Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Personal Aside: Since the Server Broke Down Under the Responsorial Load at The Chicago Daily Observer, Let’s Give the Issue of Ron Paul a Rest for a Time

Not only the Observer’s responsorial machinery but that of this website and my own personal email have been filled. A good thing I am not unduly sensitive, friends because I have been called fat in a thousand different ways. Ah it has helped inculcate a humility I sorely need. But temporarily we shall leave the subject of Ron Paul while The Observer recovers from a nervous breakdown. Also Jake Parrillo, my personal webmeister, is in England consulting with Google and will attend to posting this stuff when he can. Be patient.

For now let us return to the dual biographies of Hubert and Eugene…and the Quiet Insurrection at St. John’s, Collegeville, Minnesota that has shaped more of our time than can possibly be imagined…including the vapid pseudo-Catholicism of the Kennedys, John Kerry and that deep-thinking commuter with ancient theological thought, Richard M. Daley.


  1. The past two days gave me deja vu, and I couldn't place why. In the night I remembered the great STAR TREK - The Next Generation, and the riveting evil beings that assimilated people and then ruled them by a collective thought process via computer.

    "It is useless to resist. WE ARE BORG!"

    It is slightly flawed I admit, as none of the females you describe sounds at all like Terry Ryan (Seven of Nine).

  2. Beat your sweet Ass I'M a Turtle!

    Don Tomas, Your heart, mind and soul reflects the image of a greyhound!

    In all things you are a man of charitable conscience, wit, converse and commerce. The full package Christian Gentleman.

  3. As a person who has served in the conservative side of the Republican trenches for years, it is great to see that the young people are being stirred up politically and in such big numbers. And that they can think for themselves despite a neo-con take over of so much of conservatism and talk radio. AND that their bent is more to the right than to the left!

    I have personally seen again and again, tatoos-goth clothing and all where the younger generation is MORE politically conservative with a libertarian-green bent than their parents (baby boomers). Yes they can be crass at times but look at the culture that they are raised in today. Tom, we are far away from the entertainment of the likes of the National Barn Dance, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, John Wayne, Wayne King, Franklyn MacCormack, Eddie Cantor, Kate Smith, or Helen O'Connell (remember her singing "Green Eyes" with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra)...

    This generation has had PC up the wazoo.... political correctness thrown at them from ALL sides from the moment they escaped the abortion doctor's suction tube and lived through a non-childhood marred by divorce.

    As they take on heavy debt trying to educate themselves they see their future being outsourced away all the while they are being asked to pay with their high taxes for illegal immigration, social security bail outs, medicare and meds of the seniors like Tom, and endless neo-con islamofascist bogeyman wars.


    They nausiated by (big government) Bush and the Neo-cons dreams that have turned to nightmares just as they are nausiated by a leftist Hillary Clinton who clings to her well warn copy of Karl Marx's Communist manifest. They feel traped between the socialist likes of an Al Franken-Barbara Streisand on one hand and a never ending war loving neo-con, Michael Medved on the other.

    Is is no wonder that Ron Paul is like fresh air to them? To get rid of the IRS is like dumping tea in Boston to them! They like seeing the cute crowd on Wall Street squirm with the thought of getting rid of the Federal Reserve.

    Tom you must take the time to see why your point for view simply does not appeal to them AT ALL!

    As an aside, I will also bet that your ego was pinched at that Ron Paul Rally when hardly anyone recognized you! That must have really hurt given your years in politics!

    By your post you stumbled into the midst of a political movement that will end up shaking us all up, especially those who thought that all their PC education and intellectualism had an effect on controlling thought. By trying to put a lid on people for years they have discovered that the young people are rebelling against them...
    and I LOVE IT!

    To the young people I say KEEP IT UP!

    Your future is a stake!

  4. Oh, poor crybaby, the server broke!

    It is time to grow up and learn that insulting people with uncalled-for ad hominem attacks and innuendo would invite retaliation in kind[*]. And this time you managed to insult a lot of people. Try to do better in the future, and learn to be polite before whining about impoliteness of others.

    [*] I, personally, like the old ways, when this kind of behaviour invited being skewered on a rapier, more than the free-for-all lip flapping of today.

