Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Personal Asides: WPD Gets it Right First with Carl Sandburg and Jesse Taylor Scores with the Hearse Horse Snickers: Sandburg…High on McSweeney-Noonan on WLS-AM Sunday


WPD Right.

WPD, a frequent contributor to this Blog, guessed right without a search engine—Carl Sandburg on the trivia poem and Jesse Taylor followed up with Sandburg as the author of the doggerel “Why does a hearse horse snicker/ Hauling a lawyer’s bones?” Frank Nofsinger bet on another horse, Robert Frost: good guess but no cigar.


This team scored great points for each side last Sunday night on my WLS-AM program. Dave McSweeney is definitely prime time as a thoroughly grounded Republican candidate for 8th district Congress…and Mike Noonan, standing almost alone against a heavily Republican avalanche of listeners does what he always does: defends his position honorably and with good humor. Thanks, guys. Thanks to Dave McSweeney particularly for stepping in when a staffer called me on Friday afternoon to say that State Rep. Terry Parke couldn’t make the show on Sunday for “family reasons.” Parke should be more explicit than that when you cancel at the end of the week for a show airing on Sunday. Would have been nice to have a personal call from the candidate rather than a staffer who didn’t seem to know any details. But whatever.

Another Trivia Contest.

You guys are really good without search engines. See how you fare on these.

1. Samuel Johnson had this to say about a countryman. “You could not stand five minutes with that man beneath a shed while it rained but you must be convinced you had been standing with the greatest man you had ever seen.” Who was he referring to?

2. At the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia, what delegate said this: “I consent, sir, to this Constitution because I expect no better and because I am not sure that it is not the best.”

3. When condemned to be burned at the stake, she said: “If I go through the fire I shall go through it to their hearts for ever and ever.” Who said it and in what play?

He who names all three shall be enshrined in this Blog’s Hall of Fame. Remember, no search engines now.


  1. 1. Jack Wilkes

    2. Benjamin Franklin

    3. Joan of Arc in Bernard Shaw's Play

  2. 1. tom roeser 2,? 3, joan of arc