Friday, December 15, 2006

Personal Asides: Political Shootout Sunday…To Cal…One-Liners.


Political Shootout Sunday.

Guests will be liberal Democratic reform Cook county commissioner Mike Quigley who will talk about his pension reform plans for Cook county government and Kevin White, lawyer, Republican intellectual and keen analyst, who should have been more adequately praised by me for his valiant attempt to dislodge Rahm Emanuel. That’s at 8 p.m. on WLS-AM (890).

To Cal.

Yes to your question about the Maine Township Yrs…and I don’t know but think not to your question about Tom Cross…and no to your guess that I’m preparing to write a book about Hillary Clinton.

One Liners.

The smartest guy statistically in the Republican party is Greg Baise, president of the Illinois Manufacturing Association who in my class gave a rundown from memory, not looking at notes, key county-by-key-county of 2006 election returns vs. past years: astounding; also that he carries volumes of returns in his brief-case for night-time relaxing reading when traveling…Chris Lauzen deserves the Republican nod for Denny Hastert’s seat notwithstanding the embarrassing attempt to add CPA to his name for ballot purposes (because everybody is entitled to ten goofy ideas in life, although my wife says I exhausted the quota the first year of our marriage)…Father Bob Barron is the best homilist in this Catholic archdiocese—not that this is so flattering given the low estate of pulpit speakers in my Church…but also the best from intellectual robustness, meticulous scholarship and preparation…I should have said that in addition to David McSweeney, two other Republican congressional candidates supported term limits—Kevin White [5th] and Andrea Zinga [17th]…Best musical play to see is “Forever Plaid” at Drury Lane…

Understanding the need for local time and traffic updates, I think Big John and Cisco Coto are fine on WIND early mornings, but I really miss Bill Bennett…Mike Savage has always struck me as weird but now I’m getting worried about myself since the other day when I was listening he made sense…Laura Ingraham is great: witty, acerbic, bright, imbued with a charming female youthful vitality that matches her stunning good looks as seen on her website—but her voice is screechy, too much so, isn’t it?...Michael Medved is the most erudite, hands-down and locally Steve Edwards, on, of all things WBEZ, is the best interviewer since John Callaway…Does anybody…anybody…watch “Chicago Tonight?”…The best debater I have witnessed since Hubert Humphrey is arch-liberal Alderman Joe Moore [49th] who can be convincing on all topics, even the ones where he is totally wrong: but he should be considered for prime-time politically by his party…The greatest disappointment for a radio guest in my lifetime was Rep. Melissa Bean [8th] who gets away with murder with the incumbent factor, was so insecure on her maiden voyage on my WLS show that she had a staff aide sit by her side and riffle through DCCC Clif’s Notes to help her…Hey, it’s 11:10 p.m. and to bed.

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  1. Praising Greg Baise? Come on Tom.

    Okay, so he has a good head for statistics. That's wonderful. I've read that the White Star Line was great with statistics too, and did a marvelous job accounting for all the bodies after the captain they employed ran the Titanic into that iceberg.

    I view Baise as a Kjellander in training, but with better hair.

    Don't forget, Baise was one of those who tried to give us Topinka. He was on her "economic team" at a minimum, and likely helped raise money.

    And don't forget it was Baise who actually put Kjellander's name into nomination to be re-chosen as National Committeeman at the 2004 State GOP Convention. Kirk Dillard chaired the nominating committee with one member picked by each of the State Central members.

    Now to be fair, Baise also seconded the nomination of Steve Rauschenberger for the same post. Why? Well because they had OVER rigged the thing. After Steve's lone voter put his name into nomination, there was no second. After a very awkward silence of what seemed like several minutes went by, Baise finally spoke up with a second, just so they could get the thing over with.

    The vote was 18 to 1 (actually, there might have been one absent. Might have been 17 to 1).

    Tom, you're doing a wonderful job. Would just like to see a little more consistency.

    This Baise guy is part of the problem.