Monday, April 16, 2007

Personal Asides: Name That Tune!...Endorsing the Aldermanics (for Whatever It’s Worth).



Nobody got the snatch of lyrics that belonged to a familiar tune. I was sure Frank Nofsinger would have. It’s titled “I Can Dream, Can’t I?” and was sung by The Carpenters.


The time has long passed when conservatives or Republicans serve on the Chicago City Council with the exception of Brian Doherty of the fighting 41st, my old home ward. And while I don’t live in Chicago, the whole fabric of my being stretches out there and here, for what it’s worth, are endorsements for a very politically imperfect…and I say imperfect…group of people.

2nd Ward. Hands down. Bob Fioretti over Madeline Haithcock. And if Fioretti had won his bid some years ago for president of the Chicago Athletic Association, it’d still be in business rather than scheduled to die next month.

3rd Ward. It’s time to put The Hat in storage. Pat Dowell over Dorothy Tillman.

15th Ward. A tough one but secretary of state lawyer Felicia Simmons-Stovall over Toni Foulkes.

32nd Ward. In the old days ABM meant anti-ballistic missile. Now it means Anybody but Matlock. Mark for Scott Waguespack.

35th Ward. The two names are close but looking at the tactics it’s an easy comparison. Incumbent Rey Colon over ex-alderman and challenger Vilma Colom.

49th Ward. Incumbent Joe Moore is such a good guest on my show…makes at 10 lines ring at once…it’s a temptation to endorse him for that reason alone. But his economics are distinctly Third World demagogic against those poor geese and ducks suffering when he has no compassion whatsoever for unborn life. Not that his opponent is my cup of tea but Don Gordon is against Big Box (Moore’s baby). And it’d be good to see Moore’s claque—Jesse Jr., Jan Schakowsky, David Orr and Miguel del Valle go down.

50th Ward. Very easy. Bernie Stone (I refuse to write it the way he wants it, “Berny”), the epitome of a hard working alderman over Naisy Dolar.

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