Thursday, May 31, 2007

Personal Asides: Frank Nofsinger Wins “Nature Boy” Trivia and “Reality” Confirms It…Who Will Fred Thompson Hurt Most in the GOP Lineup—or Will He be a Dud?...Bush’s Legacy Can be Further Enhanced by…Guess.


Frank Nofsinger.

Steady, dependable Frank Nofsinger of Connecticut wins the “Nature Boy” trivia and a new contributor named “Reality” confirmed it. “Reality” added the name of the composer-lyricist, Eden Ahbez. The song was composed in 1948 by Ahbez whom probably never wrote another thing after that. The hit record was done by Nat (King) Cole. The words Frank supplied were “…a very strange, enchanted boy” who “wandered very far over land and sea”. The profound truth supposedly conveyed in the song was “to love and be loved in return.” Congratulations, Frank! “Reality” didn’t cheat with a search engine since he was very familiar with the 78 rpm record—(as was I).

Fred Thompson.

News that former Senator Fred Thompson will announce for president on July 4, prompts speculation. Is he the wonder boy whom so many conservatives are pining away for? Or will he be a dud? Who will he take votes away from among the list of candidates? My view is that he will not be the Great Answer conservatives are waiting for. I don’t know why. Just don’t think so. I will say he did a great U-Tube on Michael Moore…and if his television stays to that mode like a fireside chat, he will strike sparks. But basically, isn’t his persona…repeated through his many films…too gruff, too southern cracker? Or am I wrong. Reagan as an actor had that warm geniality…a twinkling civility…that made you like him. I tend to link Thompson the actor with Wilfred Brimley, the gruff guy we hired at Quaker to extol oatmeal. To demonstrate I’m not a marketer, I never cared for that old cuss with his walrus mustache but I’m told he sold a lot of product.

Your comments.

Bush’s Legacy.

There are no two ways about it, George W. Bush is going to leave the presidency as one of the most unpopular presidents in history…ranking with John Adams (with the Alien and Sedition acts)…James Madison for plunging the nation into war without preparation and for incompetence in pursuing the War of 1812 which saw the White House and capitol burned by the British…John Tyler who was a man literally without a party when he retired…Herbert Hoover, blamed justly for mishandling the economy which worsened the Depression…Harry Truman, blamed for presiding over an era of corruption but heralded just as unrealistically for supposedly supplying more thrust to the Cold War than he actually did.

When he leaves office, George W. Bush will be remembered initially for either being fooled by incompetent CIA intelligence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction—leading to the attack on Iraq and subsequent failure (after a successful invasion) to understand the complexities of pacification of the country. My own personal view is that Bush acted wisely and courageously in invading Afghanistan and Iraq by employing a defensible preemptive strategy—my guess being that the war was wise from the standpoint of the entire Islamic world, showing that we are not fainthearted—which did much to keep further violence from our shores. As for the occupation, there is no doubt that we misgauged the effort and that mistakes were made. I would have to grudgingly concede that a man I happened to have known earlier in his career, Don Rumsfeld, bears the blame for being niggardly in approving troop buildups.

But all the same, wars are untidy things to run as we learned from the Civil War and also…although a number of us forget…World War II. I well remember the disastrous tumble FDR’s, Ike’s and the whole European command’s popularity took during the period of the Battle of the Bulge which began December 14, 1944 and which, before the Nazis were turned back, took 80,987 American casualties. Until history finally rings down the curtain and proves that Iraq was a mistake, I shall continue to believe that it was a wise exercise of judgment and shocked the Islamic world back on its heels…which must continually happen in this global war we are waging.. The view that America is soft and cannot satisfactorily endure a war is the worst thing we have to face now given the Democrats’ insecurities about the War. I think it’s entirely possible that George W. Bush will be rehabilitated and will be viewed, before his ultimate death, as a courageous and far-sighted president. In essence, I think Bush will deservedly be called another Truman, notwithstanding that Truman’s later fame was hyped by courtesan historians.

