Friday, October 13, 2006

Personal Asides: What Does the Tony Rezko Matter Do to the Gubernatorial Election?...Should the TV “Debate” Go On? Yes!...Give a Cheer for Republican Daryl Dagit, Doggonit!



This is truly an election for governor in which those who vote for either candidate will be the losers…and may regret their votes. Not me for I will write in Randy Stufflebeam—but for those who are so wedded to the Republican party that they will vote for Topinka as the lesser evil (a theory with which I disagree) what does the Rezko indictment mean? I think it will mean that eventually…though not this year…we will get a new governor and his name will be Pat Quinn. There isn’t a shadow of doubt in my mind that Patrick Fitzgerald will not pursue the thing to its logical conclusion.

Why then do I think Blagojevich will win? Because with the low estate Topinka has now, she will pick up at the most perhaps three points with this thing—and she doesn’t have the resources to overcome months of negative battering that Blagojevich has meted out to her. Say what you will about him, he has been superbly on message. Say what you want about her, she has been woefully off-center in her message. Even today I don’t know about you…but I don’t know exactly what steps she would take and what reforms, if any she will implement.

Every time I write this I get a few angry missives from people who say I am a traitor to my party and don’t I know that she is more moderate on social issues than Rod. You know what? The decision I made not to vote for her was not based on whether or not she can be enticed to support certain things I do on social policy. The decision was made quite a long time ago…and I have said it often…on my radio show when as newly-elected state Republican chairman would not countenance my trying to wangle an endorsement for Peter Fitzgerald from her. Perhaps 100,000 people were listening: I think most of them called me afterward. They were legitimately angry that a state chairman for the first time in modern history was refusing to support a perfectly qualified, Presbyterian-ly honest United States Senator of her own party. But that isn’t what got me entirely. What got me and continues to get me is that she has had the gall to deny…flatly deny…what thousands of people heard and what is preserved on tape—denying it! I must say that in over fifty years of associating with pols I have never seen the like.

Okay, my opponents say: why do you like Ray LaHood so much since he vowed to find a candidate to run against Fitzgerald—and indeed did find one: Andy McKenna? The reason I like LaHood is because he has the candor to say what he believes. I think he was…and is…wrong about Fitzgerald. He was angered at him for what I would say are insubstantial reasons: because Peter wouldn’t go along with the Illinois Republican delegation. But you know what? LaHood is candid, was candid, said that he couldn’t agree with Fitzgerald and that he was going to go out and see that he is defeated. He was not the state chairman but a member of Congress. I respect Ray for his candor and for the forthrightness…even when I disagree…that he showed in my Roosevelt class. Were Ray to act like Topinka, he would deny what he had said…try to muddy up the waters…and bluster to propagate a lie. I find what Topinka did to me the most awful thing a politician has ever done to me: assert one thing and then…thinking all of us are so dumb…maintain the opposite even if the record clearly shows she is lying. That is why I can never…will never…never…never…vote for Topinka.

The TV Debate.

Having said that, I would surely hope that Jay Doherty follows through with what he is thinking. This fine man, a loyal Democrat, scheduled a City Club debate on Channel ll when everybody heard Rod Blagojevich accept the terms. Blagojevich has now changed his mind and reneged. Mind you, he doesn’t say he never agreed to the terms. He just says the situation has changed. I would hope that Jay who is CEO of the City Club (where I serve as chairman) will allow the Channel 11 session to go on with Judy the same participant. And I hope WTTW will agree to this. The state shouldn’t be denied a debate simply because Blagojevich’s political managers feel he would be disadvantaged by a debate. Let her debate an empty chair. I would be all in favor of that.

Elect Dagit, Doggonit!

