Monday, March 19, 2007

Personal Asides: Frank Nofsinger Wins but Many Are Also Right. Another Terry Tune…Why Am I Cool to Fred Thompson? I Can’t Tell You…Brad Cole is a Winner in My Book—but Will He?



Frank Nofsinger came in first with two winners. The sickening line including the words “to drink a little glass of wine/ to gaze into your eyes divine” (ugh) comes from the song “That’s My Desire” sung by Frankie Laine who just died at 93. The second song was “Love and Marriage” sung by Frank Sinatra. Mike Buck came in early with “That’s My Desire” and D. J. Skaggs with “Love and Marriage.” Congratulations.

Terry Trivia.

Terry Przybylski asks who were the last two presidents to sport mustaches? No search engines. (Easy).

Fred Thompson.

The Fred Thompson burst of 15 minutes of fame caught me by surprise. Since he is a disciple of Howard Baker, a not moderate Republican but a liberal one, I never recognized Thompson as being a social conservative. Somehow, I’m lukewarm on him. Is it me—or do you feel the same way? Understand, I’d take him in a minute over any of the Democrats. I’m beginning to think it’s just me. Give me your advice.

Brad Cole.

Brad Cole, the mayor of Carbondale, struck a home run with me on my show last night. One of the classiest guys around, he refused to gut his old boss George Ryan…although it would be popular to do so. That kind of guy deserves to be reelected—especially against Sheila Simon who is being pushed by Barack Obama, Dick Durbin and everybody else in the Democratic hierarchy. Cole is so coolly analytical I have a feeling he should be much more worried than he is. With all those Democratic heavyweights coming into Carbondale to campaign for him, I asked him who in the world he would want to campaign for him on the Republican side if he could command anyone. He first said Giuliani. That would be great but I cannot imagine Giuliani doing it. Next he said me.

I can’t imagine how I could help him but if I thought I could, I’d go down there. Can you think of anybody else who could give the campaign needed pzzaz?


  1. Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.

  2. He beat me to it: Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft

  3. I suspect it's just you. See multiple threads on Fred at FreeRepublic, all adulatory.