Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Personal Asides: Can’t Wait `Til I Climb the “Fred-Head” Express…Susannah Mendoza a Democratic Charmer…This May be Oberweis’ Time at Last.


“All Aboard!”

Here it is, folks…a sure-fire way to get pumped up for the next Republican presidential victory in 2008! Fred Thompson in Indianapolis:

“I simply believe that on the present course that we’re going to be a weaker, less prosperous, more divided nation than what we have been. I do not say that lightly, but I think it’s the truth. And I think the American people are ready for the truth.”

Rank that with Reagan at his best…JFK pledging to get the country “moving again”…Eisenhower issuing a call to join his crusade when he campaigned for the nomination in 1952. Not quite.

Susanna Mendoza.

Rep. Susanna Mendoza (D-Chicago), who represents the 1st district composed of the near southwest side, is a tiny, 95 lb. charmer who looks all of 12 but who has been in the House for six years. She was my guest along with Paul Caprio, director-Family Pac, Sunday night. I have never heard such leveled criticism both of the governor of her own party and of Sen. Emil Jones, the Senate president of her party. It seems to me that the ingredients may well be ripe for a Republican comeback in the future. Why?

Democrats have proven that the more of them who get elected the more fractious they become and are unable to govern. I understand that Speaker Madigan is biding the time when his daughter runs for governor—but that won’t be until 2010 and the avalanche of discontent will have hit high tide by then.

Oberweis’ Time?

It appears obvious that Denny Hastert has all but endorsed Jim Oberweis as his successor for the 14th. If that is true, a candidate who has embodied all that conservatives have really been seeking is on the cusp of winning. But what about State Sen. Chris Lauzen who I would distinctly prefer? I asked Chris where the differences are between him and Jim Oberweis and he pointed out that they appear to be indistinct…the fact that Oberweis has not been able to get elected over a period of time. But given that Hastert has seemingly endorsed him and that Oberweis is flush with money, the next loser may well be Chris. Perhaps he might want to discard his intention to run for Congress and wait for a better opportunity.

The danger is that with Lauzen and Oberweis dividing the conservative vote, a liberal Republican like the mayor of Geneva may get in. Of course, despite no discernible differences, Chris Lauzen will lower his head and plunge right into the brick wall along with his followers…repenting at leisure as they have so often in the past when they rejected a change of course when circumstances required it. For the record, I am still for Lauzen but is there no accommodation for circumstances? We’ll see.


  1. File Fred's quote beside Jimmy's Malaise comment.

  2. We all remember the Sunday night wehn Obie explained how to draw straws.

    This time around we draw straws like this:
    Each candidate and his team agree to compare and score petitions before filing them.
    1 point for each signature
    10 points for each petition passer who collects 10 signatures.
    100 points for each petition passer who collects 100 signatures.
    The TEAM with the most points files their petitions. The other TEAM does not file their petitions and agrees to support first TEAM.

    Compare it to pre-season football. Every player wants to be first-string. But at some point the second string has to face reality that the pre-season is over and they have to be TEAM players.

    Lauzen and Obie are now in the pre-season. But when the games that count start with filing petitions, good sportsmanship is necessary.

    Bob, a voter in the district

  3. Hundreds of thousands of voters (consumers) have cast millions of votes (dollars) for Oberweis in the free market. The man is a success because he motivates hundreds of thousands of people, without distinction as to their immigration status, to voluntarily trade cash for his great products.

    (I might point out that this is in contrast to political entrpreneurs like Ross Perot or Jack Roeser, who made their millions off government contracts.)

    Oberweis does seem formidable in this race. What is puzzling is the apparent willingness of former Oberweis backers, now turned Lauzen backers, to attempt to throw mud on their candidate from March 2006.

  4. Of course the ever compromising Tom Roeser will always forget "ego trip Obie's" flipflops and now he attacks Lauzen with his tawdry comment:
    Chris Lauzen will lower his head and plunge right into the brick wall along with his followers…repenting at leisure as they have so often in the past when they rejected a change of course when circumstances required it.

    Tom Roeser you are a PIG for making such a statement! It only make me think that the milk dud's bucks are heading your way to make you now slam Chris. YOU PIG TOM ROESER!

  5. Lawrence:

    Clean up your act or "sauber machen" if you prefer.

    Some of us recognize the scatological insult that you hurled at Jim Oberweiss albeit auf Deutsch.

    Jim Oberweiss deserves better than that and so do the readers of this blog.

  6. am i the only one bored with tom roeser's double talk and nasty insults? oh that's right, it's "nuance."

    sure sounds like double talk to me though

  7. Oberscheiss the "milk dud" is exactly what he is: An over stuffed ego full of BS looking for a political ego trip. The only thing that impresses me about a politician is if they have deeply held political beliefs that don't bend with with the wind. Anyone who knows Chris Lauzen knows that he has deeply held conservative political beliefs that he can clearly articulate. He does not need hired political handlers to hold their fingers in the wind for him. He has taken hard stands in the State Senate. He again and again goes on talk radio to respond to his constituants, unlike the overstuffed ego known as Denny Hastert. Denny wanted air time to promote his book but did not want to talk to the listeners.

    If the "milk dud" thinks he can lower himself, let him get on local talk radio and face some tough questions from the callers. Let him explain with articulate clarity his political stands and his flipflops.
    Lets see how he handles the difficult issues.

    And Dan, if you can't handle the tough world of politics, then I suggest that you try playing bridge.

  8. Lawrence,

    Your differences of opinion are welcome here, but you have to stop using such vile language. Just don't write "Pig", german profanity, etc.

    We can and will bar you from the comment section if you continue with the vile language.

    It is not called for, not needed, and very rude. Please stop.