Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Personal Asides: You Mean We’ve Got to Listen To Sharpton on the Imus Thing? The Self-Same Sharpton? Side by Side with Jesse the Pout?


Sharpton & The Pout.

My personal belief is that the scurrilous comment by Don Imus is more than a verbal slip. It has to be more than that. Suppose he had used the “n”-word. That would be a slip. To use a convoluted descriptive terming the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed ho’s” sounds suspiciously like something far beyond a slip or even grotesque distortion. In 1977 WNBC fired Imus for cocaine and vodka habits and missing a hundred days of work in one year. He battled alcoholism while in New York and in 1987 found treatment, announcing in 2006 that he has remained sober for 18 years. While Imus is known for his outrageous humor, the statement he has made is not just outrageous, it is sappy and so belligerent as to defy any logical explanation. I think he’s a guy who is telling us he needs help.

Beyond Imus’ unintelligible foray, the fact that Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson are taking umbrage is outside the pale. When Sharpton appeared on the NBC Today show yesterday, the host Matt Lauer mildly said that Sharpton was a person of “controversy” in the past. Controversy? In 1987 Sharpton devised nothing less than a hoax on the public involving Tawana Brawley charging that the 15-year-old African American girl had been abducted, raped and smeared with dung by a group of white men. The crime never happened. Sharpton invited the white man he accused of suing him. He sued and won a $345,000 defamation verdict against Sharpton. In 2004 Sharpton was asked by Tim Russert whether he would apologize. His answer: “To apologize for believing and standing with a woman—I think all of us need to take women’s claims more seriously. No apology for standing up for civil rights.” What fetid garbage.

Why the media allowed Sharpton to take umbrage…with all the baggage he has…is remarkable. They don’t recognize that Reverend Jesse Jackson, known here as The Pout for his bullying monopolization of the media, rushed to picket NBC here because the two are in a demagogic race to appear to speak for all African Americans. The media must understand that they are playing a fool’s game by patronizing these two demagogues in an effort to get even with Imus. Imus may well have his own recurrence of chemical problems; Sharpton and Jackson are in exploitation of hate for the long haul. Jackson’s own anti-Semitic tirade on New York city by calling it “hymie-town” is ignored. The question is: are black demagogues receiving affirmative action forgiveness from the white guilt-ridden media?

The real censure must be placed where it belongs…on Imus…on Sharpton and on Jackson. When will the news media stop patronizing these fakers?


  1. Up until this point, I never knew what slur Imus used. I know the mainstream media don't like to offend, but if they are handling the story, shouldn't they at least have the nads to tell us what the slur was?

    By the way, this whole story is about a millionaire broadcaster who is locked in controversey with two millionaire preachers. Let me know when this national story has anything to do with me.

  2. Racial Justice is Passing Post with these two pillars of Civil Rights: don't know Rev. Al but old Jesse knows how to use race for any corporate stick-up.

    We, as people, get what we accept.

    The clowns in the media present the guy like he means something to black Americans. Of course, the do the same and stick us with no talent wizards like the dope in the cowboy hat with flannel mouth; the pill-popper in Florida; that smarmy punk Maher; and so many others like they're somebodies.

  3. check this column out. takes everyone to task...

  4. What's next, LIBERAL THOUGHT POLICE!? Go to your HBO Cable Channel that you HAVE to take if you want Turner Movie Classics or American Movie Classics or other good programming and listen to DEF COMEDY JAM. Yes strap yourself to the chair, open your VIRGIN ears, and LISTEN HARD!
    Yes listen to it. This is a Black comedy show produced by Jewish producers. One african american comedian after another passes insult after insult to women with the MF word used again and again along with Hos then comes that "N" word used AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Then there are other sexual slurs so vile as to make you vomit! But this is called ENTERTAINMENT!!!! Such spewed crap from black performers is OK? WHY? Just look at the latest rap hit lyrics! The N word again and again and again! OK if said by BLACKs. But what about the Jewish producers of the comedy show? They should of all people should know better than to offer such demeaning entertainment! But then these people defy common sense just look at Borat's song about Throwing .... down the well! HELLS BELLS these people make Imus look like Billy Graham! In Entertainment it is called "pushing the envelope". Well I am SICK of it on ALL COUNTS!

    It is almost laughable to hear all the "vigin" ears get crushed by the Imus comments. Like Don Wade that hypocrite who likes the filth of South Park. Oh how Don raved about South Park when it came out.... Don said he would not have Imus in his house..... BS

    Then comes the crushed Virgin ears of Sharpton and Jackson...... "hymie town" Jackson, arn't YOU callin' the pot black?

    Then Hilary with her ebonics english.... OH COME ON!

    Hey Sharpton, Jackson, and New York Liberals like New York Times owner Pinky Sulzburger...... WHY not clean up black entertainment too? Why not clean up those RAP ....... "songs".... But then there is a fortune to be made on decadence!!! just ask the drug dealers!
    Is the liberal cute crowd who owns the music distribution system any better?

    NO they are all DAMN DAMN HYPOCRITES!!

    I'm sorry but Imus's coments are almost laughable when compared to the utter FILTH that comes out in the form of entertainment these days! A world where the N word is now worse than the F word!!!!

    Give me the good ole music and good ole movies!!!!!