Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Personal Asides: The Victories I Would Most Like to See Tonight.


Today I will be writing in the name of Randy Stufflebeam for governor of Illinois. An ex-Marine, hard-working and conscientious, he has no chance of winning but his integrity gives me a superb reason for declining to vote for either Rod Blagojevich or Judy Baar Topinka. With respect to Topinka, she ended her campaign slugging it out with loose lips, applying a tirade of slurs rather than delivering anything of substance. If you can believe such a thing, she actually attacked Blagojevich for going to too many Cubs baseball games and then added the flip notion that perhaps he should apply for manager of the club since they are the worst losers in the National League. Consider for a moment the irrelevance of the attack on the Cubs; then consider the terrible political inappropriateness of the assault: alienating Cubs fans with this gratuitous nonsense. She is emotionally and temperamentally unqualified to remove Rod Blagojevich from office. The idea that as good Republicans we must vote for what we have been given is ridiculous. So for me at least the write-in makes good sense.

The rest of the state ticket I will happily vote for. I will enthusiastically vote for Tony Peraica for president of the Cook county board. Congressionally, I will be rooting for the election of David McSweeney in the 8th and of Peter Roskam in the 6th. I’ll vote for Maureen Murphy for the Cook county board of review. In this campaign I have become deeply impressed with two women candidates—State Senator Carole Pankau, running for state comptroller; if perchance she doesn’t win against Danny Boy Hynes, I do hope she considers another statewide office for she is superb…and State Senator Christine Radogno running for state treasurer. I am fonder of Carole’s candidacy than that of Christine because Pankau more nearly reflects my views on social questions but given that Christine has the opportunity of sparing the office from defilement by a scion of a banking family that has aided the Outfit…and who has aided the Outfit himself either purposefully or through incompetence…my deep wishes are that Christine succeed.

At this writing there is some national currents that say a fresh breeze of revisionism is churning up and the long séance perpetuated by the drive-by media that this is inevitably a Democratic year may not be fully realized. And so at this writing it is 11:05 p.m. and to bed, buoyed with the prayers that as the Democratic party has not yet shown itself to be worthy of supplanting the Republican administration by not exhibiting any clear program of progress, fate will indeed block it from capturing House and Senate. But if it does capture the Congress, my hope is that by 2008 the voting public will have seen the intellectual bankruptcy of the party and will put an end to its quest for national power.


  1. Tom,

    Where can we get your comments tonight on the election? If not, I look forward to seeing them in this blog.

    Some last comments on Stufflebeam. If he has so much integrity, then why has he run away from answering any of my questions? I've sent them to him at the email address on his site which is specifically for questions. I've posted them on this and other conservative blogs and nothing - either from Randy or any other representative of the Constitution Party in Illinois.

    I'm left with the conclusion that they don't want to address these questions because they know a lot of their support would dry up if people knew their answers.

    It also bothers me that Stufflebeam seems to only do interviews with those who are presumably friendly to his campaign. I have no doubt that Randy is a good and nice guy, but why does he hide from honest questions?

  2. Tom:

    I enjoy your flash backs. This is a great history lesson for all people interested in politics.

    I must take you to task over your comments regarding State Sen. Bill Brady. I have been involved in the Illinois political process for many years. I consider myself a conservative and wish the Republican Party would work back towards those founding principles.

    I was not in favor of JBT running for governor because of her leadership, or lack there of, that helped create the Obama superhero. The handling of that Senate race was unforgivable.

    I think that her loss today is again a result of her lack of leadership. We have no unified message.

    I understand that you were aggressively supporting Jim. I know that you have supported him the past. After reading your reflections, I understand why you believe in him and why you take his loss almost personally.

    For one reason or another Jim is not electable in Illinois. "Always the Bridesmaid..." I feel that Bill Brady is electable. I hope that he will run again for the Senate. I hope that you will not dismiss him for personal reasons or because you think/feel that he cut a secret deal with JBT or anyone else.

