Thursday, September 28, 2006

Personal Asides: The Awfulness of the New “Sun-Times” Makeup Courtesy of the Returned Michael Cooke the No-Taste Guy…Remember the Haymarket Center Dinner Dance…And Here’s to Jake Parrillo, Trustee!


Awful Makeover.

As you picked up your “Sun-Times” today you noticed the huge black headlines with the grace of railroad sign warnings…which tells you that the paper finally found something for its foundling Michael Cooke to do—screw up its appearance. Cooke is the guy who left amid much applause to take on the prestigious job of editor of the New York “Daily News”—only to be relieved…as the New York staff was itself relieved…by his removal not long afterward. Only to return like the bad penny. He is noted for his lack of gracefulness and sensational tabloid bluntness. And you saw the result today when his power kicked in and he can cook the stew to his liking. It’s one thing to be the Democratic party newspaper of record…and another to splash the makeup with such low taste as to rival the cheapest issue that can be found of the “National Enquirer.”


As a board member of Haymarket Center…the organization founded by Msgr. Ignatius McDermott to treat alcoholics and drug addicts…I am honor bound to keep reminding you of the group’s dinner dance which is the only fund-raiser on its calendar. It will be a sumptuous evening, really. It’ll be held on Tuesday, October 24 at Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace, reception at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. and dancing to the lovely strains of the Stanley Paul orchestra. Honorees will be members of the Chicago Police Department. For reservations call (312) 226-7984 extension 314 and tell them Tom Roeser wants you to get a good seat or table. Cost: $50 a seat, $500 a table. Come there and meet the entire group of a very worthwhile organization.

Jake’s Night Out.

The adroit webmeister of this Blog is a young man who’s doing a great job—for me and for all his clients: Jake Parrillo. Jake is a Frankfort Village Trustee and he’s up for reelection. He’s holding “Jake Parrillo’s 3rd Annual Oktoberfest Celebration” on Monday, October 30 at Chef Klaus’ Die Bier Stube, 679 LaGrange Road, Frankfort 60423. Keynoter will be none other than Rep. Tom Cross, Republican leader of the state House who has done a wonderful job in supporting bright young talent like Jake. Lillian and I will be there to contribute to Jake’s political betterment. It goes for $30 a ticket, $50 a couple with a whole list of prestigious sponsorships. Time: 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Here’s a link to more information. Take the time to honor Jake and meet a good number of his fans including the Roeser’s.


  1. Oprah Beatified;
    T.O. Marotti-nated;
    Baby Dies

    That's News? Where do we find these Yam-heads ( Mr. Edgey Cooke) ?

  2. . . . of wonderful blog: "meet the Roeser's"? The Roeser's what? By all that's meet and just in the English language, say "Roesers." Please.

  3. Remember Tom Wolfe's rather absorbing first novel? Remember Fallow, the bumbling, drunken British journalist in the novel who won a Pulitzer for his dishonest investigative reporting for a tabloid?

    Now, if you really jog your memory, you will remember that Fallow's editor/boss was another British expat who seemed to have a special knack for the sleazy tabloid style and seemed to derive a perverse satisfaction from reading his paper's shamelessly "yellow" headlines.

    Everyone knows, for example, that the Reverend Al Sharpton was the real-world model for Wolfe's "Reverend Bacon" character. Could Michael Cooke have been the real-world model for Wolfe's tabloid editor character?

    If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, read (or re-read) the novel - it's quite a page-turner.