Thursday, August 23, 2007

Personal Asides: Gee, Why Didn’t We Read Michelle Obama’s Sniping at Hillary in Chicago’s Democratic Newspaper of Record—or for that Matter, the “Tribune”?...Coming Up in the Observer

Michelle Obama.

If, say, Fred Thompson’s wife took a verbal poke at Hillary Clinton’s stewardship as First Lady, the national networks and all the ships at sea would be posting an urgent: “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an urgent news bulletin!” But although Chicago’s Democratic Newspaper of Record has the publisher’s wife as special correspondent in charge of publicizing the Obamas on the campaign trail…and its political columnist Lynn Sweet is extraordinarily careful to report all doings of Democrats on the campaign trail, either the strident attack on Hillary Clinton from Michelle Obama eluded them or somehow was Deep Sixed.

Last week Mrs. Obama had enough of the Clintons. Frustrated with her husband running second to Hillary due to Bill’s recruitment of a huge machine of fund-raisers, media consultants and big city power brokers, Mrs. Obama said when asked about Hillary Clinton:

“If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House!”

The skewering by Mrs. Obama was doubly well-aimed. First at Hillary’s so-called lack of attention to her roving husband and her discount of the first report on his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky by shrugging it off as evidence of a “far right conspiracy”…and second to Clinton’s own notorious background as a presidential philanderer.

Lynn Sweet who is the nearest equivalent to old George Tagge of Col. McCormick’s Chicago “Tribune” just happened to pass this up. I understand why Jennifer Hunter Cruickshank avoided it (she is not the professional Lynn is). I just thought that since the “Sun-Times” is so knee-deep in soft-porn and sexual wanderings under the leadership of Michael Cooke, even he would not pass up this reference. All of which proves that there is something more important to the two Canadians than prurience…political solidarity in lockstep with the liberal Democratic party.

Coming Up in the Observer…

The succeeding issues of The Chicago Daily Observer will feature an article by Dr. Paul Green on Mayor Richard M. Daley…Charlie Johnston on key Illinois congressional races—the 14th held by former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R); the 18th by Rep. Ray LaHood (R), the 8th by Rep. Melissa Bean (D) and the 15th by Rep. Tim Johnson (R)…and Scott Richert of The Rockford Institute about homegrown terrorists.

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  1. How about a full saber thrust to the belly?

    Someone really needed to ask Ms Obama all this family values stuff is fine and dandy; now what's the Senator's advice to the Administration and Americans on the potential outbreak of fighting between the Kurds and Iranians?

    The US MSM isn't covering it much. If the Obama's think the press is overplaying their chat on family values, maybe the should switch to serious issues themselves.