However, there is no doubt that Bush will descend into ignominy for a time. There is one thing he can do for his country that will not add immediate luster to his name—but which, since he is a man who has resolved to serve his country heedless of unpopularity, he should do. And that has to do with Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has steadfastly denied that he means to build a nuclear arsenal—but at the same time informs the world what he intends to do with it: an obvious contradiction. He intends to “wipe Israel off the map.” That is no cause to go to employ decisive action—but the likelihood of his dominating the entire Middle East, controlling the oilfields of the region and the flow of oil through the Persian Gulf, would not mean using nuclear weapons…just intimidation. Ahmadinejad has not hesitated to speculate about “a world without America.”

I personally believe Bush’s 2002 State of the Union was the most powerful statement delivered by an American president in my lifetime—stronger than any of his predecessors. Recall what he said:

“We’ll be deliberate, yet time is not on our side. I will not wait on events while dangers gather. I will not stand by, as peril draws closer and closer. The United States of America will not permit the world’s most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world’s most destructive weapons. “

Where I disagree with Norman Podhoretz whom I greatly admire is not that Bush should refrain from allowing Iran to build a nuclear arsenal…he should not…but where I disagree with Podhoretz is that Bush should not take such a decisive step in order to save Israel. I’m sorry but Robert Taft was right in that the principle aim of the foreign policy of the United States should be to preserve the peace and freedom of the United States…which transcends Israel. I support Israel mightily from many standpoints… but for too long have neo-conservatives like myself equated Israel’s well-being as equal to our own, thus falling into the trap of being accused of pursuing a dual loyalty and dual policy. Bush is no different than a succession of American presidents in that regard. Not a single American soldier should be asked to die for any nation but the United States, no matter how we value Israel. Not Britain, nor for western Europe.

Thus if George Bush were to decide prior to leaving office to take the action that will defrock Iran…vowing not to leave office with Iran in possession of nuclear weapons—on the pretext that the only thing worse than bombing Iran would be to allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb…he would belong to the ages. And as I think I know the measure of this gallant man, I believe he will do the right thing for us and all civilization.


  1. I intend to cast my pretty tattered and dog-eared vote for a Republican for the first time since 1972 - yes, that was for Nixon: this time I'll get it right - with John McCain. As I have stated many times, I believe that Senator Obama will be so harried and carved up by the Hil-Billy Clintons that he will exit the stage this summer. That is too bad. He would bring remarkable talents and good instincts to the Presidential Finals - it ain't gonna happen.

    John McCain, a tested patriot, is plain speaking, genuine, and a man our kids in harm's way can trust. RG is a great Mayor; Mitt a great Profile; Fred a great presence and the balance would make great public servants - they do.

    This is a time for a leader who understands war from the inside out and a man who can bring greatness back to the White House.

  2. I agree with you on the National security issues you raise and I am one of the 30% who still support the President but....
    If this amnesty goes through it will be imposable to revive this Prsident even with the help of time. This immigration issue is and has been the presidents blind spot. I t cost the GOP the Reagan Democrats that are needed to give the GOP majorities in the house and Senate, if this bill is passes I fear that we will see the GOP in the wilderness for 20 years. The Democrats are just as much to blame but will shore up their numbers with the new voters for a time. The American peiople will make someone pay!

  3. Pat,

    Obama "would bring remarkable talents and good instincts" to the Presidential Finals? Such as...being able to spout rhetoric in one direction and vote in the other direction?

    Obama is against pork and wants a database of federal earmark spending: perhaps so we can notice his leading the effort for the Bridge to Nowhere.

    Obama is against filibusters and dividing the Senate, so he votes to filibuster Judge Alito.

    Obama is some type of unifier, above party politics, so he has the 3rd most Partisan voting record in the Senate.

    Obama wants to end politics as usual, and condemns the corruption in Kenya, so he endorses Todd Stroger for County Board President.

    I am convinced we need less rhetoric and more leadership than Obama is willing to provide. The Mass Media (and yes, most of the blogs) may like Sen Obama, which may be the best reason of all to vote against him.

  4. Yeah I'm a sap for the media.

    Nah, I just like the guy, but I don't think he's got the legs for finish - not with the Arkansas toothpickers on him. Shoot, you guys can just sit back and watch the trimmin'.

