Thursday, January 4, 2007

Personal Asides: Political Trivia Question…Jack Roeser and Dorothy Brown Kick Off `07 on WLS’s “Political Shootout.”



Without search engines, who was the last African American to seek a major party nomination for president?

Jack and Dorothy.

After a two-week Christmas-New Year’s hiatus, “Political Shootout” on WLS-AM (890) resumes with two four-star guests…Jack Roeser, often called Illinois Super-Conservative…(no relation to me)…an engineering genius, a progressive re-builder of decayed areas in Carpentersville where his Otto Engineering is located…a philanthropist of countless charities which he declines to name…a far-sighted advocate of educational reform in the inner-cities and elsewhere…

…a generous contributor to political campaigns who unlike many has no pecuniary axe to grind but who insists on integrity-filled performance from those he endorses…a political reformer…a wiry sailor who captained a team that won the grueling Mackinac Island sailing race and which continues to compete…all this and a captivating story-teller who can produce better-than-average dialect stories including ones with Irish brogue. This will be Jack’s maiden voyage on “Political Shootout.” His views are of major importance as the Illinois Republican party seeks to rebuild after a catastrophic campaign season of 2006.

He will be joined by Dorothy Brown…who is vitally interested in a major campaign of 2007…the personable and vigorous Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook county, a lawyer and MBA, who has taken on the enormous task of running for mayor of Chicago against Richard M. Daley. A woman of great articulation and vision, this will be the second time she appears on “Shootout.” Recently she has mounted an aggressive criticism of the current city administration—pointing out short-comings and opportunities she hopes to capitalize upon if elected.


  1. Alan Keyes.

  2. Al Sharpton & Carol Mosley Braun....Sharpton stayed in longer.

  3. Can you ask your guest Mr. Roeser two questions:

    1. Can we trust him as a protector of traditional marriage if he hires and pays to work on the PMI a couple that lives together?

    2. Is it true that he is in negotiations to hire Andy MArtin to shake things up for Illinois Republicans?

    I'll be listening Sunday night. Thank you.

  4. Dear Tom, I miss your great classes, ever think of classes year round. I look forward to what Dorothy Brown has to say, she is very well educated and a credit to women and blacks. Daley is scared of her and is a coward to not debate Dorothy or Bill "Dock" Walls. This is racism, nothing less.

  5. john joseph "c"January 11, 2007 at 2:49 PM

    i guess i have to say it if nobody else will. the city looks great and all, and most of this redevelopment is tied to low interest rates and yes mayor daley blocking out development for the poor and middle class. what i dont understand is how the black politicians in this city can sit idle while thier supporters and voters (the african american community) are booted out of the city. the black leaders of chicago have proven only one thing, and that if they dont have get involved to help thier suffering people, they wont. they truly do not care about the down and out blacks. jessie jackson is nowhere to be found as daley evicts the poor out of thier homes. there will never be affordable housing for south and west side impoverished blacks because thier black leaders have learned how to let sleeping dogs lie. chicagos black leaders will sit back and watch them be forced out of the city so they wont have to deal with them, and it is very sad to see them abandoned like this. This will truly be the legacy of jessie jr and jessie sr. They did nothing for thier people! They need to roll up thier sleeves and dedicate commitment to the african american communities and true change is possible. And your wrong, I AM WHITE!