Friday, August 24, 2007

Personal Aside: Publisher’s Wife Touts Her Column For Spotting Michelle’s Possible Dig at Hillary.

Publisher’s Wife.

Apologies: The “Sun-Times’” publisher’s wife who doubles as a high visibility political correspondent chronicling hour-by-hour episodes of the Obama presidential campaign did report the purported dig made by Michelle Obama…and this web-site was derelict in not noticing it. Yet the possible slur could easily have passed in the night as Jennifer Hunter buried it in the fifth paragraph of her story and was suffused in a blob of quotations that made it easy to ignore.

It occurred to Hunter, she said yesterday, that her remark may have been a dig at the Clintons but the Publisher’s Wife let it pass, a fact she now regrets. Well, we here regret it too, but let’s not be inconsolably guilt-ridden about it. The quote, floating in the midst of a paragraph about how diligent Michelle Obama is about her family responsibilities, was presented by Hunter as an observation made more specifically to the need for herself to be more concerned with parental responsibilities, winding up “So our view is that if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.” However Hunter is gratified that her column, which in this blog’s estimation is cluttered with girlish exuberance for the Obamas, at least was picked up by the national media.

So if a correction is in order for this website, here it is:

We regret saying that the Publisher’s Wife didn’t report the purported slam at Hillary because it turns out she did, sandwiched it in the fifth paragraph without follow-up, didn’t think enough to muse about it the day after it was printed but is pleased as punch that other news agencies did what she didn’t and gave the Publisher’s Wife some attention nationally. Whee!

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  1. Tom,

    I didn't take Michelle Obama's comments as a slam on Hillary Clinton. How didn't Hillary keep her house in order? By all accounts, Chelsea Clinton has turned out well. And, you can be the best wife in the world and still have problems if your husband doesn't want to keep his zipper closed.