    I'm throwing in with John McCain - now there's a man who can stand the gaff.

    Hey, the man's reading my book! John McCain has his own copy of Pat Hickey's historical novel "The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel of Guam in Time of War." Must reading for any Red, White and Blue Patriot! Get your copy, John - don't cost much for a whacking good read~!!

  5. George Bush is the WORST of all possible worlds for the Republican party's future or the republican party as I knew it. I find it sad that everyone these days including Tom feels it necessary to Kow Tow to the Neo-Conservatives who led the Republican party down this path to ruin. It was the Neo-Con Intellectuals and their todys in talk radio and the press who promoted:
    Open Borders
    Blind China Trade
    Middle class destroying Trade Deals
    Globalism through soverignty robbing organizations like the WTO
    Pre-emptive war ala Iraq
    And "big government conservatism"

    Tom are you blind to the damage this group has caused the Republican party?
    and STILL you put Podhoretz on a pedestal!

    The founders of neo-conservatism by their own admission come from a Trotskyite background. That is as far away from conservative ideals as you can get! They did not come to conservatism to embrace it, THEY CAME TO CHANGE IT in THEIR image! Are they not a trojan horse for the conservatives? THINK ABOUT IT!

    Neo-con talk show host and "Tokyo Rose", Rush Limbaugh, had neo-con Bill Bennett on to trash Prop 187 which would have gone a long way to solve the illegal immigration problems in California. Rush promoted Nafta and the WTO. Rush then promoted George Bush by saying that he would be would be MORE conservative than his father! BARF!

    More conservative: No Child Left Behind, medicare drug give away, open borders, nation building after pre-emtive war, trade deals, and now he goes for the Global Warming agenda! A Conservative? A conservative when he calls the new World Bank head a "good internationalist"?

    And who did he populate his administration with? NEO-CONSERVATIVES

    For heavens sake Tom, put down that Weekly Standard already!

    Read the article by PEGGY NOONAN called:

    Too Bad
    President Bush has torn the conservative coalition asunder.

    And then there was that coment by George Bush.... "wouldn't it be nice to have Bush Clinton Bush Clinton in the White House". He has certainly set the stage for a Democratic win next time for the White House with the help of the RINOS called Neo-Cons who conned the social conservatives like Tom and turned them into SUCKERS and ruined the Republican Party in the process!

    Bush the WORST PRESIDENT? YES and it was by DESIGN!

  6. Read John P. Diggins "Up from communism: Conservative odysseys in American intellectual history"

    The constant throughout the lives of Communists gone conservative is they didn't care for Liberals much. It's a long tradition of conversion that pre dates the neo cons.

    Having been a Red teen myself, with Taft Conservative parents, I didn't find all that much conflict with them.

  7. The conservative base had indeed gotten angry at Bush. The anger comes with a synergistic force which included failed policies in Iraq. The immigration bill is the straw that broke the camel's back. Sorry Mr. Barr, the base is getting fed up and the victim may ultimately Israel. Why? The neo-cons long supporter of the Likud party want the United States to take on Iran. When you exclude the neo-con intellectual pundit support for the Iraq war or involvement in Iran, you will find that the average public's support is very very thin; paper thin.

    Bush, Limbaugh, and others with their fears and shouts of Islamofashism simply does not resonate with the average Americans. They simply do not see it as THEIR problem. This comes from the old crying wolf syndrome... ie the neo-cons told us there would be weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that Iraq would be a cakewalk or a piece of cake. All which did not happen and then their policies got us mired down into a Shiite vs Suuni -hatfield/mccoy civil war feud where the soldiers have to play cop. And the Iraq Shiite Majority kept down by Saadam allies then with Iran. All the while there is no concerted effort to go after Osama Bin Laaden, the man behind 911. He has been forgotton in the dust of Iraq.

    On the other hand, the neo-cons whose pet project was a war with Iraq have literally sunk their own ship by taking on the American middle class with globalistic trade and open border policies. The resentment at these policies has been growing in the middle class as town after town loses its industry to an intellectual premis that results in low wages for many and a massive current accounts deficit.

