Friday, March 16, 2007

Personal Asides: Old-Timers’ Trivia…Ron Gidwitz to be on the Show a Week from Sunday to Discuss Blagojevich’s Spending and Taxes.

Old-Timers’ Trivia.

This is for Frank Nofsinger (who’s younger than I: come to think of it, who isn’t?) and anyone else. No search engines allowed. I’ll give just a sentence or two of a popular song sung when we were kids a generation or more ago…and see if you can identify it.

To sip a little glass of wine/And gaze into your eyes divine.

Ugh. Awful lyrics. But give the name of the song and for extra credit the singer who made it popular (he just died).

Here’s another fragment from a popular song that hit a little later. Again, no search engines allowed.

Try, try, try to separate them/It’s an illusion/ Try, try, try and you will come/ To this conclusion:

Ron Gidwitz.

Ron Gidwitz, a former Republican candidate for governor, entrepreneur and civic leader…as well as an Illinois leader in the presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani…will be my guest a week from Sunday on WLS-AM along with a prominent Democrat (unselected as yet) to discuss, among other things, the Blagojevich budget. I’m going to try to get John Filan.


  1. The second one should be "Love and Marriage."

  2. How about "That's My Desire?"

  3. Frank beat me to the second question, and I have no idea about the first.

  4. The second song is "Love and Marriage"

  5. You know ole Ron who loves to be buddies with the Republicans and Daley or anyone else who is in power. Just look up his political donation record...

    He probably got an exemption from Blago on the Gross Receipts Tax..... Somehow I find Mr. Gidwitz to be a phoney Republican. He is elitist in his presentation and perspective. He has little in common with the small business man who is the back bone of what is left of the Illinois Economy. The "big boys" love their globalism, "free trade" their open borders, their poltical correctness. Just look at all the "big boys" who support the Metropolitian Planning Council and its socialist ways!

    As the big boys trot off from Illinois to the cheapter production areas out of the country, it is the small businessmen that are left holding the taxation BAG.

    Remember the last time Gidwitz was on the show, he supported poor little COM ED's rate increase..... Well sir I and many others were over charged by COM ED for years to pay for the NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS! But then COM ED sold them off! Who did they sell them to? The Texas money boys? Did Com Ed/Exelon profit from this sale? Was any thought give to US who paid for them?
    Does Gidwitz care anything about this?

    You know Tom, I am not impressed by people such as Gidwitz because when you really look at him, he is completely out of touch with the Small Businessman from the tax preparer to the shoe shine who will be the main VICTIM of Blago's new tax! And it is the small buisnessman who does not get the TIFS, sales tax rebates, or other "economic development" goodies handed out to the BIG BOYS! Just look at WRIGLEY a BIG BOY who was given economic develompent money to build a research facility in Goose Island..... WRIGLEY STILL CLOSED THE CHICAGO PLANT! They have lovely plants in Mexico and China!

    The small business man who is burdened with massively high real estate taxes in Cook County doesn't get any of the goodies and could be forced out of business with a G R Tax because he can't pass it on.........

    Tom while you are going GA GA over Ron Gidwitz, why not ask him the TOUGH questions?

  6. Just an educated guess, but I believe that the first "line" is from Frankie Lane's "That's My Desire."