Friday, January 5, 2007

Personal Asides: The Trivial Answer…Musical Trivia

Skylark 1 Two Tree 150603


The answer to the question who was the last African-American to seek a major party nomination for President is the Rev. Al Sharpton who announced for the Democratic nomination in 2004. Bob in P. F. got it right. Incidentally, Bob says he can’t post serious stuff but when he answers trivia, it registers. I have no answer for that. But I will say that when people are frustrated they go to my e-mail and express themselves—as Bob occasionally does. About Sharpton: He didn’t stay a candidate long and withdrew without a single delegate—but he was the last announced candidate. Alan Keyes sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 and he was the choice of a number of respondents to the question.

Musical Trivia.

One of the most beautiful songs of the `40s is “Skylark” which took Johnny Mercer a long time to produce the lyrics. The reason is that the melody he said, is so inexpressibly beautiful and complex that it really taxed his ingenuity. Now without the benefit of a search engine, who wrote the melody to “Skylark” for which Johnny composed the lyrics?

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  1. I will say Hoagy Carmichael. At least he played a classic version of it.