A Republican state legislative candidate with the wonderfully alliterative name of Daryl Dagit is running for state Rep in the 91st district. Let me say that while I have never met Dagit, doggonit I would like to. His opponent, Democrat Mike Smith is heavily backed by Planned Parenthood which shows how unworldly unrealistic it is by calling the state Supreme Court’s actions on the 1995 Parental Notification Act of 1995 “a shameless political move” and pledges to “look at ways to block the law.” This pro-death, pro-abort crowd has evidently rented Smith for a paltry $400 for which he has voted in 2003 and 2004 in favor of PP 100 percent of the time. Now that’s what I call a good investment, PP. Accordingly, Smith has been officially endorsed by PP in 2006, 2004 and 2002.

So while I have not met Dagit, I would support him to the hilt were I in the 91st. Increasingly some in both parties are trying to find a middle ground or at least declare that the surgical procedure is regrettable…vis: even the Clinton’s proposal to make abortion rare. But they are overwhelmed in the Party of Death by those who regard abortion as a sacrament. One of these seems to be Mike Smith who supported the use of public funds for abortion…voted yes to unrestricted abortions…believes abortions should always be legal (even with other liberals are squeamish).

To make his stand in favor of decadence crystal clear he voted against pornography filters on public school computers. What in the name of God would lead a public official to embrace this proposal which is almost sacrilegious in view of our modern worries about the well-being of our children (and grandchildren including mine which number 13). I tell you, after hearing of Daryl Dagit’s brave stand, I’d almost like to make a stump speech for him myself if it wouldn’t backfire. He is my kind of Republican, doggonit. So dagnabit, vote Dagit! Call him at (309) 3533-3002. No, this is not a political ad—it’s just that in an election that seemingly has no bright side, the victory of Daryl Dagit in behalf of unborn life would be sweet to savor.

By way of helping him somewhat, I’m asking Jake Parrillo to run a photo of Daryl Dagit.


  1. I'm a bit surprised that you go after Blagojevich for ducking tough questions while you praise Stufflebeam who does the same thing. At Randy's website, he provides an email address that people can use to send in their questions to him. Presumably, one can expect a reply. However, I've heard nothing back from either him or any other official representative of his party. I've tried to get a response by posting the same questions at this site and at other conservative websites, but Randy keeps on ducking my questions.

    I can understand why he's doing this. I doubt that many people would consider voting for him once they understand what he stands for. You really ought to invite Randy and I to be on your show. It wouldn't take long to demonstrate that he's no conservative and certainly no friend of the Constitution.

  2. I'll even raise you a "never." I will never…never…never… for Topinka.

    Thank you for having the courage to say what needs to be said. We can discuss LaHood and Birkett at a different time. ;)

  3. Tom, you have a blog. You can clear up the matter by posting the audio file of her statement "I refuse to endorse Peter Fitzgerald" and her subsequent statement "I never said 'I refuse to endorse Peter Fitzgerald".

    I'd settle for an audio file of her saying, "I flatly deny saying 'I refuse to endorse anti-gun Peter Fitzgerald".

    Why is it that you refuse to post it, since, as you say, it is "preserved on tape" and "is in [your] possession"? Surely you remember the Senator from Wisconsin who claimed "I hold in my hand a list" who damaged his credibility by never releasing it.

    Why not release it?

    Is it because it is not as clear as you allege?

    Is it because you have vowed "I can never…will never…never…never…vote for Topinka" multiple times in public?

    Tom, your pride is getting in the way of your integrity.

    And we know from the book of Proverbs what cometh after pride.

    Post the audio, Tom.

  4. Ms. Topinka has attacked almost every Republican except for George Ryan. So the Peter Fitz thing is no surprise.

    Judy's all about the Dems. Everyone knows that.

  5. The air here is pretty thick with accusations and absolutely no proof.

    The audio would clear this up.

    BTW, Cindy, the Republican Chairmen and a lot of others are behind her--do they know somethign you don't?

