Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Personal Asides: Sir, the Correct Name for You is Maggot…Mother at 19 and the Eastland Disaster…Trivia Answers…More Trivia: Nonsense Pop Songs from the `40s and `50s.


Let’s say the correct name for a man who intrudes into a website…appropriates another’s—particularly a woman’s name and anatomy with insulting language and directs salacious epithets to a web-site host is maggot. Anybody know an exorcist?

Mother at 19 and the Eastland.

I didn’t come through with the picture of Mother at age 19 but here it is, the young lady Father fell in love with. The hat is really outlandish. And here is the Eastland disaster in which 800 excursionists lost their lives in July, 1915.

Trivia Answers.

1. Oxydol’s Own Ma Perkins.
2. Our Gal Sunday.
3. Helen Trent . (Her lover was Gil Whitney).
4. Mary Noble, Backstage Wife. (She was married to the nation’s heartthrob Larry Noble who spurned actresses to remain true to Mary.)
5. Stella Dallas.
6. Mary Marlin. She was a U. S. Senator, party unknown.
7. One Man’s Family.
8. Just Plain Bill.
9. I Love a Mystery!
10. Mr. Keane, Tracer of Lost Persons.
11. Easy Aces.
12. Aunt Jenny’s Real Life Stories. (Her announcer to whom she told her stories was Danny Seymour, later to become the CEO of J. Walter Thompson in New York.)
13. Life Can Be Beautiful.
14. The Goldbergs.
15. Front Page Farrell.
16. Big Town.
17. The Shadow.
18. The Green Hornet.
19. Grand Central Station.
20. Mr. First Nighter.

Frank Nofsinger and WPD vied for honors here. Frank got four
right out of 20, WPD had two. But Frank had help from his wife Lillian and WPD has no wife. Well, it’s a wash but nice try. It was tough and I acknowledge this.

Nonsense Pop Songs.

Fill in the jazzed up words to these two songs from the `40s and `50s and translate them into understandable English.

1. Mairzy Doats and dozey doats and little lambs de-divey, diddlede ivy too, wouldn’t you?

2. Hut sut rawlston on the rillerah and a brawla-brawla-suit; hut sut rawlstoh on the rillerrah and a brawla suet. Now the rawlston is the what? the rillerah is the what? The brawla is the what? To hut-sut is their what?

Now explain the plot on these:

3. “Swim!” said the Mama, “swim if you can!” And what happened?
Who was she talking to?

4. Chickery chick, chalah-cghalah, cheraloromi, inna bananaka
Pollawaka bollika-wallika can’t you see? Chickery chick is who?

5.“Nyaa! Nyaa! Nyaa!” said the little what? “Nyaa, nyaa you can’t
catch me!”

6. “The birds do it, the bees do it, even the educated—what—do it?””
Who? Do what? No scatological suggestions, please.

7. Here’s a song originally popular in the `20s and recycled in the `40s by Debbie Reynolds. “Aba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba said the monkey to the chimp. Aba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba said the Chimpy to the monk.” What were they chattering about? What did this conversation lead to? What time of day and with whom as witness?

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  1. 1. Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid will eat ivy too, wouldn't you?

    4. Chickery chick is me.

    6. ---educated fleas do it. Let's do it. Let's fall in love.

    7. Telling each other they love them. An Aba-daba honeymoon. All night long they chattered away--