Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Personal Asides: The North Korean Nuclear Explosion—Bad News for the Free World, Good News for Republicans Now…The Value of Ads on This Blog…The Beginnings of a List of Endorsees…Catholic Citizens Dinner Honoring Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz.


North Korea.

Any news which can emphasize Republican superiority on the issue of national security is good political news, notwithstanding what it portends on the international scene. Republicans have for years played to their strength with their firm resolve which has aided in keeping us safe from repetitive attacks. That’s why news of the North Korean detonation of an underground nuclear device which adds immeasurably to international tensions is good news for Republicans in this election season. One can only fantasize how Speaker Nancy Pelosi and hireling Rahm Emanuel (whom a supporter on Readers Comments yesterday mistakenly referred to as Raul) would move in to make the president’s life even more miserable and jeopardize the unity we must have in time of war.

Ads on This Blog.

As this web-site grows and expands, my mentor, Jake Parrillo, advises me that the time is now opportune to call attention to ways in which you or your business…or your favorite political candidates…can reach a good audience by advertising here. Check the ad on the left side of the screen. By taking an ad on this Blog you can call attention to anything you want…your views…your favorite candidates…your church…anything that passes muster here. Thereby you will be getting about 30,000 page views a week, 125,000 page views per month which is constantly growing. Obviously, the endorsements of this web-site aren’t influenced that way but generally people who like this blog should accept the ads that appear here. I haven’t made any effort thus far for ads but am confident now that it would be a good thing for your business or favorite candidates.

If you have a state Rep or state Senate candidate, list his virtues and pay $1 a day or other ads at $30 a month. It’ll be great for candidates and causes. Get a state Rep candidate up here and provide exposure to conservatives across the country.

To inquire about rates contact Corederoy Partners, Box 672, Frankfort, Illinois 60423 or jake@corederoy.com . Cordereoy can do the creative for you…designing an attractive ad…if you wish. Ads can run for 30 days or however long or short as you wish. It would be fun to share this website with your business or favorite candidate.


Starting at the top of the ticket with the candidates for governor, I will vote for neither major candidates but will write in the name of Randy Stufflebeam the Constitutional Party’s nominee for governor. There are several reasons for this. First, I cannot constitutionally…to borrow a word…vote for Topinka who, as state Republican chairman, told the 100,000 plus people listening to my radio show that she would not endorse Peter Fitzgerald for reelection…and who then denied she said it even though the tape was running and is in my possession. In fifty years of politics, I have never seen the like. Second, there is a lot to be said for the Republican party losing this thing and then regrouping to install better officers. Third, there is a lot to be said for the up-building of an alternative party for conservatives which can be used much as the Conservative party of New York was used…to supply an alternative for us.

For that reason, I would like to encourage those who build the Constitution Party to move ahead with their work. I think it is valuable to have a true conservative party in Illinois. For these reasons…and because I know and believe Stufflebeam is an honorable candidate who espouses much of what I believe (I would exempt trade issues only), I will be happy to write him in…and I recommend others do the same.

I will support the remainder of the Republican state ticket. I think the candidate for Comptroller, Carole Pankau is especially bright and integrity-filled. I have not met the candidate for State Treasurer but will have her on my show this next Sunday and will tell you more about her after that time. I am proud to support State Senator Dan Rutherford and the candidate for attorney general who is so well known his name escapes me at this writing. I regret that by not being able to support the Republican candidate for governor I cannot mark for her good lieutenant governor candidate, Joe Birkett. If I could, I would vote for him.

Catholic Citizens.

Catholic Citizens of Illinois which I have the honor to chair (along with Mrs. Maryann Hackett, the CEO), is honoring the man whom I consider to be truly America’s Bishop…Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska…one of the very few strongly assertive prelates in the United States who stands firm for all the earmarks of the Church, including the right of priests to deny Communion to pro-abort Catholic pols. I have written about him often in “The Wanderer” and it will be a privilege to introduce him at the event. I would hope you would see fit to attend. Title of his talk will be “Facing the Crisis: Reflections on the Current Crisis in the Church.”
The St. Thomas More award for courageous and distinctive Catholic citizenship will be given to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Guzior who are involved in more good works…in education, charity and help for the disadvantaged…than I can name or remember.

