Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Personal Asides: That Despicable Sunday “Sun-Times” Front Page…What My Political Gut Tells Me

Despicable Front Page.

You got up last Sunday morning and opened the “Sun-Times” to see what the latest news was that occurred since you went to bed Saturday night. And what is it? It’s wife-swapping with a huge picture of a buxom blonde with two guys, one with her first husband who asked her to participate in a sexually liberating round robin and one with her current husband who obliged…all described in salacious detail. Isn’t that nice for kids like my grandchildren and your children to be confronted with? I wonder how Michael Cooke, the editor who is responsible for this garbage, can face himself having put out that obscene broadside. Or does that story cause him to pant and wipe his brow with clammy anticipation?

Or how John Cruickshank, the publisher, who savors the reputation as a good guy, enjoys being associated with his good buddy Cooke who regurgitates this; or how John Barron, by all odds a decent guy…the brother of a good priest…likes to see his name associated with this. When it all comes to an end someday, is that what you want to be remembered for? Do you think purveying filth has no spiritual consequences for children who are debased and your own souls?

Not only the excrement all over the front page, but the dumbing down of the newspaper. They are trying to write for illiterates and are succeeding. Goethe described as a street that was named after “some old poet.” But the unutterable filth that Cooke spews is the worst.

Michael Sneed, a good columnist, clever and occasionally prescient, , are the big bucks this scatological paper that belongs on rolls in a lavatory…are the big bucks you receive so important to you…having earned them for a good number of years…that you still want to be associated with a paper that debases the public taste and scandalizes the young? Is that what you built up your reputation for? You who are so concerned with the slaughtering of horses; aren’t you concerned with the poisoning of the young? Don’t you have any concern about the scandalizing of children…which you are a part of since you cause this rag to hold on to a lot of the circulation it has? Are you able to turn your back on prurience and soft-porn masquerading as news? Do you think you have any responsibility to the young who were jaded by this garbage savored by your boss, Michael Cooke…the Michael Cooke you term as “ageless”?

Or are you just interested in seeing that the newspaper survives no matter what pornography it has to employ to do it. Is it worth it, Mike Sneed? Hmmm? Or Fran Spielman, one of the best city hall reporters any paper ever had…is this job so major to you…as a wife and mother…that you have to share your inestimably good product with the contents that should be distributed in back alleys by sick old men in long overcoats? Do you feel good about where you work?

To paraphrase someone else at another time…has anyone mounted the courage to say to Cooke: oh sir, have you no decency at last?


What my gut tells me is four things. First, eventually this country is going to be hit with a terrorist attack. Authorities can ferret out these sickos only so long. And second, when the attack comes…whether, God forbid, it’s major or as can be hoped it’s minor…and if say it is repeated…the election will be over and Giuliani will be nominated—maybe elected—with the same kind of desperation that this country had when it turned to Roosevelt during the Depression. Is he my first choice? No, nor second nor third. But I sense that with the chance of a Republican president at only 35% , only circumstances like the above can turn it around.

And third…the long-long wait for Fred Thompson. Will it be like the climactic scene in Charlle Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”? The Germans haul up on a railroad car a super-long cannon with a barrel that protrudes a half-block. Forty men straining pull a wagon up on which a projectile is chained. They unfasten the projectile and joined by fifty other men strain and sweat…lifting the projectile up to the mouth of the cannon…all the while a little man in the engine room of the cannon turns a dial and the projectile skids down the long tube of the barrel. Everybody holds their ears. The little man in the engine room presses a button; the cannon rears itself up and for a second the entire earth trembles…only for the cannon to go “pop” and the projectile drops on the ground.

The question is: is the long wait for Fred Thompson going to react like this…a dud? The long-long wait leads me to wonder if that isn’t what’s going to happen.

And fourth, with the Democrats fighting against “intrusion of civil liberties” and “turning Gitmo into a torture camp”…will they sound as impressive when and if there is a terrorist attack…and the American people ask: who tried to hold back our self-defense and who stands for using every instance available to protect us?

