Friday, May 18, 2007

Personal Asides: Rahm Emanuel’s Dirty Mouth.

rahm emanuel
Rahm’s Dirty Mouth.

The “National Journal” can easily be described as the glossy-papered edition of the “New York Times.” It scours the Washington universe and somehow…just by chance…material favoring the Left is pushed forward in the copy and countervailing information which would be of assistance to the Right is either low-balled or dismissed as irrelevant. But last week in a burst of intellectual candor, the “Journal” reported on one of its heroes, Congressman Rahm Emanuel whom it has steadily portrayed as the most effective Democratic fund-raiser as chairman of the Democratic triple C (House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee” in modern times…forgetting, as it conveniently tends to do, Tony Coehlo, the Democratic whip of fifteen years ago who resigned his congressional post to avoid an investigation into his receipt of junk bonds from a savings and loan in return for expected favors.

The “Journal” reports on a adulatory book, “The Thumpin’” written about the life of Rahm Emanuel written by a star-struck deputy Washington bureau chief of the “Chicago Tribune”—with the semi-pronounceable name of Naftali Bendavid. In order to make Emanuel human, Bendavid catalogs one of Emanuel’s personal habits, his frequent use of a scatological word beginning with the letter “f” that demeans sexual intercourse. In order to get the picture across of a hyper-energetic Emanuel, Bendavid recorded some of Emanuel’s phone conversations which equates with the late Lenny Bruce at his worst.

The picture that comes through is not one of magnetism but that of a foul-mouthed hack who is so poverty-stricken in language that he cannot conceive of communications without usage of the word that insults (a) the act of human procreation, (b) the intelligence of the person on the receiving end of his conversation and (c) Emanuel’s own somewhat hyperkinetic intelligence which is degraded by his juvenile comments. Emanuel uses the Anglo-Saxon word as verb (transitive and intransitive), noun, interjection and explective infix. It’s wonderful to consider that this Sammy Glick is already scaling the greasy pole of opportunism to attain a high post in his party.

To give you a flavor of this statesman’s conversation, let us substitute for the gross and malevolent word four stars **** representing the word.

Emanuel’s phone conversation as reproduced by Bendavid:

Signing off a phone conversation with a candidate, Emanuel says: “Don’t **** it up or I’ll **** you. I’ll kill you. All right, I love you. Bye.”

“In my house, when you say **** you, it’s a sign of endearment.”

On election night, he shouts to a boisterous celebration that “the Republicans can go **** themselves.”

He refers to Washington as “****nutsville” and to an opponent as “knuckle****s.”

To a reporter: “Don’t rat**** me!”

Now it is true that Vice President Cheney in a moment of exasperation told Sen. Patrick Leahy to perform an impossible biological act upon himself…but Rahm Emanuel owns the World Cup on creative use of the word.


  1. I often wondered why Northshore Rahm chose to ignore the Congressional district in which he was born and raised and opted instead to reinvent himself as a Chicagoan. Apart from the suburban district now held by Mark Kirk being competitive, it was suggested to me that some of the voters in New Trier with longer memories actually knew Rahm. As such, he was better served by having Donald Tomczak and his precinct workers push his candidacy to voters who did not know him at all.

  2. Mr. Roeser Rahm is from a "chosen" and long victimized group that is immune from criticism. If you criticize him you may get a nasty label put on you.

    Regarding the "f" word, don't you know that the "n" word is now worse than the "f" word? And the "f" word is an accepted part of American culture these days or have you not been to a movie or heard a hit tune recently?

  3. Since we are talking about the F word. Lets look at what Sen. John McCain said on the Senate floor the other day when a fellow Republican from Texas went after him on Immigration Reform...... McCain responded with a FU!

    Well John I say F U to YOU you A H.

    I am G D sick of these F'n politicians who are trying to shove this "amnesty" in sheeps clothing, immigrations bill, up our A H's! And they have the BALLS to cut the debate short in order to slam it through.. AND I will also say a hearty F U to President BUSH for his support of this CRAP! IMAGINE a Republican President in BED with TEDDY KENNEDY!!! The song should be changed to HAIL TO THE CREEP! Bush has been a DEBACLE for the Republican Party.... He should be in the Hall of SHAME along with GEORGE RYAN!

  4. Tom,

    All you say may be true, but Rahm does seem to get the job done for his side. We could use someone like him to get the GOP in Illinois revived again. When I ran into him twice while he was campaigning at the Irving Park Blue Line, I have to say that he didn't use any profanity.

  5. If I hear Tom say plebiscite once more I am going to run over my radio. Tom is a genuine good guy. Please help him with his constant use of the only collegiate word he uses.:(

  6. With all this immigration talk, open borders talk, free trade, globalization, and a potential union of Mexico, USA, and Canada.... lets get NATIONALISTIC, PATRIOTIC, and SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE and listen to Kate Smith sing GOD BLESS AMERICA. That great song by Irving Berlin (who was put down in his later years for his Americanism)needs to be played on your show! Make the likes of Rahm and the Neo-con globalists squirm while they listen to it!