The dinner will be held Thursday night, October 19 at Drury Lane, reception at 6, dinner at 7. Tickets are $60 per plate, $500 for a table. It is tax deductible. For more information go to www.catholiccitizens.org.


  1. Stufflebeam is not a conservative. He's "restorationist" which is a fancy way of saying that he wants to turn the clock back on the Constitution to before the Civil War. He's acknowledged that he has problems with the seventeenth amendment that allowed the people to elect senators. The question that he seems to keep ducking is which other amendments does he want to dump from the Constitution. If you think that "Dixie" should be our national anthem, then Stufflebeam is your kind of candidate.

  2. Tom, your analysis regarding Topinka and the reasons why she's unacceptable are rock solid. You articulate the only principled stand.

    But I still don't understand how you can give Birkett a pass. Don't you think the idea of calling oneself a "conservative" becomes basically a meaningless line if one spends the better part of a year in sole pursuit of trying to elect the Anti-Conservative Topinka?

    How can you preach the evils of Topinka, and then turn around and praise her chief enforcer? He says he's pro-life. Yes, so much so that he's working to elect the pro-abortion Topinka.

    And all of this is even before we start talking about the really serious questions relating to the way he's run the State's Attorney's office in DuPage, and where his campaign cash comes from.

  3. Your disagreement with Topinka gives all the appearances of being personal, but you're making a feeble attempt to turn it into a battle over "principle".

    Many of your listeners and readers disagree.

    Why don't you release the tape, which you say "is in [your] possession." (This sounds eerily like "I have here in my hand a list ...".)

    Tom, you've been wrong before--most notably recently on Bush blowing off Topinka and not coming to raise funds for her.

    I asked you earlier if you would post the audio from Judy's alleged refusal to endorse Peter Fitzgerald and then her alleged denial of alleged refusal. Why won't you?

    Is it because it is not as clear as you make it out to be?

    Post the audio, please.

  4. The purge must go on and on and on.

    Let Democrats win in 2006, 2010, 2014, however long it takes until we can nominate another Alan Keyes candidate.

    Only then can the Republican party candidate be worth supporting.

    Until then, all other candidates are dishonest, corrupt, sell-outs, scammers, pro-this, anti-that, etc., etc., etc.

    Victory through defeat!

  5. Not sure how not voting for someone who will set the GOP back constitutes a "purge."

    And no one said a word about Alan Keyes.

    It's this kind of crazy talk from the Topinka Kool-aiders that has driven her support so low.

  6. Comments to the 1984 VFW convention in Chicago:

    "Any jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one."

    Do you need me to interpret this for you?

  7. William, you've got to be kidding. There has never been a more destructive force in the GOP than Topinka. Do you actually read Tom's blog, before posting nonsense? Refusing to support a wonderful Senator like Peter Fitzgerald, that's just despicable.

  8. that apparently mean very little to you.

    You state without any evidence that "There has never been a more destructive force in the GOP than Topinka."

    Why then, tell me, are all the County GOP chairmen behind her? Are they supporting the destruction of the party, too?

    No, it is handful of idiots hoping to be party leaders after Topinka passes from the scene.

    Earth to Dan--it ain't gonna happen. Even if Topinka is not successful, the County Chairmen and the rank and file will remember the loudmouths who shot the troops while they were in the field fighting Rod/Rich/Emil/Mike. And don't forget--Birkett will still be around. Brady will still be there. Caprio will still be there. The County Chairmen will still be there.

    Dan, plan for a long winter.

  9. All of the County Chairmen are certainly NOT helping Topinka.

    And oh boy, Caprio, Brady, and Birkett, 3 usual idiots who helped give us the Democrat Topinka who is even worse than the Democrat Blago. Republicans really care what they think.

    What are you boys smoking over there at the Log Cabin meetings William? Let's face it, that's the only group excited about Topinka.