Thursday, March 29, 2007

Personal Aside: Greg Baise and Mike Noonan to Tussle Over Blago’s Tax Plan Next Sunday.


Illinois Manufacturers Association president Greg Baise will bring some heavy artillery to bear in assaulting Governor Rod Blagojevich’s budget and tax plans on Sunday—with a counter from the indomitable Democratic strategist Mike Noonan on WLS-AM (890) at 8 p.m. All ten phone lines were burning brightly last Sunday when John Filan, chief operating officer of state government and Ron Gidwitz, entrepreneur, education expert and a former Republican candidate for governor in 2006 held sway.

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  1. The poor of Calcutta, Dafur, Indonesia, and Bangladesh need a home in Illinois. These poor, poor, people need to come to Illinois where we can pay to educate, house, and treat them for all of their physical ills. Illinois should also become the home of choice for Iraqi refugees. All these desperate needy people will add to the state's economy by buying a Costco and Walmart. It is time Illinois showed its full compassion for these people. All who want to come should and must be given residency in the state of Illinois as a matter of human rights and global justice.

    A gross receipts tax is perfect but not enough. A wealth tax is also needed as well as a personal property tax on business. As a state, Illinois has a duty to take in the world's poor. Illinois state income tax should be raised to 9% to match California so that the state can support stem cell research. There also should be a higher tax on gasoline to curtail carbon emissions from automobiles. After all we must do our part to save this fragile planet.

    Next all manufacturing in the State of Illinois should be moved to China so that the residents of the North Shore can prosper from higher margins and thus higher stock values which can be taxed by a high state capital gains tax. The estate tax in Illinois should be doubled to promote fair distribution of wealth.

    Finally all financial transfers to Mexico should be taxed at the rate of 15% so that the schools and medicaid money would be available for those special residents from Mexico who do the work no one else wants to do.

    Finally there must be a fast food tax on chains such as McDonald's and Johnson's Chicken and Fish.

    People who resist taxes are just greedy, arrogant, selfish, and probably attend Mass conducted in Latin.