Friday, February 23, 2007

Personal Asides: William (Bill Dock) Walls and Russ Stewart on “Political Shootout”…More Spiritual Sons and Daughters.


Walls & Stewart.

Candidate for mayor of Chicago William (Bill Dock) Walls will be on “Political Shootout” Sunday along with ace journalist and political analyst Russ Stewart, lawyer and Nadig Newspaper columnist. That’s Sunday at 8 p.m. on WLS-AM (890). Walls is a far more feisty candidate for mayor than is Dorothy Brown, the Clerk of the Circuit Court. But he will have a tough time convincing Stewart that he will win—which his advance notices claim.

Stewart will give his opinion on key aldermanic races in the city. His batting average is very good.

Spiritual Sons and Daughter.

Remember, they have to be young enough to qualify as progeny of a 78-year-old man.

Spiritual Son: Frank Penn, former Chicago police officer and decorated veteran of Vietnam. Erudite man of the people.

Spiritual Daughter: Jill Stanek, the heroic nurse who held a dying baby born live after a botched abortion and who drove the issue through the Congress which passed the “Born Live” bill which was signed by President Bush. Fearless fighter for the defenseless.

Spiritual Son:
Jeff Berkowitz whose relentless questioning and thorough preparation on access cable TV puts most political analysts on major news outlets to shame.

Spiritual Son. Jack Higgins of the “Sun-Times”, the best political cartoonist of this era, easily ranking with the greats of all time—John T. McCutcheon, Cary Orr, Joseph Parrish, Vaughan Shoemaker

Spiritual Daughter. Christine Dudley, brilliant Republican counselor, moderate GOPer imbued with canny prescience.

Spiritual Daughter. Fran Spielman, the city hall correspondent of the “Sun-Times” whom I never met but whose workmanlike sagacity redeems the tabloid every single day of the week wherein she writes a good third of the political news of the paper and still ends her day by 5 p.m. after which she’s home with her family.

Spiritual Son. Al Salvi, bright, deft lawyer, perspicacious former state lawmaker, ex-radio talk show host; expert on a hundred things. All this and a sense of humor as well.


  1. Outstanding Spititual adoption, Thomas!

    Jack Higgins is one fine example of what God can do when He really puts his mind on the work!

  2. Sure Fran Spielman writes much of the Sun-Times. However her articles, as Steve Rhodes notes, are little more than regurgitated City Hall press releases. You might say Daley's Press Secretary Jackie Heard writes a good third of the Sun-Times.

  3. Candidate Walls has raised some important issues regarding the way the housing project teardowns have been handled by the Daley administration. On a recent appearance on Channel 11, he said in effect it was handled almost like the removal of Meig's Field.

    Lets look at some history. Daley got Section 8 Housing certficates transferable out the the suburbs, even outside suburbs in Kane, Lake, Will, an McHenry counties. With miniscule lip service to "affordable housing" Daley with the assistance of the "big boys" of the Metro Planning Council set to get those "projects" cleaned up and get "those" people OUT! WHY? Simple.... big time real estate profits from redevelopments. As the saying goes, there are no bad neighborhoods, only bad people.... and who are those "bad" people to the elites of Chicago business, WELL it is those poor blacks who inhabit the projects with their crime and gangs. Get them out... redevelop the area and MAKE A LOT OF MONEY ON REAL ESTATE........!!!!! In the process solve your "problem" by making it some other community's problem via SECTION 8! Stop cringing at this discussion and study its effect. The people in the projects had NO choice in the matter! So they were uprooted from their local Church, their local jobs, their community, and were ethnically clensed out of the area!

    The "cute" elites said, that it was IMPOSSIBLE to live properly in the high rise projects! OH YA tell that to the thousands of elites who choose to live in the near north high rise apartements that line the lakefront!!!

    No it was the BLACK community with those project tower lake views who got the treatment from those insider money grubbers set on making big bucks on redevelopment. So with those BLACKS OUT.... Daley's gain was higher assessments, lower social costs, and lower crime costs. And there he was rubbing his greedy ill hands together.

    A racist win for Daley and the money grubbers at the expense of the ETHNICALLY CLENSED dwellers of the projects! Where was the media in all of this? WHERE THE HELL WERE THEY? .... they ignored the pleas of those who wanted to stay in the area


    Thank you William Walls for bringing up the "politically correct" ethnic clensing racism of DALEY and the elites on the Metro Planning Council!

    Keep it up William Walls! Its is about time that this was exposed!