But whether this is correct or not…mark as a truism that there will be either an attempted attack or an attack…and that depending on the vibrations it makes…the primary season for Republicans may be over before it begins…with the inevitability of Giuliani. For let one more attack occur, or an attempted attack…and we won’t be talking about the other issues…the economy, tax cuts for the wealthy. We’ll be talking about survival and who is best equipped to lead us into battle.

If that happens, it ain’t going to be Hillary or Barack or Edwards or Richardson…or Romney or McCain or even Thompson…it’ll be Rudy. I don’t say I’m for him…I just say I have that feeling in my gut.


  1. Don Tomas,

    No 'bout a doubt it' CST is flopping like a fish wrapped in a Chicago Tribune and awaiting the gilling and the gutting.

    Neil Steinberg, Fran Spielman, Mark Brown, Tom McNamee, Bob Feder, Ed Hermann and the brilliant Jack Higgins seem to be the only folks pulling oars at that leaky canoe.

    Mary Mitchell's eyes seem locked on Balkanizing Chicago; Pops Staples has a weekly 600 word block ad for the Family Business; Cathleen Falsani does what exactly?; but most of all, the Twinkie with the challenged neck, Suzanne Holman, seems to be the paper's true icon: an endless parade of Patagonia Catalog Yobs and their dates sticking out their studded tongues for all the folks in the City With the Padded Shoulders.

    I could not venture a guess who will be the Republican nominee, but I believe that Senator Obama will not be in the winner's circle for this go-around for the Democrats - Hillary has too many insider chips to call in and has been two years mining for skinny on Obama right here in Chicago.

    I've thrown in with John McCain. I believe that America is at War with Islamist Terror and that we need a War President. A Lincoln, Wilson, FDR Man of Quality who will find the Grant, Pershing and Ike to see the job through. That man I believe is John McCain.

  2. At least the Sun-Times runs weekly columns by Mark Steyn and George Will. I could not imagine the Tribune carrying these columnists in a million years. Betsy Hart has some good moments as well.

  3. but for other reasons.

    Yes, Republicans are the underdogs in '08 due to the Jacobin takeover of the Bush administration and its attendant disastrous results.

    Plus, Bush's appalling clemency to Libby, before the criminal justice system had the chance to even hear his appeal, will afflict Republicans in '08 just like Ford's pardon of Nixon.

    Bush is acting like he just had a biography of Commodore Vanderbuilt read to him. The lesson he learned--"The public be damned."

    And Tom, I agree that a disaster will put us back in 1933 again. It will be the burning of the Reichstag all over again. The throngs will cry out for an Enabling Act, which, as in 1933, will pass with majority consent. Il Duce II will be the preferred candidate.

    Thus plays out the endgame of the American experiment with liberty. We are but one disaster away.

  4. The problem with the SunTimes is that unlike some magazines, you can't use the excuse that you open it "for the articles".

  5. Oh those neo-con chicken littles have Tom Roeser worried that the world will fall in soon!!!! They blew it with Iraq, blew it with Libby, blew it with "open borders" and now the PRAY for an incident, ANY incident to get us into Iran and save their sorry asses and reputations!

    From Michael Savage to Brian Williams to Matt Drudge, the purveyors of gloom are hoping for another "Pearl Harbor" to salvage them and the failed Bush presidency their concept of pre-emptive war.

    But then maybe it is THEM who will create the incident while George Bush sits in a school room with a dumb look on his face! Who knows what someone will do when they have no legacy and poll numbers in the toilet and are desperate!

    Tom it is really time that you canceled your subscription to the Weekly Standard and National Interest. Your adoption of their warped non-conservative concepts has you becoming nausious already! Stop listening to the Tokyo Roses of neo-con negativism on AM 890 and 560.

    But if you REALLY want to worry about something valid, worry about CHINA and its hold on our debt and its massive military buidup. I don't think that all the cute neo-con intellectual friendships with China will save the day if China decides to cause us a problem WHICH IS THEIR STATED GOAL! Under the false neo-con cannard of "constructive engagement" China IS winning an economic war the United States. As brilliant communists, they are building the rope to hang us..... But then you probably have never read Bill Gertz's books and have your head in the sand like the rest of the neo-cons whose only false foreign policy fetish is the Middle East.