Thursday, March 22, 2007

Personal Asides: It’s Filan vs. Gidwitz on “Shootout” Concerning the Biggest Tax Hike in Illinois History…Answer to Terry Trivia…And Some New Terry Trivias.


Filan vs. Gidwitz

Governor Blagojevich’s top budget guru John Filan will be featured along with Ron Gidwitz, former Republican candidate for governor on my program to discuss the governor’s budget which either (a) calls for what in the estimation of some observers is the largest tax hike in Illinois history or (b) a progressive way to skin the fat cats who have been riding the gravy train at the expense of poor working stiffs like you and me. Tune in on Sunday night 8 p.m. WLS-AM (890).

Terry’s Answer.

To the question, in the 14 Republican national conventions dating back to 1952 how many times has there been a candidate named Nixon, Dole or Bush on the national ticket?

Answer: 13. The only exception year was the Goldwater-Miller ticket of 1964. Congratulations Soo…followed by J. T. McGeean.

Terry’s Trivias.

The latest from Terry Przybylski. No search engines now.

Who was the only Polish American ever to be on a major political party’s national ticket? For a huge amount of extra credit what was the candidate’s original name?

This is harder than you’d imagine.

Only one Roman Catholic has ever been on a Republican National ticket. Who was he?


  1. Must Be Muskie!

  2. The answer to the other question would be Goldwater's running mate, Miller. I don't recall his first name.

  3. Excellent show last night. Both guests respectful to each other and the audience, as well as intelligent questions and call in.

    Filan came off as more informed than Blago, and a much more pleasant person than our obnoxious governor. Ron G, had great facts and real experience ready to counter any of Filan's, striking a high note in the Illinois Political Discourse.