Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One-Liners: All the News that Can Fit in One-Sentence.

Domino Pizza founder Tom Monaghan who sold his company for over a billion $ has become the political financial guru for U. S. Senator Sam Brownback for president, an evangelical turned Catholic, who will run heavily on conservative social issues—but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything: If Monaghan could drop a ton of dough (not pizza, the green stuff) it’d mean something but he can only give $1,000 and when it comes to raising money, let’s say he’s not exactly the warm and cuddly puppy-dog type….The political consensus, growing in Republican circles, is that Barack Bambi is the latest taste of the month but in a fierce election where national security is important, Lady Hillary would be the gutsier with the prospect of going all the way while Bambi is too limpid-eyed and gentle like a fawn…Anti-Obama missives are starting to flood in from everywhere but where they originate—with Hillary: the latest being the “Sun-Times” column by Juan Andrade, masquerading as an on-the-fence Hispanic but who in reality is a Daley regular Democrat ward-heeler, blasting Obama for voting for the anti-illegal immigration fence…The real task for David Axelrod, Obama’s guru, is to show him as tough not wimpy which given Bambi’s inclinations will be a big test…

In answer to the mystery as to where paleo-Republicans will go for president (those of the Pat Buchanan stripe who opposed NAFTA and CAFTA and a heavy blockade on legal and illegal immigration) there’s only once choice: Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, chairman of House Armed Services in the GOP House, who had endorsed Buchanan twice in previous presidential runs and has announced his presidential candidacy but has been a hawk on Iraq…A top national Republican leader told this column that presidential candidate Sam Brownback is too soft on illegals and trade because as a new Catholic he thinks he has to bow to the liberal bishops: not yet understanding that “pleasing that bunch of whom 50% are fairies means nothing politically”—his words not mine…

Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, Louis Farrakhan’s first Congressman, got in as Congressman from Minneapolis because the city’s left-leaning daily, the “Star-Tribune,” was too timid to question his militant Muslim credentials—the newspaper a creature of the McClatchy newspaper chain, showing Chicagoans what is ahead for us if the chain gains control of one of this city’s two newspapers: the paper nodding timidly as Ellison insists on being sworn in on the Koran instead of the bible…just as it looked the other way when Ellison spoke at a fund-raiser in 2000 for former Symbionese Liberation Army member Kathleen Soliah charged with the attempted murder of a LA police officer…Toodle-oo.


  1. "...pleasing that bunch of whom 50% are fairies means nothing politically”-

    Only 50%?

  2. Lovie's LeatherDecember 20, 2006 at 7:12 PM

    No, Tom Manoghan can do a lot more than that. If Brownback has a PAC, then he is golden. Thanks to McCain-Feingold, there are plenty of loopholes through which donating extremely large sums of money is not only legal, but easy. George Soros did it, and nobody cared. But I am not exactly thinking that Brownback is going to be the guy... not likely at all....