Friday, February 2, 2007

Personal Aside: Todd Stroger and Jeff Berkowitz on Political Shootout Sunday, Superbowl or No.

Since Cook county board president Todd Stroger promised me that he would be my in-studio guest Sunday for “Political Shootout” I believe him…and so I have asked my friend Jeff Berkowitz, an expert interrogator and first-class political analyst to join me in the studio. Some minor league “Tribune” lefty pundit wannabe who writes silly kid letters to Mary Schmich (who’s a far better writer and more mature journalist than he) predicts Stroger won’t be on. Hah!


  1. Dear Mr. Roeser:

    I listen every Sunday to your program. I go back to listening to you on Saturday mornings. I have always enjoyed you and your guests.

    Could you ask Chairman Stroger why in the world Cook County is in the health provider business in the first place? Where is it mandated as such??

    Has the Chairman ever considered selling off allof these county assets? Advocate, Humanna, or some other private outfit would be interested in buying them fromthe county. Then,no more payroll, physical plant, pension payments, long lines at the pharmacy, etc. Cook County would be out of the health care business and become solvent again. And get a few bucks for the sale on top of that all.

    Win/Win, you think??

    The patients could then sign up for Medicare and Medicaid and Plan D and whatever else they need and go to any hospital or doctor they please. They are signed up already, aren't they?? They are legal residents of the country,aren't they?? And, the private sector could show the county how to make a profit on these bleeding red ink turkeys that we are paying for.

    I hope that Chairman Stroger makes it. I almost fell out of my chair when he called last week! I hope that you can ask him this and other questions on your show this coming weekend.

    Besides, the Bears are going to get creamed and it will be all over by halftime!!

    Remember when somebody suggested Frank Penn for Senator some time ago? That would be a good fight against Senator Haskel, I mean Durbin! I'd give 'Ol Frank a couple of bucks to make it happen!

    Best of Everything, Tom!!

    Wayne Wolkowicz
    Jefferson Park

  2. I'm with Wayne! Frank Penn would be outstanding against Durbin. I'd also donate to a Frank Penn run.

    Go Bears!

  3. Tom,

    I'm sorry, but I'll be watching the Super Bowl. Considering how rarely the Bears make it there, it's a must-see. And so, do you archive your show on radio anywhere that we could listen to it later?