Thursday, February 15, 2007

Personal Aside: The Cone of Silence has Descended.


Cone of Silence.

The official cone of silence has descended on the liberal media to underscore the prediction made here that the Obama statement about the lives of dead servicemen in Iraq being wasted will not receive coverage as a protection for the candidate. The “Tribune,” always solicitous that somehow it may not be considered an establishment publication, made sparing reference to it. If it was in “The New York Times, “ I didn’t see it in my Midwest edition. It is a very great tribute that Lynn Sweet in the “Sun-Times” did give it much attention, in line with the fact that while her interests are deeply on the side of Obama, she is too good a journalist to allow this to pass.

However there should be no concern that this is the last you will hear of the astounding gaffe. The speech has been filmed and is in the can. It is in the possession of the Hillary people as well as the Republicans and you will be hearing and seeing it again and again if the need arises…in the same manner that the Swift Boats turned the tide in the last election.


  1. Tom,

    I don't think that Obama's comment is going to be that big of a deal. He did admit that he used the wrong word and did so quickly. Contrast that with Kerry's performance. Besides, there's a lot of people out there who think that the administration has wasted the sacrifice of our troops in Iraq. One other thing - what's this I'm reading about you chairing a meeting that elected Oberweis as the conservative spokesman in Illinois? Can you tell us anything about what happened? There's all these rumors going around. And just one more thing - it is really hard to read the text that you have to type in to get comments submitted. Take pity on us with less than perfect vision.

  2. I read that the Shia "cleric" (read Theo-Thuggie) Muqtada al-Sadr has boarded his flying carpet (read limo) and ran his fat murderous ass to join his soul mates in Iran.

    Perhaps he knows that the jig is about up. Too bad so many of our pols (Bambi is a perfect example), and some of your readers can't stand that thought.

    Really too bad Tom Paine's modern "summer soldiers and sunshine patriots" still bask in the glory of the efforts of others.

  3. The words that really ought to be placed side-by-side are Obama's and this which hasn't been given much coverage from al-Zawahri,

    "the people cooperating with the United States in Afghanistan and in Iraq would be abandoned by the Americans once they fail, the same way they did in Vietnam."

    Our Iraqi allies really ought to take note because you listen to Obama and can wonder. Iran as an insurance policy agains Sunni terrorists not a bad fall back for an Iraqi.

  4. I as a traditional conservative am very unhappy with the politically correct rules of engagement that the soldiers have to follow in Iraq. They have essentially been turned into policemen.

    REMEMBER THERE ARE TROOPS on trial in California for MURDER... just when do you cross the line? Answer that you NEO-CON sycophants?

    Is this a WAR or a politically correct police action? Is this the proper use of the troops? Blindly adhering to the ill-conceived ideas of the neo-cons who have now deserted Bush IS WRONG. Just study who pushed the Iraq war in the first place? All were a group of think tank gurus who had NO military training or experience.... ie the CHICKEN HAWKS! They were put into the Pentagon and pushed the war based in pie-in-the-sky ideas ei.. the war would be a "piece of cake".... troops would be greeted with flowers.....democracy would spring from the demise of Saadam.

    An now so as not to OFFEND anyone, the soldiers have to be ohhhh so careful as they get blown up in their Humvees! And if they go into a building after the people they think attacked the vehical, and heaven forbid kill someone, they could be charged with MURDER! Just what the kind of a war is this anyway?
    Answer that TOM!!!!!!

    Dig deep into your soul Tom and ask if this is really a CONSERVATIVE use of the troops?

    I am not an Obama fan at all but I certainly understand the word WASTED!

    I hate to see any young life WASTED on the alter of politically correct rules of engagement! That split second while you ponder the possiblities of shooting the enemey WHO EVER THAT MAY BE may result in your own life being taken!

    Tom put down that Weekly Standard already and begin to question deeply about the flawed rationale of the think tank crowd who pushed us into this war.

    IF they love this war so much, believed in it soooo much, then they should move their intellectual posteriors to the front lines of Iraq! Lets not reward them with positions like head of the World Bank or a high paid job talking head on This Week.

    I think everyone should visit in person some of the severly wounded soldiers from this politically correct war!

    For a discussion on the rules of engagement, read the following Newsmax article:

  5. Louis, War is a waste. It always is. That's why Waxman's hearing on fraud, waste, and abuse in Iraq reconstruction almost comical.

    But a soldier's service is never a waste.

    If Obama had meant to say War a waste, and this War more wasteful than most, he had ample time to correct himself.

    But he didn't correct, and not so deem down inside, I believe he agrees with Kerry that only the dumb volunteer for service and their service is a waste.

    That's how I read Obama's words.