Friday, March 23, 2007

Personal Asides: Miller Time…Muskie Season…and a Short Burst of Lyric.


Miller Time.

Answering Terry Przybylski’s presidential trivia question…who was the only Catholic ever to be on the Republican national ticket? Reader WPD answers correctly: Miller. But he can’t remember the first name. It was, of course, William E. Miller, a Congressman from upstate New York…Lockport…and a graduate of Notre Dame. He ran for vice president with Barry Goldwater and had been chairman of the Republican Congressional Campaign committee. After he lost he did a TV commercial for American Express saying, “Do you know who I am?” Few did.

Muskie Season.

In answer to Terry’s second question…who was the only Polish American ever to be on a major party’s national ticket?. Reader and good friend Pat Hickey has the answer: Edmund Muskie. He was a Senator from Maine and ran in 1968 as vice president with Hubert Humphrey. No one got the original Muskie name—Marciszewski.

Short Burst of Lyric.

Here’s a smidgeon of a lyric of a very popular song from the `50s sung by Dick Haymes and the Spinners which I am sure Frank Nofsinger will know. No search engines now.

If there is some other way to prove that I love you

I swear I don’t know how

Should be easy. I find myself humming it every so often.


  1. Heart belongs to Tan -gerine!

    Pretty sure that's the number; I needed to immerse myself in 1940's tunes and lyics for my novel.

  2. I say--

    "You'll Never Know" (If you don't know now)--

  3. you'll never know and i may not either

  4. The lyric comes from that great ballad "You'll never know". Piano bars would clear-out when I offered by rendition.