Thursday, May 24, 2007

Personal Aside: Pope Adrian VI Had it Right…and Thus it Shall Ever Be.

Renaissance Pope Adrian VI (the last non-Italian pontiff until John Paul II) once said of the Roman curia that its deficiencies and sins “were so widespread that those afflicted by the vice did not even notice the stench anymore.” He launched a reformation to cleanse it—which failed.

Journalist Robert Novak who is a recent convert to Catholicism said that while he was considering joining the Church he read a history of its 2,000 years. There were so many rascals running it, high up in it, he said, that the institution has to be divinely incarnated in order to have survived them. While princes of the church were selling indulgences, Francis of Assisi was living in a cave. And Aquinas was teaching.

Their sanctity was the miracle—in the midst of a cesspool.

And so he joined.

Here is DePaul University…which glories in being the “largest Catholic university in the country”…celebrating Gay Pride week. All this while a hypocritical American archbishop in Rome who has the job of re-converting secular Catholic-in-name-only universities doesn’t even answer his mail from Catholic Citizens of Illinois which gives him chapter and verse about DePaul…so pleased is he to have his Episcopal ring kissed by poor dumb baa’ing sheep who think that as he’s in a line leading back to the apostles he’s better than they are. Then he has the unmitigated gall to swing the incense burners and say he wants to return Catholic schools to the Faith.

God help us.

We have an archbishop here who says Hillary Clinton in speaking to the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls was speaking non-politically. Because he himself has two doctorates…is a canon lawyer…and is skilled in parsing language to the point where it has almost lost meaning, he has decided he can get away with this. Mrs. Mary Anne Hackett, the CCI c.e.o., in a letter to him says bluntly, “surely, you don’t believe this.”

Of course he doesn’t.

That’s not important.

He just thinks he can get us to believe it because he’s a Prince of the Church.

And still…and still…it’s my Church and I love it.


  1. Our friend the bishop sounds just like that Limey parser Adrian! BTW - Did Hil-Billy scare the kids?

  2. When I attended DePaul Law School it was in transition from older Irish Catholic professors to liberal Jewish professors. And these "professors" were as about as leftwing as you could get! For example, the Jewish Contract Law professor taught Contract Law according to Karl Marx. The Jewish professor Erwin Chemerinski taught Constitutional law from a very left wing perspective. He promoted abortion and everything "left" from his professorial "pulpit". At the end of the course with tears in his eyes he implored us to "join the cause". Is it any wonder that CBS hired him as their top constitutional law consultant!

    By now you are probably thinking this is an attack against the Jews. It is not. Is it anti-semetic to discuss this? NO Its the truth about how a Catholic School, DePaul Law School brought in leftwing professors from a non-Catholic tradition who only sought to tear apart anything traditional and Catholic. These professors promoted avidly the leftwing "Lawyers Guild" and the ACLU on a regular basis. In fact they considered it a big plus on your resume to volunteer at the ACLU. It was the years of Reagan as President. AND DID THEY HATE REAGAN!!!!! THEIR HATE FOR REAGAN HAD NO BOTTOM!!! If you took a conservative position in class, your grade point average could be threatened. The term at the time as "cooperate and graduate". That was the eighties. Now 20 years later the leftwingers infest the place and are entrenched there. As for anything socially conservative... it was on its way out of Depaul in the 80's and so the smoke of Satan filled the school.

    Who permitted this to happen to DePaul?