Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Personal Aside: Trivia Question from Frank Nofsinger. Another Question but not Trivial.

Trivia Question.

No search engines now. You’re on your honor. A series of trivia questions. Big atta-boy for one who gets them all right (with no search engine). Frank Nofsinger’s suggestion. First, what was Muhammad Ali’s original name? Second, if you have the original name…who was he named after—i.e. the significance of the name…the chronological history.

Not Trivial.

This doesn’t depend on search engines—but I want to ask this question. Among all the prospective Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination, who is the most personally obnoxious to you? I will give you my answer. It is not Barack Obama because, while I think he is unqualified, I find him somewhat intriguing. Nor is it Hillary Clinton because if we are to elect a Democratic president, I think she is the most seasoned. No, my vote for the most obnoxious is John Edwards…the former senator from North Carolina, a handsome but shifty-eyed choir boy type who, were he a dentist, cheerfully set to work filing off the gold fillings in an oldster’s teeth. His abjectly left-wing stance and the fact that he is running fairly high in the polls is the most scary and thoroughly unprincipled one running.

Now your pick. And give me the reason why. (Republican choices come later).


  1. Cassius Lucius Clay - named for the killer of tyannts. The Greatest Boxer of all time was also of County Mayo lineage.

  2. Tom-
    It is a real challenge to pick The Worst Democratic candidate. Rather like try to pick the most disgusting program on TV. In spite of this, I must vote for Joltin' Joe Biden, the talking & walking suit who is continually reelected by the fools he serves (or services?)-- He is certainly among the dimmest bulbs on the billboard, as evidenced by past and recent gaffes (which you have addressed). As the great radio personality Bob Grant sez, "He is a fake, a phony, and a fraud!"

  3. Ali, of course, was Cassius Clay. His fame I guess was for the Shakespeare line. "Yon Cassius has a mean and hungry look."

  4. Hillary's "Conversation with America" theme in Iowa drives me nuts. She wasn't willing to have a conversation with Jonathan Tasini during the NY Dem Senate primary.

    Then there are her supporters claiming she gets excessive scrutiny only because she is a woman, ignoring her entree as a former first lady and her finger to the wind platform.

    Tom, if she is the Democratic nominee I'll surely turn Green and/or Ralph.

  5. Patricia RichardsonFebruary 6, 2007 at 12:24 PM

    Cassius Clay after his father who was named after a Kentucky politicain who was named after roman emporor.

  6. I must switch my vote to (Un-Christian) Chris Dodd of the Peoples Republic of CT. Dodd has never been famous for anything except "sandwitching" a waitress in a private banquet room with fellow bloated drunk Ted "The Swimmer."
    Chris, a fine broth of a Catholic, like his deviant pal Teddy, both promo abortion at any time any place paid for by us suckers.