Thursday, November 30, 2006

Personal Asides: Two Men Named Stewart on “Shootout Sunday”


Two Stewarts.

Two guests named Stewart...not-related…will be my guests on “Political Shootout” this Sunday on WLS-AM (890): Jay Stewart, lawyer and executive director of the Better Government Association which is Chicago’s leading foe of political corruption…and Russ Stewart, lawyer and political analyst for the Nadig newspapers which cover the city’s northwest side. Jay is non-political and uses his powers of investigation to ferret out corruption in both parties; Russ is the kind of commentator who makes both Democrats and Republicans sweat. They’ll have a lot to talk about from the recent decision to allow George Ryan to continue to be a free man while his lawyers appeal…to the Cook county Board issues…to Hired Trucks…to patronage abuses.

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  1. Dear Tom, that last show was as good as your last class with John Kass. Both Jay Stewart and Russ Stewart are outstanding guests. And they both are great upstanding citizens. Tom your are the best in the business!! P.S. Who was late for the show? Your student McDonough.