  5. Ron Paul for PresidentSeptember 26, 2007 at 9:43 AM

    You have defamed Ron Paul and his supporters. Therefore, you owe us a retraction and apology.

  6. The Libertarian "Liberty" will be enforced on you, unless you wish to be an enemy of the PEOPLE! (read yung un's)

    Contribute to Mental Health, or we will kill you!

    Mr. John Powers, Sir- I can testify that these types were around in the latter 1950's, and disintegrated in the love fest of the 60's- This is modern proof that certain species persist in cronic delirium from generation to generation.

  7. Frank are you still listening to your video taped reruns of the Welk Show? Ah ONE and ah TWO

    I suggest you take some time to analyze what it going on with these people and the Ron Paul campaign.

    Your todyesque lack of discussion of the political issues involved shows your lack of depth. You are starting to sound like a Berwynite spouting off on the way to the free dinner at the senior center.

  8. You saw Nazis and I saw a crowd of people who stood and sang the national anthem.

    Your world must suck.

  9. Thank you all for your gracious and well thought out comments. I hope you enjoy your parents' basement...

  10. Time for some Kawntree from a good ol' boy from the land that made rugs famous! He's a blood-thirsty maniac, but he can kick-out on the pick-out!


  11. I do not see any sweaty pony-tailed nazi in this whole batch of pictures

    nor do I see them in this batch

  12. Larry Larry Larry--
    I bet you're pretty when mad. Even-tempered too, as you seem to be mad all the time.
    You are right, I am a washed up old fart way past my prime.
    I am, however, younger than your Messiah, Dr. RP--

  13. Larry Larry Larry--
    I bet you're pretty when mad. Even-tempered too, as you seem to be mad all the time.
    You are right, I am a washed up old fart way past my prime.
    I am, however, younger than your Messiah, Dr. RP--

  14. You appear by your post to be quite inebriated on your neo-con snake oil, Frank. When you sober up, take some time to see why the Republicans lost the House and the Senate. I know this is rather deep for you but please try. And then find why many people who are traditional Republicans have just stayed home and have not voted in recent elections.

    You may just find that the public does not support the neo-con policies that have come to full bloom in the Bush Administration.

    It is up to you Frank to try to strain your brain and figure out why.

    You will find that these policies are out of step with traditional Republican values which made a person like Ronald Reagan an overwhelming winner.

    It is time to return to traditional Conservative and Republican values.

    Values that are WINNERS, Frank! But then being from Connecticut you are used to big government and have probably forgot the days when Connecticut did not have a state Income Tax.

    Do I agree with everything Ron Paul says? No! but I have more in common with Ron Paul than I have with Rudy.

    And I don't see a ground swell of support for ANY of the other candidates. All I see is Media and Neo-Con hype. It is good to bring the young people in. Its about time! This beats the insane Bush/Rove/neo-con idea of replacing the social conservative vote with the Hispanic vote!

    The groundswell slamdown of Bush's and Kennedy's Immigration Bill should have told you something Frank.

    In others words.... to Frank, Leahy, Roeser, etc.... WAKE UP already!

  15. Larry Sweetie-
    What asp dropped its venom in you to continue your rants at a poor moron like me, when you have all the solutions? If I were a guru like you I wouldn't give a dumbshit like me a few keystrokes.
    No, there is indeed something about you that is different. It just dawned on me, thanks to a previous insult (I am shallow,etc.).
    Right Larry Babe-
    You are DEEP-
    As deep as my grandpa's outhouse, and chocked full of the same materials-
    Rave on, Dude

  16. Frank obviously it is you who can't present a decent case of your side. If you are going to stand up for Tom Roeser at least TRY to present a case in support of him! But you can't. I thought that would be the case as clearly evidenced in the blue collar wording of your last post! Enjoy your little world in Connecticut. I am sure you fit in quite well.

  17. Frank,

    We have a rule against profanity on this site. Being from the barnyard myself, I must ask you to not use barnyard terms here.

    As I tell all commenters, we have to remove the profane language to try to keep the discourse at a higher level.


  18. Mr. Powers, Sir-

    I believe profanity is a disregard for the sacred. If politics is sacred to you (as it seems to be with Lawrence of Cowardicia) then your message makes some sense.

    Point Two- I was not using "barnyard" expressions. I was talking about an out building that was not connected in any way with a barn.