Friday, October 6, 2006

Personal Asides: Cosgrove-Caprio to Lecture at My Roosevelt U Course…Channel 5’s Political Analyst Phil Rogers to Speak at Roosevelt



The two major adversaries in Illinois who fight brilliantly on the same turf will address my Roosevelt U class at the same time. Terry Cosgrove is the executive director of Personal PAC, a well-financed organization devoted to electing and retaining legislative and gubernatorial candidates who favor abortion rights. I have known Terry for a long time and while we don’t agree on a single thing…we discussed this the other day and neither one of us could think of any issue where we’d be on the same side…I have great admiration for his political and strategic skills. His agenda also supports, I believe, those who fight for gay rights.

Standing toe-to-toe with him is a man I’ve called friend for many years—Paul Caprio, director of Family PAC, the exact opposite of Personal PAC. Family PAC (of which I was chairman some years ago) raises money and supports candidates who are pro-life, opposed to special rights for gays. Paul also is head of Family PAC Federal which raises money for congressional candidates. Both Cogrove and Caprio heaved sighs of relief when I said they would not have to take time from their many campaigns to lecture but would do so at the 7 p.m. hour on November 16, after election. Then they will be able to sit back and reflect on their respective strategies and whether or not they worked out. They’ve been my guests before and are excellent. I thank them for agreeing to appear. The point is not to rekindle the interminable debates on the social issues as to who’s right, who’s wrong—but to give the class in-depth procedural insights into how they lobby and raise money. Sometimes when tempers fray I have to remind them of that…as well as some class members.

Phil Rogers.

One of the most TV journalists and political analysts in this state is Phil Rogers of WMAQ-TV Channel 5 who for years stayed on the trail of former Governor George Ryan. Phil is an engaging fellow with an immediate sense of humor who loves politics, reports it well and knows what he’s talking about. He will follow Rich Miller who has the hour earlier, himself probably one of the best versed journalist on state politics…and certainly the hardest working one. That evening will be a double treat. Phil Rogers will lecture on December 7 at 7 p.m.


  1. Tom, I hope you don't let your readers forget that Paul Caprio helped give us Topinka, by his indefensible support of Brady to the bitter end. He didn't just vote for the spoiler, he rigged up that summit endorsement for him. It's something everyone knows. Everyone also knows it was because of Caprio's personal grudge against Oberweis and one of his key supporters in particular.

    It's time we recognized there are some people in the "movement" that are doing more harm than good.

  2. Like I said earlier, and you keep confirming, it's not just Topinka who you say must go. It's everyone else who doesn't agree with you/works against your issues, including real conservatives like Birkett, Brady, Caprio, etc. I might say that you left off Tom Roeser, who also supported Brady (after initially supporting Birkett) at the Conservative Summit.

    You're not just talking about giving away the 2006 election. You're talking about giving the 2010 election away, the 2014 election away, the 2018 election away...

    Thanks for confirming.

  3. The idea that unless we keep allowing certain individuals to keep lying and misleading good people, we can't "win," is incredible. You obviously come from a mindset that sees politics as all about "how do we fool them today?" Clinton was like that. You are obviously completely adrift on having any kind of principles.

    If Tom ever did cast a vote for Brady on a second ballot or whatever (maybe to show a united front for the eventual "winner")it had to be because he was misled and didn't have the facts. That's the nature of scams. Good people get used by the scammers.