Friday, March 9, 2007

Personal Asides: It’s Peraica and Stewart Sunday, March 11; Liz Gorman, Cook GOP Chairman and Brad Cole, Carbondale Mayor Sunday, March 18…Tommy Thompson to Speak at Civic Federation-March 15…A Trivia Test from Terry Przybylski…A New Spiritual Daughter.


Peraica & Stewart; Gorman & Cole.

This coming Sunday, March 11, “Political Shootout” will feature Tony Peraica, Cook county commissioner and 2007 GOP nominee for board president and top-notch expert on Chicago and Cook county politics, Russ Stewart, political analyst for the Nadig newspapers. Stewart chalked up a very good record of predictions before the aldermanic and will give his insights on how the runoffs will go. Peraica will be his usual feisty self, criticizing in absentia the new Cook county GOP chairman, Liz Gorman. The following Sunday, March 18, Liz Gorman will be her own fighting self by presumably criticizing Tony in absentia. Tune in on both episodes as you won’t know whom to root for without a scorecard. With Gorman will be Brad Cole, the mayor of Carbondale who is facing a challenge from Sheila Simon, the daughter of Paul Simon who is being positioned by Illinois liberaldom to carry the Simon dynasty forward. I am seeking to get Sheila on a future show. That’s on WLS-AM (890) Sundays at 8 p.m.

Tommy Thompson.

Former Wisconsin governor and HHS secretary Tommy Thompson who is also a dark horse candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, will speak on “Medicaid and State Budgets” on Thursday, March 15 from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (lunch included) at a half-day session co-sponsored by the Civic Federation of Chicago and the Federal Reserve Bank here. The meeting will be held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 230 South LaSalle. It will feature a good many experts on the Medicaid issue including Matt Powers, an executive with Health Management Associates. The session will answer all kinds of complex questions on Medicaid and will have great relevance to the Illinois budget as well as the budgets of other states. Panelists will include Barry S. Maram of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services; Eugene Gessow of the Iowa Department of Family Services, Jeanne LaBrecque of the Indiana Family Services Administration and Robin Rudowitz of the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

The tab includes $60 for the half-day which includes lunch. No charge for members of the Civic Federation. Here’s the link to the program: RegistrationForm.pdf You can email them at or phone Taka Okubo at (312) 201-9068; other email can go to or fax them at (312) 201-9041.

Trivia Test.

Here’s a trivia brain-teaser from one of my spiritual sons, Terry Przybylski:

Mitt Romney, one of the top three contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, is a member of the Mormon church. Who was the first Mormon ever to run for president?
No search engines, now.

Spiritual Daughter.

She is a well-known Chicagoan, brilliant talk-show host and thoughtful analyst who has a wide following for her judiciously-expressed views on public policy…someone I’ve known for many years—Deborah Rowe, the charming, erudite and skillful elicitor of opinions who has been on WLS-AM and other stations for many years. Her opinions are too well-reasoned to be filed away or dismissed just as conservative: in reality they span the philosophies and center on common sense. Welcome her to this select fold as one of the very best resources you can find in the Chicago area!


  1. I say George Romney, Mitt's father.

  2. The beloved governor of the State of Illinois has just proposed the biggest tax increase in YEARS! A Gross Receipts tax that is sure to chase even more business out of the state in order to fund the socialist dreams of Blago. Such a tax was put in and REPEALED by Michigan.... but so what.... just tax the hell out of everyone! But then pardoning Scooter is more important.

    This is the kind of crap the Democrats are known for! TAX AND SPEND

    Just look at the pyramiding effect of this tax....

    But so what.... after all we have to ignore Blago while we are told to support Bush's failed Iraq war so as to look good to the Neo-Cons who may smile at us and throw us a crumb!

    Well we CONSERVATIVES can thank the RINOS and the crooked administration of George Ryan for setting the stage for Blago and his big tax schemes.

    Blago said the tax is for Fat Cats. Does this mean the speaking or consulting fees of Tom Roeser? Sure it does does! And also the Gross Receipts of the kid who cuts the grass. Oh excuse me, the "kid" is probably an illegal alien, a chosen pet minority and a good Catholic who does not pay taxes to the state because he lacks a social security number by being "undocumented". Well lets feel sorry for him anyway and volunteer to teach him english.

    Am I being CYNICAL?

  3. Debra Rowe is one of WLS' most unused talents. Her style is so relaxed (for a conservative radio host) and her shows have the right mix of serious business and fun.

    Also, I miss Eileen Byrne at WLS. I wish the station had replaced her with Debra, though, instead of Jerry Agar.

  4. Geprge Romney, father of Mitt, and former president of American Motors, ran for President. I don't know if he was the first Morman.

  5. John Thomas Mc GeeanMarch 9, 2007 at 3:46 PM

    My initial guess would be George Romney--father of Mitt-but there might have been someone before him!

  6. Doing research on LDS history, I will change my vote to Orin Hatch, 2000-
    But I will accept no laurel crown!