Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Personal Asides: Franks-Gidwitz on “Political Shootout” Sunday…Dan Proft’s Response on Tony Peraica.

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State Rep. Jack Franks (D), a fast-rising star of the Illinois Democratic party and Ron Gidwitz, entrepreneur, economic conservative and a former Republican candidate for governor who gives GOP politics a calm, not oracular approach, will guest on my WLS-AM radio show Sunday at 8 a.m. Franks and Gidwtiz are both critics of Governor Rod Blagojevich but nevertheless disagree on a variety of topics. Gidwitz is an expert in inner-city education and business economics.


Dan Proft, a friend who is political consultant to Tony Peraica, writes the following concerning my criticism of Tony in yesterday’s posting:

“With all due respect, you blog post “Two Faced Tony” is off-the-mark and your moral indignation is a little late in coming.

“Let me elaborate. Peraica’s position has not changed. He has said from jump street in this campaign that, if elected, he would not change the status of the provision of abortion services at Cook county hospital/clinics. He said this publicly at a joint appearance with Stroger on Fox’s morning show to questioning by Dane Placko at the end of July for gosh sakes.

“When Peraica says his views are the same as Todd Stroger’s on this issue, he means specifically the one issue over which the County Board president has dominion—provision of abortion services at county hospitals and clinics. He does not mean his and Todd’s views on abortion generally are the same.

“You can disagree with Peraica’s position and believe it not consistent to call oneself a pro-lifer but be unwilling to go to the mat for it if elected to a position where you could impact is provision. I can understand it and appreciate that view—that is a legitimate critique.

“But don’t mischaracterize Peraica’s position or pretend like Terry Cosgrove illuminated a point in this debate because he did not. Tony has made that his position and has consistently articulated it, at the City Club, at the Trib ed board and everywhere else this issue has been raised. Regards, Dan Proft.”

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