Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Personal Aside: Mary Anne Hackett’s Letter to Cardinal George.

NOTE: Up to now I thought I was pretty good at slinging the ink but this letter from Mrs. Mary Anne Hackett to Francis Cardinal George says it all. She is, as you know, the president and CEO of Catholic Citizens of Illinois (which I served as Chairman). The full text which was sent to the Cardinal yesterday follows:

Dear Cardinal George:

We were outraged and dismayed that you would permit the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls to invite Hillary Clinton to speak at their fundraiser. The newspapers and various internet sites report that you questioned it but were satisfied that it was not to be a political event. You can’t possibly believe that. We can only hope that your comments were misrepresented by the media.

Hillary Clinton is running for President. Any appearance or speech she gives is a political event. Mrs. Clinton opposes the moral teachings of the Church on abortion, stem cell research, the morality of homosexual acts and the defense of marriage. She has spoken to the Human Rights Campaign, the major homosexual organization in the country and promised that she will advance their agenda “when she becomes president.”

Hillary Clinton’s appearance at a fundraiser for Mercy Home is a disgrace for the Church and a scandal to the faithful. It is a disheartening affront to the pro-life movement that fights on a daily basis for the lives of the innocent unborn and other vulnerable members of our society. It is in direct opposition to the Bishops’ statement opposing awards, honors or platforms for those who oppose the fundamental moral principles of the Church. No wonder Catholics think it is okay to vote for pro-abortion candidates!

Before long you will be taking the leadership of the USCCB. Is this what we have to look forward to? We have already experienced the weakness and indifference of the USCCB on major moral issues. If only all of the bishops would follow the lead of those courageous ones who are willing to take a public stand against such speakers on Catholic property. When can we expect the hierarchy of the Church to step up to the plate and lead the Church Militant into battle?

For the board of directors,

Mary Anne Hackett, President


The full board is listed on the letter. This letter is more than just a statement to the Cardinal. Catholic Citizens of Illinois was the first…and only…organization to defend the appointment of Francis Cardinal George from a dissident group of disgruntled clergy that called him “Francis the Corrector.” Catholic Citizens of Illinois was the leader of a group of Catholics who defended the Cardinal after the clergy sexual abuse stories following the saga of Fr. Dan McCormack…by staging a rally on the steps of Holy Name Cathedral in response to those who had demanded the Cardinal resign.

In short, Catholic Citizens is a grassroots group of Catholics who have defended authentic Church teaching time and time again…when, time and time again, certain prelates and administrators have allowed weakness, timidity and the comfort of conventionalism to interfere with defense of Catholic principles…such as this case when those who run Mercy Home have decided it is better to grab the money that comes from an appearance of a pro-abort than not. Speaking for myself, Mercy School for Boys and Girls has received their last annual contribution from me until and unless this transgression is rectified, apologized for and adequate expression given that this will never happen again…which would have to be examined before it is believed. We’ll let Hillary Clinton and her group support it since their favor and political support is so dear to this supposedly non-profit Catholic group.


  1. If many of these prelates were sent to market they would have to be offered in the boneless chicken section.

  2. The attitude of Cardinal George should come as NO shock. Look at the liberal attitudes of the late Cardinal Bernadine. It does not take a brain surgeon to tell you that a lot of the Catholic leadership is LEFTIST! Remember "Liberation Theology"!

    The smoke of SATAN flowed into the seminaries years ago. The Pope comes from conservative Bavaria. Anyone who has traveled to Bavaria knows how conservative the Catholic Church is there. I have been there three times and have found the conservatism refreshing! And then I come back to Chicago where it is Catholic LIBERALISM as usual! I agree with the Pope who calls for the EXCOMMUNICATION of politicans who support abortion and that in my opinion goes to LEFT WING CARDINALS.

    Let me put it BLUNTLY! It is time that the left leaning leaders of the Church from Chicago to Boston be called to account! It is bad enough to have the blatant Priest sex crimes.

    Sadly, there are only a few conservative Catholic Churches left in the Chicago area. I could feel the breeze of change toward the LEFT after Vatican II.

    SIMPLY PUT the FRAUDS in ROBES should be EXPOSED and KICKED OUT! Get the HINT GEORGE! And NO, I don't have any respect for him left....because he knows EXACTLY what he is doing!

  3. Thank God the leadership of the Illinois Citizens for Life had the backbone to speak out on this issue. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot because Catholics do stupid things like letting "pro-choice" politicians have places of honor. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the laity would just boycott the event.

  4. I share your sentiments. Nevertheless, Cardinal George is far from being the worst leader of a major diocese. Milwaukee is still paying a price for the listless Rembert Weakland. His successor will have to labor for years to undo the damage that occurred there.
    Masses in that city oftentimes resemble tapings of "Oprah." Cathy Falsani would be right at home there.