Thursday, December 14, 2006

Personal Aside: Now—the PUlitzer from Carol Marin: Topinka May Have Lost Because She’s a-a-a- Woman! Sexism is Rampant! Racism is Appalling! It’s a Jungle Out There and Vile Men are Triumphant!

To me the biggest single reason why American voters are not sexist is this: Confronted with the choice of keeping the House Republican with the patriarchal ineptitude of Denny Hastert who will continue to raise his eyebrows up and down, move his lips mysteriously as if he wants to say something important but then discards it…and the option of turning the House and the country over to the ditzy San Francisco female, Nancy Pelosi, who will be found doing her nails when the sirens hit, distrusted by even many of her own Democratic colleagues…the voters chose the Democrats even though the number three officer of the United States soon will be this insecure klutz who cannot abide out of personal catty jealousy the brightest women in the California delegation who has far more expertise and brains than she has: Jane Harmon.

Yet here we have an Carol Marin who got celebrity by quitting a TV job in protest to Jerry Springer to grandstand notwithstanding she was slated to go anyhow…who herself earns well over as half million combined (Channel 5 including some of our tax dollars from WTTW-TV as well as whatever salary she doesn’t deserve from the “Sun-Times”)…who should shut up about sex discrimination since by affirmative action she succeeded the late Steve Neal and the live Dick Kay, albeit she has no sense of history, politics or public policy…rather than carrying on with this feminist pink cry-babying on how women are persecuted.

She recycles the story by “New York Times” columnist Tom Edsall who finds it incomprehensible that Rahm Emanuel’s DCCC lost 14 women candidacies. To Edsall it’s proof that there is something awful out there that discriminates against women…and it’s impossible to contemplate that the women who lost may well have been lousy candidates. Of course I don’t know this but I do know one thing. Emanuel’s candidate in the 6th, Tammy Duckworth, was a very good candidate and a war hero to-boot who might just have won had not Emanuel insisted she drink to the last draught the hemlock of liberal extremism in a district noted for its Republicanism. Of course this hasn’t dawned yet on our heroine Ms. Marin who is herself as much a lefty as Duckworth had to pretend to be but was not.

Marin takes up the case of Judy Baar Topinka and is lachrymose enough to suggest that this overage, two-pack a day Ma Kettle battleaxe was possibly defeated by her gender which was not remotely the case…forgetting that Topinka had everything going for her when she entered the contest…booted the debates because after decades of state service she had no alternative programs to offer…either personally insulted or stood by giggling while an aide insulted the president of the United States, saying that if he would come in to campaign for her, he should do so from a secure, undisclosed location. The low-rent characteristic of her campaign was an affront to serious dialogue. And Marin fails to mention that Topinka lost a majority of the Republican vote—fails to mention it because Marin herself is uninterested in the views of that electoral base, so uninterested, in fact, that she could not even bring herself to write about Henry Hyde without saying that her family despised him. Great journalism that.

She peddles the usual stuff that Topinka took a party that had no money and as state chairman made it solvent—not recognizing that it had been solvent through one of the party’s best fund-raisers and that the Combine had ordered the de-throning of Gary MacDougal at the instance of Speaker Hastert and Bob Kjellander…that Topinka was so much a captive of the Combine that she shrank from endorsing Peter Fitzgerald for reelection as Republican senator and then lied about it. She quotes Chris Dudley as saying her own party has been lax in promoting women and blacks. Now it happens I have made up with Ms. Dudley and I have an admiration for her that transcends many male operatives but it is incredible to me that the party that named the first black female secretary of state and has moved far beyond tokenism in modern times highlighted by the great Jeane Kirkpatrick…incredible that this party should receive such disfavor from her. From Marin I can understand it; she doesn’t know better—but Dudley does…and Dudley is smart enough to get good press on her own by her own innate sagacity without having to caterwaul to a rank political journalistic amateur. Oh well, I decline to state further rather than run the risk of alienating anyone. With that, I believe I shall go upstairs to bed.

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  1. Wow Tom, tell us what you really think about Topinka!

    Some might consider what you said harsh, but let's face it, you're not far off. Your description certainly pales in comparison to many of the nasty things to come out of her mouth over the years, and with no foundation.