Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Personal Asides: How Sweet it Is--Lynn Adroitly Covers for Obama…Patrick Fitzgerald’s Cousin Writes—or Tries To.


Lynn Sweet.

Lynn Sweet, the personal successor and throwback to the days of yore in newspapering when newspapers hired political writers to do more than report but analyze in ways favorable to the boss, has proved once again her inestimable worth to the Barack Obama campaign. Not only is Ms. Sweet a fine writer with a superb sense of political theatrics…in contradistinction to the ham-handed Jennifer Hunter, the publisher’s wife who is there because she is the publisher’s wife…she is not a hired gun. Sweet is doing what she believes in the Lord’s work since she is a true believer in the same way…I know you tire of my saying this…as George Tagge did for the old “Tribune.” And just as Tagge would do every so often, his ideology would occasionally gag him and he’d be an honest man…as Sweet sometimes becomes an honest woman. Sometimes that is. Not now.

Whether he ran against Alan Keyes or not…and whether Keyes is an “ultra right-wing” candidate or not…Barack is on record and Keyes documented it as favoring sex education for kids in kindergarten. Ms. Sweet can call Keyes a far-right nut if she wishes…and I could add a few descriptives to her litany to categorize a man who took my thousand dollars and then declined to want to win the campaign (which is basic fraud)…but I have seen and heard the tape, unedited, where Obama has espoused this. Name-calling Keyes is okay, Lynn, and I will agree with you that somehow perversely he wanted to lose…but this is not in dispute. Or should not be.

The tape exists and I don’t have it but have heard it. And it is an important issue whether this slippery presidential candidate wants to stand by it or not. He should denounce his old view or stand by it. In fact, Lynn is right, the entire subject of abstinence funding is important and should be pursued in the debates. In the meantime, supporting sex education for toddlers is not going to get Obama in trouble. What will is not the subject of this essay…but his idiotic answer in the YouTube debate to, as a first order of business, sit down with the leader of Iran after he becomes president. Which convinces me and some others that were he to be elected, he would be another Jimmy Carter. His answer also convinced me that in contrast to this Boy Scout, Hillary Clinton is much to be preferred…not that I want her to win God knows…but as an adult option to the entire Democratic field.

Fitzgerald’s Cousin.

Maybe you can help me out with something. Take a look at Reader’s Comments for yesterday and you’ll find a statement written…or an attempted to be written…by one Gerald Horgan who says he is a first cousin to U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. I don’t know if he is or not but Horgan does have trouble formulating a sentence. But I get the drift…if, indeed, this is Fitzgerald’s cousin...but what I don’t get is his reference to BTW. I am writing this after midnight after a long day but what does BTW mean? Since I am possibly entering the last phase of senility is it a phrase I somehow failed to connect with? Anyone who can translate this for me would be in my debt.

I guess I shouldn’t have said that Patrick is a liberal judging from his NPR tastes—but anyone who can stomach “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” ought to be seriously adjudged as never being allowed close to any designation conservative. I await your interpretation.


  1. Tom, BTW is an acronym for "By The Way".

    I had to learn this myself from my 12 year old grand-daughter. She has an entirely different vocabulary derived from text messaging.

  2. by the way....

  3. With regard to sentence structure:

    I believe Mr. Horgan may have been employing a literary device meant to convey a spluttering rage.

    Rather than a result of faulty sentence construction, perhaps Mr. Horgan's comment was simply too sophisticated for you? The use of the acronym BTW is hardly novel and is, in fact, a matter of common usage in modern correspondence.

    Your condescending tone was hardly an appropriate way to treat one of your very few commentors.

    It is not inconceivable that a relative of Patrick Fitzgerald's might take umbrage at your cavalier treatment of a loved one.

    Having said that, I must say the "Wait Wait" will never replace "A Prairie Home Companion" in my radio pantheon.

  4. Fitzgerald's cousin's post makes sense to me and Looseheadprop does a great interpretation. But your post is full of errors and self-revealing leaps of judgment. First, as pointed out, Fitzgerald is an Irish-American. Your political characterizations are, at best, narrow. But the fools in Chicago who have tried to peg Fitzgerald politically have done the same; so you are in good quantitative company.

    Fitzgerald knew who leaked Plame's name to Novak -- but he didn't know the lineage of the intent ... and intent matters. And Fitzgerald has done more to fight terrorism than anyone in the Bush administration. Thank God the Bush people feel he is not one of them.

    “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” was taped at Millennium Park, not in the Chase Bank auditorium. I happen to enjoy WWDTM, although my strident pro-life stances do not qualify me as a liberal.

    You see, some adults transcend parochial, childish stereotyping -- which is why you may be having trouble understanding a good man who is driven to do what is right without thought to how it affects his "career." The fact that he enjoys a comedy radio show that has skewered both Republicans and Democrats demonstrates that he has a sense of humor and the civics background necessary to understand what is actually being skewered.

  5. Mr. Roeser, Just what was your point? Other than sheer meanness… Which I must say, this appears to be a common trait amongst those meeting your particular demographics. And quite frankly, this trait matches many of your generation. The greatest generation apparently spoiled yours...

    Do tell, what is it that your generation conserves? Liberty and justice for others?

    Are you insulted Fitzgerald doesn't take a stand until he learns the facts? You shouldn't be, considering he is a US Attorney...

    Write what you know, my professors always said. Do you personally know Patrick Fitzgerald or his cousin?

    I doubt you would resort to such personal attacks, had you been more familiar with Fitzgerald's honorable 20 years of service to this country.

    BTW, as a firm defender of the Second Amendment, so I don't make your "cut" of what is considered a "liberal". You really should work on the way you label folks you do not know. And I do listen to NPR, simply because I like my news with facts, not rhetoric.

    Have you conversed with any so called liberals on a daily/weekly basis? Reading about them on World Daily Net doesn't count.

    The lack of humor and respect you have openly displayed is not a positive trait, Mr. Roeser. You owe Patrick Fitzgerald and his cousin an apology.

  6. Roeser you seem to have hit a nerve with those that want to shield PFitz from any scrutiny. Keep it up!

    If Fitz wants to play the funnyman on a third rate quiz show, while our state crumbles, then he needs to be prepared to take some hits. How about it Tribune? SunTimes? Reader?

  7. Musta Hit a nerve on Fitzy's apparatchiks - I am no fan of the guy who reinvents the wheel to twist a target on the rack - I read about Eddie V's new charges - they are identical to the ones Fitz alreasdy charged him with - I wish the guy had been so zealous in getting the Al queda Lads -more people would be walking around.