Monday, November 20, 2006

Personal Aside: “Get the Number of the Bus that Hit Me!”—What the GOP, State and National, Should Do Now. A Proposed in-State Lecture Tour.

The Bus.

Last Saturday I made a speech on the reasons for the GOP defeat and outlined steps for reform. It made a pretty good impression so as a result there have been requests for appearances at certain civic organizations and fraternal groups…those which didn’t attend the original presentation but have heard about it.

Thanks, friends but I can’t do pro-bono any more than a shoemaker can afford to cobble shoes and distribute them gratis…or a tailor can cut a suit out of whole cloth and give it away. I am not Mother Teresa nor Francis of Assisi. So if you’re still interested, contact me at my email: where only requests accompanied by offers of modest honoraria and travel expenses will be considered. If this ends the requests, fine; at least I’ll have more time at home with my family, hobbies, MacTavish J. Puppy, Esq. and other projects.

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