    You and I have worked many campaigns. I think it is fair to say that when you are not directly involved at the upper levels of the campaign you may not and probably do not have 100% of the story. Your experience will tell you that rumors run rampant in campaigns.

    I hope that you will be a uniting voice for the conservative movement in the Republican Party during the next election cycle.

  3. Well, Tom, I think Randy got at least two write in votes---yours and mine.

    After what Blagloiovich did to Pharmisists and forced them to give out contraceptives--even against their will and consicience--and his militant promotion of abortion and stem cell research I could not in good conscience vote for him. Nor could I vote for Judy Barr Topinca with her pro abortion stand. I,too, heard the Tom Roeser show in January of "04 when she refused to endorce Senator Peter Fitzgerld for another term. As I listened to her, I thought that there would be no way I would vote for her.

    Like yourself, I would like to see Randy win. He would be refreshing and it would get a message out that we pro-lifers to not have to vote for the status quo because we have no where else to go.

  4. Don't you just love that ad with all those women going after Roskam! Have you ever seen such a bunch of hags, prunes, feminists, and just downright aging crabby soccer moms! OH HOW I AM SICK OF THESE BROADS still sporting their Hillary Clinton hairdoos while they praise the concept of CHOICE! Yet they are the fist one to build a fence around their school to proctect their precious brats with yuppie names like Conner and Jillian from who knows whom! These broads infest many areas from Hinsdale to Barrington to Winnetka... you know the AAUW types.

    WELL I AM SICK OF THEM and their candidates like BEAN BRAIN and BIGGERT!

    CRAP ON THEM ALL! And JUDY JUDY JUDY is such a loser because she wanted to be one of THEM! Put them in their place and give em some cookies to bake and tell them to stop wearing the pants in their families..... Yes CRAP ON THEM!

  5. Lovie's LeatherNovember 7, 2006 at 5:00 PM

    Indeed... well goodluck Tom, on your rebuilding of the IL GOP. I am sorry to say that I will not be voting for Oberweis in the '08 Senate primary. Goodluck with that.

  6. No it was not Foley, Haggart, Abramoff, Cheney, or Secretary Rumsfeld... it was the Iraq war brought to us and pushed on the gullible administration by the Neo-Cons: Feith, Pearlman, Wolfewitz, Frum, Kadish, Ailes, Murdoch, Limbaugh, Bennett, Kristol, Weekly Standard Crowd, National Interest Crowd, Podhoretz, and the Likud party cronies, etc.

    It is interesting that when the going got rough, the Neo-Cons, blamed BUSH, their loyal stooge! (read the Vanity Fair article).

    And now the intellectual Trojan Horse, Trotskyite Neo-Cons slither back into their think tanks to hide from the blame the deserve. Simply put these people are NOT Conservatives at all but are Globalists bent on open borders, deficit building - job destroying free trade follies, love of communist China, and a naive desire for forced democracy in the Middle East.

    These are the lovely people who brought you the liberty robbing Patriot Act. And who do they HATE........ They despise the Social Conservatives! Just look at Limbaugh and Fox and how they have moved away from supporting property rights, gun rights, and anti-abortion causes. The Neo-Cons who have taken over the Republican Party have RUINED IT! and have blown for years the dreams of Goldwater and Reagan! Republican Control of the HOUSE... LOST because of THEM! But then they have their conterpart in the Democratic party, The Democratic Leadership Council where they support dear Hillary!

    Oh but lets stop criticizing them or we may have labels hung around our necks buy these intellectual SCOUNDRELS!

    It is time the Neo-Cons CON ARTISTS WERE EXPOSED for the FRAUDS that they are!

    Sadly the Republican Party has paid a big price for their rancid ideas!

  7. Lovie's LeatherNovember 7, 2006 at 11:49 PM

    It is funny enough that while conservatives have gotten beaten with an ugly stick verbally, it is the moderates that took the full force of the democratic whipping. Jim Leech is gone. Nancy Johnson is gone. Gutknecht is gone. Chafee is gone (he lost with a 62% approval rating). Yikes.