Friday, April 6, 2007

Personal Asides: Roseanna Pulido, Minuteman Chief Meets Jeff Berkowitz on Sunday’s “Political Shootout”…You’ve Seen the Last “Wanderer” Column Printed Here.



Roseanna Pulido, the indomitable lady of Mexican-American heritage who heads Illinois Minutemen, will be a guest on Sunday’s Political Shootout with the hard-driving, cogent and persistent questioner Jeff Berkowitz who has won large audiences on his cable TV program for the intelligence and depth of his questioning. They will be talking about legislation to allow illegals…or undocumenteds…whichever term you prefer…to get drivers licenses in Illinois.

Also calling in from Washington, D. C. will be Phil Kerpen, policy director of Americans for Prosperity, a contributing editor of National Review Online and a regular columnist for the “New York Sun.” That’s Sunday…Easter Sunday… on WLS-AM (890) at 8 p.m.

The Last Wanderer Column.

You’ve seen the last Wanderer column published here. I’ll still be writing them for the nation’s oldest national Catholic weekly but they are starting their own web-site. I was wondering when that would happen. So they properly want proprietorship of my articles and everyone else’s on their own web-site as well. The only way you’ll see them now is to either subscribe to the paper or pay them the fee to get to the website. That’s free market, folks. Nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Mr.T.
    this guy said that Americans getting killed is a zero-sum, ie, if illegals kill innocents at a lesser rate than legals do. then we're all ahead!