  6. Lovie's LeatherOctober 13, 2006 at 7:04 PM

    You see David, the reason that Randy ducks your questions is that he is so ideological, he will deny, deny, deny when something contradicts him. Just like Mr Roeser. You see, these people are hardened zealots. It doesn't matter if the policy of the person they like is wrong, as long as that person never offended them or flip-flopped when they were wrong. Because it is obvious that good government isn't about good government policy, it is about personal vendettas against somebody that was disingenuous in the past. So as the cool-aid drinkers let blatantly corrupt, obviously ignorant people get elected and reelected, it drives open-minded, centrist Republicans like me more and more towards the same idiot democrats the far right helps reelect. While the democrats have absolutely nothing special to offer but a majority in the state house and senate, the GOP has nothing to offer but social control and harsh words for half the people that support them. So to Tom I have to say... Goodbye McSweeney... Goodbye Roskam... it is people like you, Tom, that have driven the moderates away from your precious conservatives. So when the GOP falls flat on it's face in the election, it is nobody's fault except that of you and your ilk.

  7. John Thomas Mc GeeanOctober 14, 2006 at 3:35 AM


    I heard the show on which Judy Refused to endorse Peter Fitzgerald. He statement was that she would support the Nominee of the party for Senator. However, she would NOT commit to Peter Fitzgerald, even though he was a sitting Senator. I think she was in the cabal that wanted to dump him and had Peter made a run for it they would have given him lukewarm support at best. I have often believed that her refusal to endorse him had much to do with his not running again. Peter Fitzgerald was a man of his word and Illinois would be much better with him in the Senate.
    "Run Randy Run." He will get at least two votes--mine and yours.

  8. Topinka refusing to endorse Fitzgerald on Tom's show is hardly some isolated case.

    Everyone knows that Topinka and the Combine crowd worked against Peter Fitzgerald at every turn. They promised Peter a primary challenge if he ran for reelection. He finally threw in the towel.

    The Combine crowd then got behind Andy McKenna for Senate. When he came in a miserable fourth place, they just also went after Jack Ryan, the guy who wasn't supposed to win.

    Topinka more than anyone helped hand the U.S. Senate seat to Obama. All because she can't control her nastiness.

    That's why her support continues to plummet. About the only people I know still supporting Topinka are gay.

    That's just my own observation.

  9. Tom,

    Most honest people agree with your comments on the Governor's race.Topinka stands for big government,tax increases,and more of the same which has caused Illinois to lose jobs.If the people of Illinois don't mind a corrupt politician like Blago,Fitzgerald will indict him next year.I think it's good for people to see politicians go to jail because their job description has become promising other people other people's money which isn't theirs.

  10. According to the listener below, Judy conditionally endorsed Peter Fitzgerald.

    Notice she did not refuse to endorse him, as in "I will support the nominee as long as it's not Peter Fitzgerald."

    So she never refused to endorse Peter, and she was right to claim she never refused to endorse him. So much for Judy being dishonest.

    Tom, you're wrong on this, and your pride won't let you admit that you're wrong.

  11. Do you know Judy personally, or have you been reading the FTN websites?

    Or perhaps the Blagojevich TV commercials.

    Why then it absolutely must be true!

  12. Everyone knows Topinka worked as hard as she could against Fitzgerald. She certainly did NOT endorse him. She badmouthed him at every opportunity.

    John Kass has written about this in the Trib several times, just in the past year. The Combine had to punish Peter for bringing in the outside U.S. Attorneys.

    William, I'll give you a little tip, even though I love seeing your candidate's downward spiral. One of the major reasons your Judy is losing miserably is because of all of her lying.

    You're just giving us non-Log Cabin folks more ammunition.

  13. All talk, no evidence whatsoever.

    My, my.

  14. Boy, I guess it's true what I've heard. The Topinka campaign has come apart at the seams. Only a campaign in total freefall could be in the state of denial where William finds himself.

    Below is a quote from Topinka's spokesman Jason Gerwig from 2004. This is when Gerwig was spokesman for Topinka when she was State Party Chairman. Topinka's stooges couldn't even restrain themselves from being nasty and petty while Peter was on the way out of the state.

    Game. Set. Match.

    "We wish Peter Fitzgerald well as he begins a new life in Virginia," Gerwig said. "We're thinking of sending the Virginia Republican party a bottle of aspirin. He's their problem now."