Thursday, February 22, 2007

Personal Asides: The Catholic Bishops ...More Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Daughters.


Catholic Bishops.

When Catholic bishops are ordained they are required to lie—lie

prone, that is, face downward before the altar. The other day two eminent ones…Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D. C. and Edward Cardinal Egan of New York…placed kissy-face with prominent pro-abort candidates for president. Archbishop Wuerl said he had no plans whatsoever to elevate the pro-abort position of Catholic Democrats to the state where they might be denied the Eucharist, notwithstanding the Church’s teaching. And Cardinal Egan, when asked how he felt about Senator Hillary Clinton and former mayor Rudy Giuliani huffed and puffed and said they were all his friends.

Which gets back to the prone position that the prospective bishops must take as they lie face downward before the Vatican altar including Egan and Wuerl. Last year as they and a dozen others were lying before the high altar, a little child asked his father in a loud voice what they were doing lying on their faces. Everyone tittered. The father responded softly, “they’re being ordained.”

“But why are they lying down?” asked the child plaintively in a voice clearly heard throughout the congregation.

The father’s response was just as loud.

“They’re having their spines removed. It’s a necessary formality before ordination.”

The child was very grave in response: “I see.”

Spiritual Sons and Daughters.

Yesterday I said I would begin a list of Spiritual Sons…those whom I admire, value and for whom I pray—adding that “I am not allowed to have Spiritual Daughters because that could be misunderstood.” A response from Bob Schmidt set me straight. He wrote: “and Spiritual Sons can’t be misunderstood?” He added: “Better you do what you think best and don’t worry what others think.” He’s absolutely right. The only qualification is that these valiant young people have to be sufficiently junior in age to this old codger as to make the sons and daughters designation appropriate.

Add to the Spiritual Sons: Jim Leahy…Jesse Taylor…John Powers. Starting the list of Spiritual Daughters: Terry Sullivan…Kathy Posner.


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  2. Perhaps if we pray more- much more- and do a little penance, too, we will have the grace to speak well of our spiritual fathers, who engendered Christ in us at Baptism and made us spiritual sons and daughters of *God,* who nourish us frequently with the Eucharist, who hear our confessions and absolve us of our sins, and who generally live a life of self-sacrifice of which we have little idea- on our behalf.

    We should thank God that we have neither their temptations nor their responsibilities.

    At the last Judgment- coming up soon- we will all be weighed in the balance by Someone qualified to do so. Under this circumstance- being truly spiritual sons- humor at their expense is very painful.

  3. Well I am honored Tom...but does that mean Nick Malfese is my spiritual brother? I was not aware of the Italian heritage in my family ;-)


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