Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Personal Asides: Pulido and Berkowitz Were the Odd Couple Hit on WLS-AM…One Guest Next Sunday: Russ Stewart with a Sparring Partner to Follow.


Pulido & Berkowitz.

With all the odds against them…Easter Sunday which meant supposedly a diminished audience…an immigration issue which for more than three years had been talked to death…Jeff Berkowitz and Roseanna Pulido pulled off what in general audience ratings and call-ins was a standout performance. All ten lines were buzzing at the outset and people I have talked to since said they had never really heard a debate on immigration that had the substance yet fiery conviction that both participants showed. I am indebted to Jeff who is a first-rate journalist, analyst and meticulous logician; as I am to Roseanna who is a brilliantly passionate advocate. The admixture of the two made fascinating and enduring radio. I mean to have both back soon where they can talk about other issues than immigration. Indeed, I had quite an extensive list of them—but the phones were ringing off the hook on that subject so we stayed with it.

My deepest thanks to two great professionals who put on one of the stellar performances in the long history of “Shootout.”

Russ Stewart.

One guest for next Sunday will be attorney and political analyst Russ Stewart of the Nadig newspapers who will make his predictions on the outcome of the aldermanic runoffs as well as talk about a wide range of local and state issues. Joining him will be—well, I’m still working on it but you’ll hear soon enough.

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  1. w.clement stone reason for success was his persuasiveness as demonstrated by his convincing you he was born at the "corner" of van buren and washington.