such as the Iraq War for Democracy!

  5. The Iraq involvement has not been proven. Saadam was a Sunni who was very much disliked by Osama. YES Saadam was brutal but what leader in the Middle East is not brutal in a Judeo/Christian sense? but the Shiite/Iran can of worms is worse that a Saadam Sunni block against Iran Shiites.

  6. Tom, I can't take your concern over move on ads seriously while the freedom watch group puts out a major market IRAQ OCCUPATION STOPS MORE 9/11s TV ad campaign. Listen to Miltary Families Speak Out and Gold Star Families Speak Out.

  7. Is Democracy valid in this eye for an eye part of the world or is it NAIVE! Do we dare inject Judeo/Christian platatudes into a part of the world that only respects Muslim strongmen!

    Yes, and considering the pagan Greeks first toyed with it, hardly Christian... I'd argue Jefferson's

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Our power and wealth (not God) make America exceptional and create the imperative for us to lead, and while we should pick our fights, when we find ourselves rebuilding broken lands, returning the strong man no longer the way to go.

    The self-evident truths at our core lead us to Democracy and that's where we should go.

  8. Thomas Jefferson's ethic came from a Judeo/Christian educational foundation, not from a Muslim one. Yes I know that Jefferson at times was a bit of a free thinker but I am looking to his educational background and culture into which he and the rest of the founding fathers were born into.

    You can learn alot from the Serbian experience. Serbia lies on the "faultlines" of religions: Catholic, Orthodox, and Muslim. The animosity that exists takes on an almost fued like presence except that it goes to the core of the person which is his or her religion and culture. Strongman TITO brutally kept a lid on the animosities. With his death and the fall of communism the old animosities returned and the killing started right up. Guess who came to the rescue? THE UNITED STATES and we are STILL there!

    This region defies common sense because we try like the British before us to apply our sense of intellectualism and morality to the situation.

    For entertainment this weekend go rent and watch the classic movie, Lawrence of Arabia. He was appalled at he brutality of the person shot at the well getting water. You see the water did not belong to that person's muslim tribe. By the end of the movie Lawrence of Arabia is just as brutal as the people he is fighting. A very telling situation is when the tribes are in control of Damascus and everything breaks down into fights while the infrastructure of Damascus is falling apart! Kinda like Bagdad!

    Ah yes, if only there were "founding fathers in the Middle East" .... there are but they adhering to the radical side of Islam. In the past we have only been successful in purchasing "strongmen" but in the end they always abuse others, stir up hatreds, and come back to bite us! And so it goes in a tribal atmosphere generated by the primitive cultish religion of Islam. Just look at the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian situation.... common sense has been suggested many time only to devolve into violence which begats violence which begats violence which begats violents and so it goes in the old testament part of the world where and eye for an eye mentality rules!

    How arrogant we are to think with missionary zeal that we or should I say the neo-cons can change this mentality that simply defies our version of common sense? Like those before us, the French and the British, we will bleed our treasury dry trying to solve it! I just am sad to see the rest of the Republican Agenda go down the tubes because the neo-con intellectuals repackaged a loser and sold it to the President and many leaders and pundits. The old lessons learned anew will set the Republican Party back for years! What a shame.