    It took the immigration legislation to bring all of this to a head and out into the open.

    So in true form, neo-cons and Bush too from their past liberal tactic box got out the names calling the irate base irrational, KOOKS, Bigots, national chauvenists for not going with the immigration bill. The neo-cons and President Bush will get the middle class base angry enough to stop support on ANYTHING the President wants from now on.

    The sharp crowd may have finally been so sharp that they have cut themselves and have thereby lost the support of the average american who now feels like a SUCKER. Fast talking glib intellectuals, talk show hosts, pundits, and presidential talking heads may never be able to put this Humpty Dumpty back up on the wall again!

    The ultimate loser just may be Israel. How sad because the real bad guy just may have been Iran all the time!

    It is time that the neo-cons focused on the success of main street America over intellecual internationalist interventionist globalist dreams that have nothing to do with real conservatism or middle class values.

    The lesson learned will be a tough on indeed!

  8. Well, Ahmadinejad said the countdown on Israel's destruction has begun,7340,L-3407915,00.html

    I believe him and believe he's got a clock for America too.

    At the height of the anti-war protests of the 60's my Taft-Republican Dad told me never underestimate how unified the country becomes when faced with a common threat. That all of the protest I saw (and particpated in) would end instantly if America attacked.

    I think American's recognize the threat of a guy talking about destruction of whole countries and Americans will unite next year and elect a McCain, or Giuliani....

  9. The senate is getting ready to shove the Immigration Bill down our throats. Their arrogance is appalling. But worst of all they are now in full Liar mode! And the main street Media many Catholic leader have joined their side. They are now saying that since the calls to their offices have subsided that America is now with THEM on the immigration issue and bill!

    How wrong they are! It is just like in the days of when NAFTA was passed. The shear arrogant nerve of this crowd is appalling. They will stop at nothing to lie and willfully manipulate their way into harming the American public who is strongly against them on this..... WHAT CHUTZPAH.....!

    I have never spoken to so many people as those who are angry about this bill and the fact that President BUSH and his pals like McCain and Graham have played them and their vote and in the end treated them like Barnum's suckers! To them Bush and his gang have become undocumented DEMOCRATs, turncoats, if not traitors loyal to some globalist dream instead of the United States.

    It is called unmitgated GALL! IT is called arrogance!

    This crowd could just care less about about their base.

    So then, what the hell do you do with a bunch of people who have sold us all down the river?

    Well first, you don't forget what they are doing and you don't forget who helped them. And you don't forget about those who chose to back away from the issue.

    You expose their deceit at every turn.

    Or do you ignore the issue welcome the likes of that Stoger pusher Noonan on to your show and talk about FLUFF? Maybe today that is what being a good Catholic is all about! Maybe just a little higher taxes is acceptable///// hmnnnnn

    I can think of better guests who I would have had on if I had such a show especially since such an important issue is before this country, Illinois, and the Chicago area.

    Tom are you really a conservative?

  10. Tom wrote: "Where I disagree with Norman Podhoretz is that Bush should not take such a decisive step in order to save Israel. I’m sorry but Robert Taft was right in that the principle aim of the foreign policy of the United States should be to preserve the peace and freedom of the United States…which transcends Israel. I support Israel mightily from many standpoints… but for too long have neo-conservatives like myself equated Israel’s well-being as equal to our own, thus falling into the trap of being accused of pursuing a dual loyalty and dual policy."

    Say it ain't so. Glad to see you return to backing the United States of America FIRST and FOREMOST. I've read your opposition against the Leave No Illegal Alien Behind Act and I was pleased as well.

    The next issue for you to catch up to the cool Paleoconservative kids on the block: Rudy's role in the North American Union and why he is worse Republican than Judy Baar Topinka or George Ryan (which is truly an insult).

    Jason from Norwood Park
    (Who voted for Glenn Poshard (D), Cal Skinner (L) and Randy Stufflebeam (Constitution) in the last three governor races because they were the only conservatives in the race.)