Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Personal Asides: A Spiritual Daughter…Winners of the Trivia Contest…Terry’s Latest Trivia


Spiritual Daughter.

She is Becky Carroll, a winsome, brilliant, bubbly dedicated Democratic partisan in the best, fair-minded sense, who does a superb job of communications for Governor Rod Blagojevich and who at a young age qualifies as a seasoned pro in numberless party capacities: an aide to Mayor Richard M. Daley, a key operative for Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), a top staffer in the Al Gore 2000 presidential campaign. She has been outstanding as a communicator in a very difficult role, media spokesman for the Budget Director and since then has been elevated to assistant deputy governor; similarly outstanding as a lecturer in my Roosevelt University class; similarly outstanding as a generous human being. Probably no one has a fuller range of associations in the media, probably no one is more facile in handling of budget numbers; few imbue the fun and excitement inherent in political and public service as Becky who is a delight to know.

Terry’s Trivia Winners.

Winners of Terry Przybylski’s trivia contests follow:

Question: In 2008 there won’t be an incumbent for president or vice-president running on either party’s ticket. When was the last time that happened? Winner is Soo. The year was 1952 when the Republicans ran Dwight Eisenhower and Sen. Richard M. Nixon (R-Calif.) and the Democrats ran Adlai Stevenson and Sen. John Sparkman (D-Ala.).

Question: Who were the last two presidents to wear mustaches? Dan Kelley the winner with Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. Congratulations to both Soo and Kelley.

Terry’s Latest Trivia.

Again, no search engines. In the last fourteen Republican national conventions dating back to 1952, how many times has there been a candidate named Nixon, dole or Bush on the national ticket?


  1. 13 out of 14 times going back to 1952. By my count, since then there's been a Bush on 6 national GOP tickets, Nixon himself on an astounding 5 tickets from '52 to '72, and Dole on two ballots.

    Did Nixon have a life during that time period?

  2. The sole exception was, of course, 1964, when the ticket was Goldwater-Miller.

    Not sure what Soo means by "have a life." By historical standards? By Clintonian standards? Question is unclear.

  3. Nixon was on the national ticket for every election from 1952 to 1972 with the exception, as you note, of 1964. He was also on the California gubernatorial ballot in 1962, resulting in his famous quip, "you won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore."

    That amount of campaigning and office holding over a twenty year period does not seem to leave much time for private pursuits, family life, etc. It seems to me that his quality of life could not have been all that rewarding.

    Just an observation, nothing more.

  4. !n 1964 there was no Nixon, Dole or Bush on the National Ticket for the Republican Party. In every other Presidential election beginning in 1952 there has been either a Nixon, Dole or Bush. That is 13 or fourteen. I find this to be astounding

  5. The weeks are ticking by and Tom Roeser has really not gone after Blago on the Gross Receipts Tax.... WHY?

    The head of the Illinois Manufacturer's Association said that Illinois has lost some 250,000 YES TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND Manufacturing jobs in the last several years. To give it some perpective, a town of 250,000 would qualify for Illinois second largest CITY! No one cares because this was the NEO CON thing to do.... you know FREE trade FREE TRADE. Tom Roeser loves his Weekly Standard and the Neo-Con mantra which includes FREE TRADE. And then there is all this discussion of spiritual daughters, sons etc etc etc etc. BUT NEO-CONS could care less about Tom's social conservatism. Just look at how they have marginalized all discussion of social causes as they push their cause the IRAQ WAR and then maybe an IRAN WAR.... and their beloved "free trade" which is costing Illinois thousands of good paying jobs. Oh SHUT UP YOU SAY..... Well I WON'T SHUT UP! All the while this is going on, Illinois is getting flooded with the undocumented who lack educations and skills and lap off the dwindling government largess and talented people are losing their jobs in good paying manufacturing, machining jobs....
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    It reminds me of dead Detroit trying to pass a FAST FOOD TAX...... What a joke as we swirl down the economic toilet bowl! AND NO ONE GIVEs A DARN!

    And now we have BLAGO's plan for a HUGE tax increase. Earth to TOM,,,, EARTH TO TOM...... what about the conservative stand against such an increase? THE BIGGEST TAX INCREASE IN ILLINOIS IN YEARS.

    Come on Tom..... GET WITH IT! TAKE ON BLAGO.... NOW

    OR their won't be an economy left in this state. All that will be left will be a huge government dependant class with no future. But then maybe they can go to work for the Government fighting your Neo-Con wars in the Middle East.
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