Thursday, October 5, 2006

Personal Asides: Free Subscription…The Haymarket Dinner Dance…Two Congressmen to Speak at City Club.

Ray LaHood 2


This is an unusual web-site…containing politically incorrect views…some theology…a lot of history in the form of reminiscences for my four children and 13 grandchildren—plus trivia quizzes which come at odd times. Readers have been very generous with their responses. So now we’re making you an offer which will cost you nothing. Notice, if you will, on the left margin a statement that if you wish, you can sign up for a free subscription to this Blog so that you can get it by personal e-mail. Don’t worry that your e-mail address will be compromised. It won’t. It is our way of saying thank you for the good response we have had since this Blog began one year ago August.

Haymarket Dinner Dance.

As a board member of Haymarket Center, I want to again stress the fact that this fine organization which is the largest Center of its kind in Cook county, will hold its once-a-year dinner dance. The cost per plate is $50 or $500 for a table of ten. It is, of course, tax deductible. Haymarket as you know was co-founded by the man I have long respected as the Apostle to the Addicted, the late Msgr. Ignatius D. McDermott. The dinner-dance will be held October 24 at Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace. For reservations call (312) 226-7984 extension 314…and tell `em Tom Roeser asked that you get a good table. You’ll have a chance to help honor the Chicago Police Department which works hand-in-hand with our Haymarket staff to serve those in great need. Thanks again.

Ray LaHood and Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Two prominent Congressmen from Illinois will tell my Roosevelt University class how they see current issues before the House of Representatives. For one Congressman, the day will be a double-header. Ray LaHood of Peoria will address the City Club of Chicago at noon at Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant, Clark and Grand. The luncheon speech will be open to the press. There is every expectation that Congressman LaHood will address the Mark Foley resignation. His view on how reform should be carried out will be instructive, as Ray LaHood is a true House veteran. He began as a key staffer to Rep. Bob Michel (R-IL), the House Republican leader. Ray learned the operation of the House and its arcane parliamentary rules so well that whenever the waves get choppy, he is sent to preside over the body…as he did in the impeachment of Bill Clinton with great calm, deliberation and fairness. Ray will talk to my class at the 6 p.m. hour at Roosevelt’s main campus downtown. The lecture at the class will be off-the-record but, of course, his talk at the City Club will be very much on the record.

The second Congressman to address my class will be Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., a good friend, a bright young man who has staked out a broad area of leadership in the Congress. You will be interested in the interview with Congressman Jackson in yesterday’s John Kass column in the “Tribune”—where John gives an appraisal of the young leader that this writer shares.

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